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Strange Movable Type 3.3 Issues (Help??)

I'm having a strange issue with MT since upgrading to the 3.3 series and was hoping maybe the lazyweb could help.

With one upgraded system, I see this:


With another, I see this:


(You can click on those images to see bigger versions).

As you can see with the first one, the CSS and the tables seem all messed up. It almost looks like it has to do with the category list.

On the second one, everything looks peachy.

I tried clearing out my stylesheet and a few other things which didn't seem to help. It doesn't look like the stylesheet here is the issue though, as it looks like MT uses internal ones for these pages and not user developed ones.

It seems like the issue is not just the layout, it seems that this messes up some other things like when I try to update posts, the Submit button does nothing. So, it sounds like something is really messed up here.

Any ideas of where I might start looking to figure this out?


Update: Woops, just realized that I have turned off all comments (due to the spambots beating the shit out of the server, feel free to e-mail at any address in the skadz domain if you have suggestions

Upgrade Complete

Upgraded to MT 3.2 today. So far so good.

Getting the pieces back together

I got a few more pieces of my website back together or redirecting to other locations today. I have a couple more things to fix, but most should be almost there now. Let me know if you have any issues.

GGG ChangeLog

Here's what got done today:

* Upgraded to Movable Type 3.121
* Re-did layout to better match MT3 default
* Removed links to Links, Boston, Reading Pages
* Linked to Wiki
* Cleaned up Wiki just a bit
* Edited Gallery Templates to match new layout
* Updated CD Collection pages to match new layout
* Updated About page to match new layout
* Added in Flickr badge on side bar
* Got rid of Moblog, moving it to Flickr

I think that's about everything.


* Added Reading List back using BookQueueToo

Pretty Much Done

Still have a few things to finish cleaning up, but I've been much got everything moved over to Movable Type 3. Please let me know if you have any problems. Oh, and if you are reading from RSS, check out the new layout. I think it looks pretty good :)

Caution: Under Construction

Doing some work on the blog today, beware of falling concrete.

MT 3

I spent a bunch of time today working with Movable Type 3. I got my whole site imported in to a copy of my laptop and redid the design to more match the MT3 default. Hopefully, I'll find some time in the next couple of days to actually update the real site. A quick peek:


I also started playing with some new plugins and see what I may be able to add in to make the site even better.

Blog Roll / Feed Links

I did some rather minor site updating just now. First off, I FINALLY updated my blog roll. It was rather out of date. Over 300 links on it now (no wonder my aggregator is never caught up).

Also, I added links on the bottom for RSS 1.0, RSS 2.0 and Atom Feeds.

Downtime ...

Expect some downtime tonight, going to try and upgrade the server some time this evening.

Some cleanups ..

Went through and did a bunch of cleanup on the site today.

Lesse, I cleaned up the CSS, so now it validates. I cleaned up the HTML and my template, so now it validates too :)

I also updated my blogroll (which some day I will actually use BlogRolling for, so that its up to date.

More Changes ...

I did a bunch of updates today. Slowly trying to finish getting the site to where I want.

What I did:

Moved the blog to the top level page. The /junt will still work, but just going to will now work (and should be used by default.

Cleaned up all the pages that used to be part of the top level page to have the new look. Well, except for the picture gallery. Still need to look over the CSS and HTML for that.

Cleaned up the web site directory. Still need to look through a bunch of this stuff, but I think I got all the junk out.

Set up a Wiki to play with and got it set up in the style of the blog.

Still need to do:
Re-link in all the top level pages to the blog.
Clean up HTML and CSS for the picture gallery
Add Side Bars to all the local pages
Add Navigation Bars to all of the pages
Probably a bunch more stuff

Slowly the page is coming together in the new look and feel and with all the features I was hoping to have.

New Look ...

So, whadda ya think?

Yeah yeah ...

I'm working on the new look to the site. Ignore any falling objects.

A few minor updates

I made a couple of quick fixes tonight.

a) I removed Related Entries as it did not seem to be working correctly.
b) I added trackbacks to the permalink pages
c) I fixed the next/prev links on the monthly archives to be centered.

I have been toying with the idea of doing a big redesign in the near future. I really like how my other site looks and am kind of sick of this design. Now, I just need to find some time :)

MT Upgrade

Upgraded up to 2.63 tonight. Fun.

Site Upgrade

I upgraded to Movable Type 2.62 this afternoon. Hopefully everything will work right.

Blog Roll ...

I changed the links section to a blog roll and have added many of the sites I read on a normal basis. Basically, just took all the ones from my aggregator and put them on here. I also read some which don't currently have RSS feeds, so I still need to add them in, will do that as I surf tomorrow. I should be in bed, I think I will go do that now. Night kids.

Netflix ...

I grabbed the Netflix plugin for Movable Type tonight. I installed it and added it to the top level page. You can see the completely random list of movies I am planning on getting the near future now. Suggestions are always welcome :)

Upgrade of Blog Software ...

I upgraded to Movable Type 2.51 this evening. Its only a bug fix release, so hopefully there will be no other changes. The changelog is here if you want to see what has changed. The big thing for me is that it fixes my bookmarklet for pinging Trackback on individual articles. Yay!

Category RSS Feeds ...

I set up category rss feeds with some help from andersja after reading this post on his site. Now to read the rest of the optimizations.

Oh yeah, they are at

You would replace CATEGORY there with whatever the real category is.

Halloween Party Pics ...

Went to Carl and Julie's for their Halloween Party last night. I put a bunch of the pictures I took up here.

New Page

I set up in the news tonight. It's basically a news aggreagator of some of the pages I read on a normal basis. Going to extend it as I find more pages to read (and as I figure out RSS feeds for some friends sites). It was built using Rippy the Aggregator as its backend.

