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Run 5

Not too much to report. Did the same run I did on Monday afternoon. I did run the entire "running" portion of the distance for the first time. I also did the whole thing about a minute quicker than I did on Monday, so progress :)


Japanese Today!

So, my initial attempt at run number four was thwarted by thunder, lightning, and water falling from the sky this morning. I was a good kid and did my "off day" workout since I was unable to go and run.

When I got home this evening, it was no longer raining (though, it was grey and humid), so I got in my running clothes and left the house.

I did my 1.6ish mile run and ran almost all of it. Only slowed down to walk for a couple of blocks. After I got back to the house, I did two loops around the house, which bring the total up to about 2 miles. All in all, it was about 21 minutes of exercise. The best part of the walking around the house is that it really seem to help get me back to normal before I get in the house.

After I got in, I took a nice hot shower and made some dinner and now I am here resting and catching up some TiVo.

Next run will be on Wednesday morning.

Courez Le Numéro Trois

Ok, I figure I should switch it up a bit with the titles, so today, I go with French :)

I went for my third run this morning. I took the same path I took on Thursday morning. This time I ran for about 80% of that distance (maybe even more) and still felt pretty good. Once I got back to the house, I actually did one loop around my building walking. So, all in all I did over 1.8 miles in about 18 1/2 mins.

I'm glad I am still keeping to the 10 minute mile pace and doing a little more. I'm not sure if it was the cool down walk or just that my body is getting better at this, but my recovery time was definitely a lot less this morning.

Overall, my body is reacting pretty well to this. My muscles definitely hurt a bunch, but I think that will improve over time. Considering most of them have not been worked out like this since gym class in high school, I am impressed that I am able to move, much less function normally :)

Since I am running every other day, I figured I needed to do something on the off days, so yesterday morning I started doing pushups and situps. I had a streak for a while of doing these most mornings a few months ago, but got out of it. I figure between those and the running, I should start to see some improvement soon.

The next step (though not an immediate one) is going to be to join a gym. The Constitution Inn down the block from my apartment has a gym and it's only $400/year to join. Since its a couple of blocks away, that may be a good one. The nice part is that they have day passes too, so I can go check it out a few times and see if its for me before I actually join up.

Lastly, I am thinking of maybe starting a sub-blog here, so people who don't care to, don't have to hear about my fitness stuff, but at the same time, its not like I have 1000s of readers clamoring for my words on other topics. So, who knows?

Run Number Two

This one is even more scary. I got out of bed this morning and went for a run.

I think I pushed myself too hard the first time (somewhat to attempt to prove a point), so I pulled back a little this morning and didn't go as far as I went on Tuesday. In the end I did just over 1.6 miles in about 16 minutes. So, still kept the 10 minute mile pace, but didn't push myself as hard.

On Tuesday's run, I did about a 60/40 ratio run to walk. Today I did more like a 75/25 if not more. I figure if I keep this distance for the next few runs, I should be able to run it 100% by early next week.

I mentioned this the other day, but the funniest part for me so far is that I am coughing like I started smoking again. I guess that's what happens when you start using parts of your lungs that have not been used in a REALLY long time.

OK, next run is on Saturday. I swear I will not try to turn this in to a blog about me running :)

Five and 2.5

So, today is 5 months since I had my last cigarette. I always said if I can go 6 months I will finally feel like I have really quit. One more month to go. Hardly even think about smoking these days, which is rather nice. Every once in a while I still want one though. Guess that will happen for a long time.

Quitting smoking was the first part of trying to get healthy. I have been getting better about eating and all that stuff, but the real scary part started yesterday. Yesterday evening, I went for a run. Yes, me, Skadz, went out to exercise :)

I did just under 2.5 miles in about 25 mins, which makes me feel pretty good that I should be able to ramp up on this pretty quick. I was really hoping to do 3 miles, but between not really eating well yesterday, and well, just not being in great shape, my body didn't let that happen. Hopefully I can crack 3 miles in the next week or so.

I definitely hurt for a while when I got home last night, but am sort of impressed with how I feel today, I really thought my body would be in total revolt, but I just have a little bit of aching in my legs.

The last piece of the whole thing is that I think using my lungs that much have caused them to dig deep and get the last of the smoking crap out. I coughed more since my run than I have in months. Hopefully this means my lungs will be good and cleaned out real soon now.

(And yes, I know I have been a slacker here, hopefully will be getting back in to the swing of it now)


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