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Playing guitar for a few hours to start your day makes your fingers hurt.

Litter Free?

Christmas Pics!

Evening Fun

Last night, CMS came over to hang out. It's going to be the last time we hang out for a while, as he is moving to North Carolina to work for Red Hat. He's excited about the gig, so I'm happy for him, though disappointed to lose another friend to places outside of Boston. Much of the night was spent geeking out, which should come as no surprise. We worked on getting Gentoo working on his 12" G4. After about 6 kernel compiles, I finally really read the error message and saw it was switching his disks. Once we checked one box in menuconfig everythinng worked much better. Now he gets to go through the fun of compiling everything he wants. Was nice to see him one last time before he left.

One thing I did notice though is that this was his first time seeing my place and I have lived here almost 2 years (gotta call the landlord and get the lease renewed!). I think I need to get the place nice and cleaned up and have some of my friends over some night, since many have yet to see the place. Oh good, yet another thing on the TODO list, which never seems to end.

Bonnaroo 2004

Dates for the Bonnaroo Music Festival 2004 have been confirmed as June 11-13.

I've missed this two years in a row and have heard nothing but good reviews. Amazing musicians both years and probably a whole new set of good ones this year. I just don't think I can do the camping. Just not my style. Definitely not much of an outdoors person. Who knows, maybe the lineup will just plain be not miss this year.

Digital Guitars

Wired 12.01: The 100-Megabit Guitar: Through all this musical history, the Les Paul has remained virtually unchanged, because no one would dare change it. Except for Henry Juszkiewicz, Gibson's mercurial CEO. He wants to shove an Ethernet cable into it.

Sounds like it will at least be fun to play with. Being that I have been thinking a lot about composing on the computer lately, I think this would be super cool.

Don't Forget!

Halley's Dean House Party is this evening. I was considering going, but it's just bad timing with the holidays and work and a broken car. But, if you are in the Boston area, it should be a good time.

Scammer Naming

Is it just me or does it annoy others that the scammers who send out e-mails trying to dupe people in to going to a fake web site to put in their credit card information are being called Phishers? I think that Phish should be most offended. Every time I see an article, I think, oh cool, an article about Phish or it's Phans and then realize it's just another article about scam artists.

Bill Simmons

Bill Simmons: "When your name is Dwight Gooden Jr., do crack dealers just start cold-calling you?"

Bill is just way too funny when he does his ramblings.

Mass High Tech on Egenera

In the article, Taking on the Titans: Virtual servers give Egenera traction, Mass High Tech gives a quick overview of Egenera and what we are doing with virtualized servers. Mentions some of the competition as well. Pretty good article.

Missing LOA

Argh! Life Of Agony is going on tour with their original lineup next month. They are playing Worchester instead of Boston. Sucky. I've seen these guys a few times and it's always been an amazing show. I still tell a story from one of their shows every time mosh pits come up. I really hate that a lot of the heavier bands that I like seem to be playing out in Worchester insead of playing Boston these days. I've missed a number of shows I would have enjoyed lately because of this. It's just not worth the drive and the huge hassle of trying to park back in the South End when getting home late at night.

Relationships as Protocols

If relationships were internet protocols

Very cute. Especially like the last one.

[ via makeoutcity ]


The picture on the top of Exploit Boston! is rather disorienting. My mind keeps trying to flip it over and now I am getting dizzy.

Bright Light! Bright Light!

Still one of my favorite lines from Gremlins. Well, this morning I had a bright light attack. While away for the holidays, maintenance has put three new flourescent bulbs in the light above my desk which previously just had one. I used to have a nice dark and quiet workspace, now it is WAY too bright. I wonder if I throw things at the lights and break them they won't get fixed for a while. It's way too early for this much light.

Season Four!!

Yay! Just saw a commercial on Bravo that season four of West Wing is starting up on January 4th.


Waking up to the monster pictures below on top of you trying to lick your face two mornings in a row is just plain not fun.


