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You have to love the Republicans

They have a commercial running here in Massachusetts against the Democratic candidate Deval Patrick which ends with "Can we trust Deval Patrick and one party rule behind closed doors?". Now, isn't that statement a bit ironic considering the current situation in DC?

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Metroblogging the Vote

Even the kids in MA know!

So, I voted for the first time ever this morning. It was very easy, especially since the polling place was a block away from my apartment. Got there right around 8, so I had to wait about 30 mins, but that was no big deal.

The highlight of the experience was when a school bus full of kids pulled up at a red light right in front of the polling place. The kids, seeing the line, all started chanting "Kerry! Kerry!". It was very cute and rather amusing.

So, I've done my part, now it's your turn. Go Vote!

Good kid, now your turn

So, this morning, I hit the City of Boston web site. From there, I was able to first, make sure that I really was registered. I knew I had done it, just wanted to confirm. That page also gave me where I need to go to vote. Luckily, its a nice easy two block walk away. So, that's the first thing on the list for tomorrow.

As I got home this evening, my Mom called and reminded me to vote. I told her, I was such a good kid, I knew exactly where I needed to go and planned on doing it in the morning.

So, now I remind all of you. Tomorrow is important. GO VOTE!

Rocktober 2004: Voting on the Mind

Jambase, an incredible site about the jam band scene, is running a feature where each day in October another musician in the scene answers the following questions:

  • Why is it important to vote?
  • Is this election any different than elections past?
  • Do politics have a place in music? Why or why not?


New Technorati Politics Site

The updated Technorati: Election Watch 2004 site is live. Check it out.

Here is Dave's note on the new features.

Friends for Dean?

Blog for America : Guest Blogger Marc Chadwick: DFA's Duct Tape | February 16, 2004

Marc is actually a friend of mine (Orkut and Friendster can prove that). He talks a bit about what the IT group at DFA does. Neat to see someone I know pretty well getting some attention, as he usually is very behind the scenes.

Trippi Blog

Joe Trippi has started a blog called Change for America. Seems pretty interesting so far. Seems much more like a first person account than Blog for America ever did. Hopefully he keeps it up.

Don't Forget!

Halley's Dean House Party is this evening. I was considering going, but it's just bad timing with the holidays and work and a broken car. But, if you are in the Boston area, it should be a good time.

Dean Software Ltd?

The Dean Connection (free reg, blah blah, link will go pay in 2 days most likely)

Excellent article in the NY Times about the software being developed for the Dean campaign. Also touches on the grass roots efforts that are part of the campaign. A very enjoyable read. (But read it soon!)

People agree with him?

I was just reading an article in Time entitled The Love Him, Hate Him President. It talks about how people are pretty much either 100% for or against Bush. I find this amusing, as I know no one who is for him at this point.

Maybe its just the parts of the blogosphere I read, or maybe even just the blogosphere in general, but pretty much all I read are things against him these days. And to be honest, I can't see many good reasons to be for him any more.

The quotes in the article from Republican supporters are amusing at points. They talk about him being a stand up leader who gets done what he wants. Well, there is a line here between wanting to get things done for the right reasons and the wrong reasons. And continuing forward with plans using lies and alterior motives is not something I really see as a good thing.

Also, they say he doesn't read the papers or the polls. Maybe this is why he is so lost on many issues. I heard somewhere he has people who give him the important parts of the news in briefs. Well, anyone giving that information to you is doing so in their perspective, not a true overview. And I won't even get in to the media having their own perspective as well.

One other thing they talk about is Bush's religious nature. I am a Catholic, though not really practicing these days, but I don't think God should come in to play in politics at all. I really do think that Bush thinks he is ruling by God's will and therefore whatever he does is right. It's very scary.

I know I am not all that well informed on politics, but this stuff starts coming out of my brain sometimes and I just have to write it down.

Clark lost my vote

I know I should not be talking about politics here, but something I heard on the debate last night (which I watched about half of) that REALLY bothered me.

Clark made this statement: "We want to be ahead of the software revolution. Let them do the software in India; we'll do other things in this country. "

Sorry, but I really am not ready to go back and learn a new trade. I have decided to pursue something I enjoy and I have no need or want to go back to school or anything to learn how to be something different.

Yes, we should be looking forward to new sources for jobs, but at the same time America has many software developers and other technical folks who do not want to have to switch professions. We need to get companies to want to employ people in America and not just sell off the business to the lowest bidder.

Also, outsourcing can lead to other problems. Obviously the biggest of them is the language barrier. Sure, someone in India who speaks perfect English is great and all, but sometimes an accent will make the conversation next to unintelligible to the other person. I have first hand experience with this, as I talk to customers all the time and sometimes, though asked a question in English, cannot understand what the customer is trying to say. Hell, I have even been to Ireland on multiple occassions and their native English speakers and I still can't understand some people with a thick brogue. I guess this is most evident with Dell having to move their technical support back to America after many many complaints.

So, no General Clark, I don't want software to move to India, I want to keep it right here, so I can continue to enjoy my job.


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