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AI Girls Week 2

Gonna have to go with Brenna and Heather getting voted off this week. Those were the weakest performances in my opinion.

AI Girls

As the bottom 2 go, my pick for the bottom two would go to Stevie and Brenna. I think Stevie has some talent and just picked the wrong song tonight, but I just think her performance tonight is going to kill her. Brenna on the other hand, seems to be a bitch and I thought her performance was horrible, so I think she deserves to go.

World's Shortest Fairy Tale

Tee Hee :)

Umphrey's is coming back!

Just found out that my boys, Umphrey's McGee are headed back to Boston. Information is:

Saturday, May 6, 2006 at 7:00 PM
Boston, MA

On Sale February 25, 2006 - 10:00AM


Bank of America Gets Worse

I got a kick out of this headline on the Globe/boston.com site:

Bank sweetens paying bills online

The reason it made me laugh was because I had the exact opposite reaction to this news when I read it when I logged in to Online Banking earlier this week.

To someone like me, who always teeters on the edge (and often goes right over) of keeping my account balance positive, one of the BEST features of online banking (and previously Homelink) was that the minute the bank sent out the money, it was gone from my account. I never had to think about bouncing checks or waiting on someone to cash a check, or hell, forgetting about a check I had sent out. It was a wonderful thing. The reason? I knew how much money was in my account. It basically made it so that I never had to keep a checkbook again, just keep up to date on online banking. Helped me a ton.

Now, they are going and changing this. In the article, it even says it will be possible to bounce an electronic payment. THAT SUCKS. This means that someone like me has to go BACK to keeping a checkbook register updated even though I NEVER write checks because, due to this change, all my outgoing online bill payments will now act like checks.

The worst case scenario is you send someone an online bill payment and it goes out like a check and they go and HOLD IT for 30 days or 60 days and then SUDDENLY decide to cash it, if I don't have an updated checkbook and am low on funds, I am screwed.

This change really does not make sense to me either. How much interest are people REALLY losing on 2 days or 4 days of money? Unless they have thousands of dollars in the bank and are sending out thousands of dollars in bill payments, this change is hardly going to affect them. And on the opposite side, folks like me who don't have thousands of dollars in their account are going to get screwed regularly becuase they forgot to write something down. This sure smells like a change for the rich.

Also, I can't understand why ANYONE would want to take a steps backwards in to having to keep a checkbook again, once they had gotten used to the instant gratification of Online Banking.

Since the Fleet to Bank of America changeover, Bank of America has done NOTHING but attempt to lose me as a customer. I am done with them and I would love to change banks. Sadly, I have yet to find any sort of viable alternative.

Question of the Day

So, if the guy Cheney shot dies (he had a "minor" heart attack today), will Cheney be charged with manslaughter?

Cheney Shooting

Ya know, the only thing that would make this story better would be if the guy he shot was a Democrat. It would have made the jokes even easier. I'm definitely enjoying the peppering he is taking on the Daily Show right now.

Myspace Runs IIS?!?!?!?!

You MUST be kidding me. I kept wondering why myspace was having so many issues and I think I have found the problem. They run IIS on Windows 2003 (according to Netcraft). Guys, switch everything over to Apache on Linux and watch your machines suddenly work 10 times better.

Monkey Business

I was going to write somethin gup this week about good shows on television that people probably aren't watching. One of the ones I was going to highlight was Love Monkey.

Love Monkey initially filled a hole on the TiVo. It looked like an interesting show, but I figured I would see how it was. Well, after the first episode, I was totally hooked. The show is all about a record company A&R guy. The great part about this? The music on the show is constant and there are lots of musical references. Being a bit of a music geek, this made me fall in love with the show.

I thought it had some great comedic moments. I thought Tom Cavanagh did a great job of portraying the quirky lead character. I also though there were some great co-stars who definitely added something to the show. And did I mention the music?