And to think, the monster was this little puppy this time last year.

DVD Jon wins again

DVD-Jon wins new legal victory

Can they finally stop bothering this kid now?

Looks like I had a good idea

Looks like travelling on Sunday was a better idea than waiting until Tuesday. The national terror alert level was raised yesterday. That means lots more security everywhere, slower lines, more random searches, etc etc. Glad I'm already sitting at my sister's house in NY.

Scary Ride

So, at the end of the night, well, the end of the after hours night, I headed over to jump in a cab. I got in the first cab in line and told him where I was going very specifically. He started off going and I noticed he seemed to be weaving a bit. I just figured that's how he drove and stopped worrying. Well, then he took a very strange route, which bothered me a little, but whatever, as long as it isn't a ton more than the usual way. Then, we get to a red light and when it turned green, he didn't move. Someone behind us beeped and he got going. At this point, I started freaking out a bit. I almost asked to get out, as he seemingly just fell asleep at a red light. Well, then he went a total wrong way and ended up dropping me off about 4 blocks from my apartment, or else he was going to have to turn around and go back and I figured I had tempted fate enough.

On Tuesday my friend Joanna and I headed over to the Fleet Center to see Dave Matthew's solo band. We met up for dinner and drinks beforehand, so we skipped the opener. Show started a little after 8 with Dave and Tim Reynolds doing an acoustic performance. They sounded awesome. Bartender for an opener was great. They played 6 tunes and headed off. After about a 15 minute break, the whole band headed to the stage. They played all the songs on the album, as well as a few covers. The songs from the album sounded better live than they do on the album. The covers were well picked and came off great. Due to Trey from Phish and Tim being in the band, we got some jamming in, as well. Totally dug it. The band left the stage and about 10 minutes later came out Dave and Trey. I freaked at this point. I had been hoping that we would see a Waste some time along this tour and I figured I was about to get it. Well, they started off with Everyday, which sounded good. Obviously, they are still learning some of each other's parts. Then, to my joy, they did Waste. Waste is an excellent Phish song which Phish played 2 weeks beforehand at the 20th anniversary show. Sounded excellent with Dave and Trey trading off the verses. The band then joined them for one encore and the night was over. Definitely an awesome show and thanks to the wonders of the Internet, I already have it on my computer :) Sounds excellent. Now, I just need to get the MSG show, where Dave and Trey did Bathtub Gin!! The set list:

Dave and Tim:
Bartender *
Crush *
Pay For What You Get *
Where Are You Going *
Typical Situation * -->
Dancing Nancies *

Dave and Friends:
Up and Away
Solsbury Hill #
Up On Cripple Creek @%
American Tune +
Stay or Leave
Oh Sister ^++
Some Devil **
So Damn Lucky
Tell Me Something Good ~
Save Me
Hey Bulldog $=
Everyday ***
Waste ***
Will It Go Round In Circles &

* Dave and Tim
# Peter Gabriel cover
^ with Emmylou Harris
++ Bob Dylan cover
% Trey on lead vocals
+ Paul Simon cover
@ The Band cover
~ Stevie Wonder cover
$ Beatles cover
& Billy Preston cover
= with Buddy Miller (Emmylou's guitarist)
** Dave solo
*** Dave and Trey

Fun with Scammers 101

This is one of the funnier scamming the scammers I have seen.

It's buying sesason ...

Nope, not a Christmas post at all. Seems like a lot of the companies the company I work for partner with are getting bought or buying each other. Two quick ones:

Red Hat Reports Strong Quarter, Acquires Sistina

EMC to Acquire VMware, Advancing Convergence of Server and Storage Virtualization

Should be an interesting 2004 to say the least.

The Downward Spiral

That was most definitely the theme song for this evening.

It started out innocently enough. After seeing some recent security advisries about Linksys routers, I decided to check to make sure mine was up to date. I checked their web page and saw that there was a newer version.