MT / RSS Updates

Found this today:

How do I make Movable Type output valid RSS?

I did this on the site. Anyone else running MT should do this too.

More SIte Updates

I did a bunch of site updates tonight. I added a Search capability, added all the talkback stuff I already mentioned, I fixed the list on the side to say Monthly Archives, and I changed the links below each post a bit.

Trackback test

Skadz's Junt

Here's a link to my site, let's see if it trackback's right.

Track Back

| 1 TrackBack

I set up TrackBack on the site tonight. I'll have to see if anyone actually uses it. Does anyone reading use it? It seems like it could be a neat thing. From what I understand at this point, it basically lets you know when other people link to you and things like that. Gonna play with it some and see if I can do cool things with it :)

Movable Type upgrade ...

I upgraded the site to Movable Type 2.5 this evening. Please let me know if you have any problems. Thanks!

Minor Site Update ...

I forgot to mention that I added some pictures this weekend from my cousin's wedding that I went to on Friday. They can be found here. As you can see from this picture a good time was had by all :)

More Pictures ...

I added a bunch more pictures in the gallery section of the site. Lots of these are old. I think I need to get a new camera which is more compact and easier to tote around. The one I have now is from like 1999 and is rather large and unwieldy.

One last change ...

I upgraded Movable Type (the software which runs this section of the web site) from version 2.0 to 2.21 this evening. Please let me know if you see any problems with this section of the site. Thanks!

Some more updates ...

I did a bunch more updates to the web site tonight. First off, I hacked up some more code, so that the top level page now shows excerpts from last 5 stories in My Junt. Hopefully this will be good enough to be information for the top level page.

I also added links for a links section, boston section, and software section. So far, there is nothing on there. I am going to put the CD information software up there at some point in the next couple of days. I just want to clean it up some, add some configuration files, etc. Oh, and add the GNU Public License to the whole thing.

Lastly, I added a bunch more CDs to the CD Collection, which is now up to 359 CDs! I guess I am at least more then a third of the way through. Fun fun :)

More Updates ....

I've gotten a lot more CDs in to the CD Collection over the last few days. I'm up to almost 300 now. The sad part is that besides all the random (probably 100 or so) CDs that I have put in so far, I have only put 5 shelves of CDs in. This is sad because I have 14 more to go. Ugh.

The biggest thing I did get done tonight was do a lot of cleanup to my CD information grabbing software. I was getting errors, that I was just dealing with and then getting some very strange reads from some CDs. Through some debugging I was able to figure out why this was happening and now have a pretty strong program. Keep an eye out for it to show up off the homepage.

More Web Updates

I spent a bunch of today doing more work on my website of which this is a part. The main thing I did was do some design on the the top level page. I really did not like the look of the top level page, especially the graphics I had put up there. I also didn't like the background color I was using for the side bar. I played around some and game up with a design I like alot more.

I also added a ton of links on the top level page, mostly to sites outside of This includes a lot of my friends sites, my Dream Theater site, some wish lists on sites, etc. I also added in the freshmeat content in addition to slashdot, which was already there. I got rid of the ugly weather underground banner which was on top. I really would have like to keep something from them up, but they don't really have any banners which are all that nice looking.

The second big thing I did was to match up this section of the site with the top level page. I initially tried to switch the sides, so the info bar would be on the left, like the top level page, but that was a disaster. Nothing lined up right. But, in the end, just getting all the colors and look to match up makes me happy.

Hopefully this week, I will do a few things:

a) Get more CDs in to my CD collection
b) Add an editing programming to the CD Collection software
c) I'd like to make up some sort of software page, to put things like my CD Collection software and CD info grabbing software
d) Do some updates, like dupe checking, to the CD info grabbing software
e) Add a Boston page, basically about the things I like to do in Boston
f) Add a links page, basically a ton of links to the place I visit often, maybe put a top 5 or top 10 links on the home page
g) Figure out something to put on my top level page, maybe even the latest update or something from this side

Oh and I will probably figure out all sorts of other stuff to do. And of course, there is re-doing all of That is definitely a top priority on my list. Well, I should hit the sack.

Web Updates and Hacking ...

So, I did a bunch more work on my CD Collection application that I am working on today. First off, I got my CDDB
(actually FreeDB) interface all up and working. Thanks to David Schlutz, the author of Net::FreeDB who
helped me out with a couple of problems I was having with his module. I now have a perl script which will
grab information off of a CD in my computer CD player, contact FreeDB and get any possible matches, let
me select which match I want to use and them take a few more pieces of information from the user and then
insert all of the information about the disc and its tracks in to a mysql DB. Neat little app and will make catalogging
my CD collection a lot easier. I also did some work on the web front end to the database and now I have pages to
view artists by letter, view the artist and view albums. I only have put 1 disc in the DB so far, so there isn't much,
but it will be coming soon.

I have started to do some hacking in the last few days for the first time in a while. I really had not done a ton
of programming as of late, pretty much since I lost my last job. I have realized while doing the stuff I have been
doing in the last few days that I missed it. Hopefully this will lead to me getting some more stuff up and
running here on, but also on my Dream Theater site over at
If I could get that site back up and useful, it would be really nice.

I think my next few updates here on this site are going to be finishing up some more work on the CD Collection
software such as searching for stuff, reviews (both by me and user writable), and some graphics ability (album
cover art and the like). Also, I would eventually like to customize MT over on this part of the site some more.

Well, that's about where I am so far. I am one of the few people in the US who actually is going to work
tomorrow, so I can't hack too late :)

And here we begin ...

OK, here is my first attempt to get a BLOG set up. I'll see how this works and how this lasts (aka if I actaually do stuff here or not.


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