The show also featured a kid named Teddy Geiger. His song Confidence seems to be hitting the radio airwaves right now. He had some great moments in the show playing some tunes, all of which I would assume are on his album coming out soon. I'm going to have to pick that up. Almost reminds me of a young John Mayer.

Well, as I was thinking about this, I heard a rather sad thing. I guess this show has had rather lackluster ratings (why? I have no clue). Well, CBS has gone and put the show on hiatus. Sucks. Seems like this has happened with a few shows I have liked recently. I hope CBS tries again with this show, I definitely enjoyed it.

And speaking of, anyone read the book this is based on?

Roo Lineup

When the Bonnaroo lineup initially came out, I have to say, I was less than impressed. It was a good lineup, but nothing that is going to keep me out in the elements for a weekend.

Then, addition 1 came out, and Umphrey's and The Disco Biscuits were added. I've turned in to a huge Umphrey's fan and this made it more tempting.

Then a wonderful thing happened in Artist Additions 2. Oysterhead was added. I would LOVE to see these guys. Since they haven't played together in a while, I wonder if they will spend some time in the studio before heading down to Tenn. Could mean lots of new stuff and probably means a lot of free flowing jamming. And with the three incredible musicians that comprise Oysterhead, it could be amazing to see live.

In the end, I doubt I will make it to Tenn, as the big trip for this year is looking to be Ireland. But, I really can't wait to hear this show once it gets pushed out on to the sites.

Video of the Day

New Bug Buddy Thoughts

Fer was talking about a new Bug Buddy he has been working on. As a frequent bug reporter, this will definitely affect me, so I thought I would post some comments.

So, he asked two questions. The first was:

* Should we ask the user what was he doing during the crash? (Windows and other reporting tools are not doing it)

Most definitely. Knowing what someone is doing can be very important to someone trying to track down a bug. Unless there is some obviously bad coding which is doing something backwards or something like that, tracking something down without knowing what the person was doing could make things very hard. Also, this allows testers to see if they can easily re-produce the bug.

The second question is Should we ask email address to the user?

Again, I say yes. Again, as someone who regularly puts in bug reports, both via Bug Buddy and the web site, I like to track if my issues are getting fixed. One of the biggest problems to me with the Windows bug reporting tool is that I have NO IDEA if anyone is even looking at them or doing something about them. That's the joy of open source is to see things in the open that are happening and getting fixed. But, I guess you could make a "anonymous posting" option or something like that available so if people don't care, they can just send it in and hope it gets dealt with.

Reading the post, I guess I have one more small issue. What you are doing seems to make this VERY dependent on being online when something crashes. Well, what about when I get an offline crash with something like Evolution. It would be nice to be able to save the bug report for later. Maybe even be able to have bug buddy try and resend things next time it is online or something. Maybe a NetworkManager connection so it knows if it is on or offline and can make decisions based on that?

So, there are my initial thoughts. Otherwise, sounds real nice. Since this was recently on the Thngs that suck in Gnome list, it would be cool to get this out in the open some time in the near future :)

The joys of filing early

So, I was a good kid this year (as opposed to any other year) and did my taxes good an early. The best part of this? I already got my state refund check. Wooo!

My New Look?

I think I am planning on getting these tattoos as my first two. What does everyone think?

Can Someone Explain This To Me?

So, I heard someone this morning mention an arguement I find ridiculous. They said if we let gay people marry, where does it stop? People will start marrying their dogs and horses, etc. I've heard this arguement 1000 times and none of them has it made sense. If 2 people who love each other get married, how does that lead to people marrying animals? The fact that the two people happen to be of the same sex does not change the fact that they are 2 human beings who are in love and want to express it. If two people of the same sex getting married leads to people marrying their dogs, how does 2 people of the opposite sexes not lead to this same thing? Can someone please explain the rationale behind this arguement to me? I have never understood it and every time I hear it, it makes me think the person saying it is a complete idiot. So, a good explanation might help me get away from that thinking. Thanks!


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