Of course, like any other vendor out there, there is only a Windows program to upgrade. This is amusing considering that the Linksys routers all run Linux. So, I did what I have done before and used Wine to run the Windows program and upgrade. Well, it didn't seem to work as well as it has in the past, so I decided to reboot it. Well, that made it even worse. I now could ping the box, but the web admin interface was not coming up. Also, the wireless light had now gone dark. This causes a huge problem as the only network wire close enough to my laptop is rather unreliable. So, I put my old router in place, so I could get on the net and started searching. I found a number of things, but nothing that really helped. I did notice the tftp server was up and running on the router, but the web interface didn't work, so I couldn't disable the password as I had found in one set of instructions. After a while I had pretty much given up adn decided to try the Wine method one more time. Amazingly, it worked. It seems as if there is a huge problem with the Linksys doing an upgrade while active. People should watch for this. So, now after about 2 hours of searching and trying different things, I am finally back up and running. Argh.

Well, then, the funny part. My DVD player is basically not working any longer. I have already decided I want a 5 disc changer some time in the near future, so I can replace both my broken CD and broken DVD players. So, I have been watching movies on my laptop lately. Kind of sucky, as I don't get the surround sound or the big picture (well, bigger than my 15" laptop screen). As I was putting away a bunch of manuals that I had pulled out trying to fix the router, I saw something with the DVD symbol on it. It was my PS2 documentation. I had TOTALLY and COMPLETELY forgotten the damn PS2 can act as a DVD player. ARGH. Well, now at least I have a DVD player hooked up to my TV again, especially since I have 2 action films coming from Netflix in the next day or two.

Argh, well, now I am tired and frustrated and have to get up early, so i think it's time for bed.


While watching some TechTV today, they mentioned Gamefly is basically Netflix for console games. Their base package is $21.95/month for 2 games out at a time. Like Netflix, they have no late fees, due dates or shipping costs.

The funny part about finding out about this is that I was just saying to one of my co-workers that it would be cool if Netflix added console games to what they rented. Would be nice to get the games that you play for a month finish and move on to another a little more cheaply than spending the $50. Well, I guess I found an alternative.

Phish - 12/02/2003 - Boston, MA

So, I whined and complained a couple of weeks ago about not being able to go to Phish's 20th Anniversary show here in Boston. No tickets was the problem. The first 3 shows of the run were excellent and was very unhappy to be missing the show here.

So, Tuesday was a long day at work, was in the office almost 12 hours. We actually left the office a bit earlier than expected. I got home right about 7 and as I was putting my stuff down I felt my phone vibrating on my belt. It was Lukas calling to tell me Vieve wasn't feeling good and asking if I wanted to go to the show. Of course I said and walked right back out the door to go meet them down at the Fleet Center.

We got in right before 8, grabbed some water and a quick hot dog and waited for the show to start. The show started a few minutes after 8, which we were surprised about since it seemed like they were letting people in VERY slowly. There were many rumors about this show going around. They included things like 3 full sets, lots of guests etc. I spent a lot (too much probably) of the show waiting for something big to happen, but nothing really did. But that was ok. The show didn't live up to the hype, but it definitely was a good show.

This was my 6th Phish show, 4 in 2000, 2 this year. When I went to the 4 in 2000, I didn't really know Phish all that well, but had been slowly getting in to the jam band scene by being dragged to lots of shows by my friends. I had seen Phil & Friends a number of times by then and had gone to see a bunch of smaller bands as well. The shows were cool, but not knowing much of the music made them a little harder to enjoy. Since seeing the 4 shows and totally enjoying them, I got really in to Phish. Now own many of their albums, have a bunch of bootlegs, etc. The show earlier this year had me very psyched. The band had taken a 2 year hiatus and now they were back and I really knew their stuff much better. Well, the show wasn't nearly as enjoyable as I had hoped. The band spent much of the first set playing music from all of their side projects, which was cool, but again, I didn't know a lot of the music which made it harder to enjoy. Well, this show finally was a show where I knew a ton of the music. Though I wasn't super familiar with a couple of the songs, I totally knew most of them which made the show a lot more enjoyable.

So, a good show, yes, the show everyone thought it was going to be, not really. The neat part about the show was in between the 2 sets they played a 20 or 30 minute video of 20 years of Phish. It was funny seeing them back in the old days looking funny and playing scary music. Showed a lot of clips of "famous" shows, etc. Very cool. I wonder if they released that on the net. Will have to check. I do miss Trey talking. He told a great story at the Vegas show in 2000. I wish he did that more often.

So, big thanks to Lukas for hooking me up at the last minute, definitely made my night.

The set list:

Set 1 (1:10):
Harry Hood*
Birds of a Feather
Ya Mar**
Horn >
Anything but Me
Water in the Sky
Down with Disease

Set 2 (1:29):
Rock and Roll ->
Weekapaug Groove ->
Tweezer Reprise# >
Frankenstein ->
Kung ->
All of These Dreams
The Wedge
Boogie On Reggae Woman >

Encore (0:11):

* - lyrics flubbed
** - ended with "Banana Splitz" theme
*** - screen lowered behind band
# - first line of"Mike's Song" ("Trapped in time, and I don't know what to do") sung inplace of the first line of "Tweezer Reprise"
## - mini vocal jam anddelay loop; Trey drops to ground each time "stand up" is said
### - withmini "duel" between Trey and Page during Page's organ solo

More White Stuff

So, it's snowing again. Fun fun. So, some random snow stories/comments.

A week ago Tuesday, while driving in to work with my friend, the snow was coming down pretty hard, even though we were supposed to get next to nothing. Due to the cold temps, the roads were very slick. My friend's real wheel drive car was sliding around a bunch, so we were going rather slow. Well, in his rearview mirror, he sees a jeep do a 360 on the road and keep going. That was rather worrying. Minutes later, the jeep is now in front of us (do people EVER learn?) and he starts to fishtail in front of us. Luckily, he caught it in time or else we may have been a victim that morning. He then cuts across two lanes of traffic to get off and the comment was "he's not getting wherever he's going". Seems as if we were the last to not get killed by traffic that morning. About 15 minutes later in to the ride we heard about 2 cars which overturned on the road we had just travelled. Reports came in throughout the day of it taking people 2-5 hours to get to work on trips that were sometimes as short as 20 minutes.

Walking through the neighborhood on Monday to get some provisions, as I hadn't left the house since Friday night with all the snow. As I walked through the streets, I was thinking to myself about the snow in Boston. The snow itself is not a big deal, but living in a city the big problem becomes there is NOWHERE for the snow to go. You can shovel, but you basically just have to make a big pile right next to where you are shoveling. We don't have lawns to throw all the snow on like they do in the burbs. Rather annoying.

And now, we are here again for the second weekend in a row with the snow coming down. They are saying this snow is going to get gross by the end and turn in to sleet and rain. I'd much rather have pure snow.

And we thought cell phones were bad ...

Laptop Steering Wheel mount

OK, so people talking on cell phones have caused more trouble than good on the roads these days. Well, what the hell is going to happen when people are playing Doom or Quake while driving?

[ via Accordion Guy ]

This amuses me

The Blog Site is a new site about blogging. The amusing part? The top of the page in big letters says "Bloggers, keep informed! Join's Newletter...". This is totally amusing to me, shouldn't it say subscribe to the RSS feed? I don't need any more e-mail, thankyouverymuch.

Birthday Girl

Don't forget to stop by and wish Betsy a happy birthday today.

Late to the Party

Boing Boing comes a bit late to the party with their article String Cheese Incident takes on Ticketbastard. I posted about this here and here, 4 months ago.

Boyhood Dreams

Last night while watching B00005JLSB, I was reminiscing about boyhood dreams. More specifically about how movies when we were kids affected those dreams. I remembered things like watching 0800179501 and wanting to learn karate or watching B00000ILFQ and wanting to learn how to skateboard and other such flash in the pan ideas. These ideas never lasted more than a few days or maybe a couple of weeks, but each time a new movie started, so did a new dream. Over time, there was some money spent on this fleeting dreams, one karate lesson, a skateboard bought in Florida, and probably lots of other money spent in small doses in things that were tossed to the side as quickly as they became an interest.

Well, as I was watching this movie, I thought, what would have happened had THIS movie come out while I was a kid? The main character is only a kid himself, 16, when he begins his little crime spree. Could this movie have inspired lots of people to go and try counterfeiting and bank fraud? Obviously with today's computer networks connecting banks together, these scams would be a lot harder to pull off than they were in the 60s, but still, it would have been yet another idea that ran through my head and seemed like a good idea, at least for a few minutes.

BlogShares ][: Show Me the Fake Money!

I hate when the web causes me to lie. Looks like BlogShares is coming back soon


Maybe you should believe in God?

This is just for AKMA, maybe some sermon material ;)

Cool Conference


Now this looks like a totally fun geek conference. Maybe somehow by the middle of next year I will have expendable cash to be able to go. Check out their Call for Papers. Lots of interesting topics . Maybe I should write a proposal. Hmmmmmm

Bye Bye Fleet?

Bank of America: Three's a Crowd?

After reading this article, I definitely think it may be time to leave Fleet. I have had nothing but issues with them over the years (the remark about them being last in customer service did not surprise me in the least) and this may be the straw that breaks the camel's back.

Basically, the article says that Bank of America still hasn't fully integrated the systems from their merger with NationsBank many years ago and now they are adding Fleet to the mix. Sounds like it is going to be a nightmare to try and continue to use them, especially when travelling, as not all BoA machines are compatible.

So, anyone have any suggestions on a bank? My biggest needs? Well, first and foremost is to have an online banking application rival to Homelink (Fleet's Online banking). Second, would have to be free/cheap ATMs. I use the ATM all the time and having to pay $1.50 each time I used one that wasn't from that bank would drive me nuts.

Dean Software Ltd?

The Dean Connection (free reg, blah blah, link will go pay in 2 days most likely)

Excellent article in the NY Times about the software being developed for the Dean campaign. Also touches on the grass roots efforts that are part of the campaign. A very enjoyable read. (But read it soon!)

Slowly coming out of the fog (or maybe snow)

Spent most of the weekend on the couch either watching TV, movies or hacking on Dashboard. It's amazing what the snow can do, you end up starting to learn a whole new programming language.

Still have lots of blogging to catch up on, going to try and do some of it tonight between Evolution re-compiling and hacking more code.

All Too True

This is the end


This is the end for SCO. Thirty days and hopefully we will see a nice dismissal.

Lessig on Linux

Lawrence Lessig posts on his blog an article titled More SCO fud, this time insulting the constitution.

This is a very good legal look at the latest letter from Darl McBride. Hopefully some day soon SCO will realize this is dead in the water and cut it out.

My Alcohoroscope

From Alcohoroscopes:


Drinking style
Cerebral Virgos are compelled to impose order onto their bender. Their famously fussy quest for purity could lead to drinking less than other signs, sure -- but it could also lead to drinking booze neat, to sucking down organic wine or just to brand loyalty. They rarely get fully shellacked -- but, oh, when they do! Virgo's controlled by the intellect, but there's an unbridled beast lurking within, and they let it loose when walloped. It's dead sexy (and surprisingly unsloppy). As one Virgo friend used to declare, "I'm going to drink myself into a low level of intelligence tonight." A toast to the subgenius IQ!

Trademark cocktails
Many Virgos prefer clear, simple, untreacly drinks like vodka tonic or a real margarita, though you'll find 'em drinking anything -- from unflinchingly downing Cuervo straight to smirkingly ordering a dirty virgin. They also tend to like bitter, low-alk guzzles like Campari and soda. They rarely change their drink once they've found it, however.

Drinking buddies
Cameron Diaz, Hugh Grant, Christopher Isherwood, Michael Jackson, Freddie Mercury, Carrie-Anne Moss, Dorothy Parker, Ryan Philippe, Keanu Reeves, Lily Tomlin

Who me? Pick one drink and stick with it? Never. Oh wait, I just drink Guinness, oops! Sounds like an interesting drinking crew, though I think I would tell Michael Jackson to go the fuck away.

Red Sox Finish Chapter Two

Francona named Red Sox manager

Ok, now we have a manager. Seems like this guy will be pretty good, though I haven't read enough about him yet. Supposedly he plays the "Moneyball" way, which is what Theo likes (and on paper so do I).

Next chapter, "A great closer helps a pitching staff immensely"

So much to blog ...

so little time. Lots of posts up and coming I swear. All sorts of craziness going on, so been too busy. Also, some ideas swirling around in my head that I may spew on to the world. Snow in the forecast, maybe it will be a blog filled weekend.

Bye Bye Blogshares

BlogShares has closed its doors. It was a fun game for a bit, but with some early on bugs and a sever lack of time on my part, I never really played with it all that much. I know some people spent some good time on it though. I removed the link from my side bar.


Don't want to be an actor pretending on the stage
Don't want to be a writer with my thoughts out on the page
Don't want to be a painter 'cause everyone comes to look
Don't want to be anything where my life's an open book

A dream it's true
But I'd see it through
If I could be
Wasting my time with you

Don't want to be a farmer working in the sun
Don't want to be an outlaw always on the run
Don't want to be a climber reaching for the top
Don't want to be anything where I don't know when to stop

A dream it's true
But I'd see it through
If I could be
Wasting my time with you

So if I'm inside your head
Don't believe what you might have read
You'll see what I might have said
To hear it

Come waste your time with me
Come waste your time with me

So if I'm inside your head
Don't believe what you might have read
You'll see what I might have said
To hear it

Come waste your time with me
Come waste your time with me
Come waste your time with me
Come waste your time with me

Come waste your time with me

- Phish

Let the comic do the talking

Today's Calvin

Meanwhile, I will go run and hide from any females who may stumble across my blog today :)

Switching from Red Hat to Mandrake

I posted a few weeks ago about which linux to run now that Red Hat has dropped their desktop versions. Well, there is an article over at Newsforge about the experiences of one user moving from RH to Mandrake. Sounds like it all went pretty smooth.

I glanced through the comments and there were a number of good suggestions in there as well, so if you are interested, I would make sure to take a look at those as well.

Phishy Sadness

OK, my depression is getting deeper by the day.

Phish is doing a 4 show run being called their 20th anniversary run. The final show and the official 20th Anniversay show is tommorrow night in Boston. And guess who doesn't have a ticket?

So, I was sorta hoping, maybe, the shows wouldn't be all that great or they wouldn't be playing a lot of stuff I like. Well, that turned out all wrong. The first two shows have had amazing set lists. I even grabbed a copy of the second night already and it sounds just incredible.

Well, tonight was show 3, the final show before the big show tomorrow in Boston. Well, not only did the set kick ass, but the original fourth member of the band joined them for the second set and the encore! Holy Shit! I would have to assume he is travelling to Boston tomorrow as well. Someone said something about LOTS of guest appearances tomorrow, which would not surprise me in the least.

So, my depression continues to get deeper and my hatred of my friends who are going rages higher and higher. I figure it will culminate when I get a set list tomorrow night and a report on Wednesday from my friends.

Drinking Rules

The 86 Rules of Boozing

I'd have to say I agree with just about all of these. The try a new drink each week thing isn't really me, as I figure you find something you like and stick with it (though I somewhat live that theory in everything I do). A fun read.

People agree with him?

I was just reading an article in Time entitled The Love Him, Hate Him President. It talks about how people are pretty much either 100% for or against Bush. I find this amusing, as I know no one who is for him at this point.

Maybe its just the parts of the blogosphere I read, or maybe even just the blogosphere in general, but pretty much all I read are things against him these days. And to be honest, I can't see many good reasons to be for him any more.

The quotes in the article from Republican supporters are amusing at points. They talk about him being a stand up leader who gets done what he wants. Well, there is a line here between wanting to get things done for the right reasons and the wrong reasons. And continuing forward with plans using lies and alterior motives is not something I really see as a good thing.

Also, they say he doesn't read the papers or the polls. Maybe this is why he is so lost on many issues. I heard somewhere he has people who give him the important parts of the news in briefs. Well, anyone giving that information to you is doing so in their perspective, not a true overview. And I won't even get in to the media having their own perspective as well.

One other thing they talk about is Bush's religious nature. I am a Catholic, though not really practicing these days, but I don't think God should come in to play in politics at all. I really do think that Bush thinks he is ruling by God's will and therefore whatever he does is right. It's very scary.

I know I am not all that well informed on politics, but this stuff starts coming out of my brain sometimes and I just have to write it down.

Dumb Default Installs

So, I was just switching disks on my first install of Fedora and I noticed the last package it said it had installed. It was Tux Racer. Normally, this would not bother me, its a neat little game. But, I had selected the Workstation install, not the Personal Computer install. Why in the world would someone who was using the machine as a workstation need a game like Tux Racer? Just annoying to me that Red Hat continues to bloat default installs especially for something like a workstation. For a workstation, I need office applications, not games.

Slow going

Site will be slow for most of the night, as I am downloading some large files overnight.

The Problem with Sunday Night

The biggest problem with Sunday nights is that after a weekend of being out late and sleeping in, it rather difficult to go to sleep. It's almost 2AM and I'm not even really all that tired yet. No fun at all.

Random Updates

Some may have noticed that I added my recent entries to the side bar. is basically a group link blog. You can access my page here and the RSS for it here

I spent a bunch of time over the long weekend working on the new laptop. A bunch of software updates to the latest gentoo development releases, mostly multimedia stuff to make sure I have lots of goodies when it comes to that stuff.

Though I am very much a fan of MPlayer, as it plays EVERYTHING video, including Windows Media, Quicktime, Real, DVDs, etc, I am very quickly falling in love with Rhythmbox. It's an iTunes clone and looks real sweat. Does a lot of nice things with organizing MP3s too. The two issues I have so far are no support for editing ID3 tags. Very annoying, as it does a great job of using them, but won't let me fix things when I see they are broken. Looks like it is in the plan though. The other problem is a strange one. It seems as if it isn't keeping internet radio stations I add. Oh? Did I mention it handles internet radio statioins? Very nice. Also, the gnome-panel icon is very nice too.

Much of the rest of the work on the laptop was on trying to move all the data from my old laptop on to this one and get it organized. The getting organized part is the hardest, but I have a pretty good directory structure now. I have about another gig of data to organize, but I will do that over the course of the week.

Now that I have all the data moved off the old laptop and think I have everything I need on this system, the next step is to install Fedora on the old laptop. I need to decide on a new platform for my group of laptops that I travel to trade shows with. I may eventually get the Red Hat Enterprise edition. Advanced Workstation is it called? Something like that. But, I figure Fedora is a good starting point. The other possibility is the new SUSE, but that's still a bit off.

Watched lots on the TiVo over the weekend. Lots of West Wing as I mentioned earlier. Other than that, nothing all that interesting. Caught B00005JM0B. It was pretty good. I thought it was going to be more war and less chase, but I guess I was wrong.

Made some pork chops on Saturday that came out ok. I think I needed something to offset the citrus some. Anyone got a real good pork chop recipe out there? Got lots of food at the store on Saturday, so I'm prepared for a week of good cooking.

And yes, Halley, I did go out both Friday and Saturday . Tee Hee :)


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