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Spooky Series

In Bill Simmon's latest column, he mentions:

(Which reminds me: That game is scheduled for Halloween night. Seriously. I'm not sure what chain of events would need to happen here -- it would be extensive -- but the thought of Mike Myers coming out of the Red Sox bullpen, on Halloween night, to pitch in the deciding game of a World Series at Fenway ... I mean ... wouldn't that be the most unbelievable scenario in the history of sports? And what if he won the game? Would there be rioting in Boston and Haddonfield? I can't stop thinking about this. Red Sox pitcher Mike Myers enters Game 7 of the World Series at Fenway on Halloween night ... this could actually happen. My God.)

How messed up would that be?

Runs in the family

Just talked to Mom (after leaving her a whiny voicemail this afternoon) and both she and my sister and sick too. How they gave it to me hundreds of miles away is beyond me.

Ill Pt 2

I had this strange idea that sleeping most of the day was supposed to make one feel better. I guess I was wrong. I feel MUCH worse than I did this morning.

The worst part? I live alone, so I need to take care of myself. Had to do stupid stuff, like go to the store, run the dishwasher and take out the garbage. It was much nicer when I had a roommate who I could whine at until they did whatever chores I didn't want to do while sick.


I thought I started feeling some unpleasantness in my body last night. Woke up this morning with a nasty nasty sore throat and all stuffed up. Don't feel terribly bad, but my throat is definitely hurtin. Decided to work from home to hopefully stop this before it gets very bad.

Not that we really have a chance

but how nice would it be to see Minnesota sweep the Yankees this week and make it real interesting for the final week of the season? :)


I've started using Plazes after some urging from Sean. I like the concept, seems like it could be much cooler than some of the other sites. Especially if people are using it at a conference or something. Then you could see other people who were physically around you.

The one problem I have? The Linux client kinda sucks. I noticed someone wrote an OSX client, so I looked to see how he figured it out and they sent him an API spec. I've requested the spec. I want to try and write a gnome-panel applet for this. I think that would be real neat. This could also be a real fun project for me. Both get me involved in Gnome more and to get my hacking skills up.

FC Development Positive #1 - Speed

I'm not sure if its Gnome 2.8 or the Updated server, but I'm definitely notcing a speed increase while using FC Development.

The Hockey Season is On! (well, sort of)

According to this press release:

All 1,230 regular season games originally slated for the 2004-2005 NHL season will be played, with results of each video game match-up available to fans who tune-in daily to "Sweat." Up-to-the-minute scores, stats, teams and player profiles will be online at

That should be very neat to watch.

Dog Sitting Update

Growing up having dogs around my whole life, I was psyched to go and do some dog sitting. I love my cat, but dogs are just more fun to have around.

Sadly, I forgot one thing about dogs, they wait for you to wake up and then pounce. As soon as I opened one eye this morning the dog was whining to go out. Ugh, was in work by 7:45.

On a positive note, being at work that early on a Friday, means the weekend starts early!

FC Development Problem #1 - Yum Compatability

First thing I noticed. Yum (the update mechanism for FC) is TOTALLY hosed. They have upgraded to a version which is not backwards compatible and noone seems to support it yet, not even the original FC2 repository. Not good, not good at all.

Fedora Development

So, I spent much of the day yesterday upgrading my machine to Fedora Development branch (it has Gnome 2.8). Over the next couple of days, I'm going to start documenting issues I have been encountering, etc. I'll try and put some highlights out there too :)

House/Dog Sitting

I'm house and dog sitting for a buddy of mine at work who is getting married tomomrrow. I take over the house tonight and leave on Saturday. While at his house the other day to get a feel for it, I noticed he had a washer and dryer. Ooohh! Free laundry. So, what did I do? I filled my ENTIRE car with laundry. Gonna be fun trying to fit all this when I get home.

I'm horrible with laundry. I pretty much do the important stuff on a pretty regular basis, but if I wear something I don't wear a lot, it tends to build up and it makes my closet a total disaster. Well, this will all be solved now. Now, I just need to keep up on doing laundry on a weekly basis and my closet will stay clean.

Next step is definitely to go through all my clothes and start to donate some stuff to good will. I most definitely have too many clothes and much of it, I never wear any more. I think on Saturday when I get home, I may need to spend a bunch of time just going through and figuring out what can go to good will.

Red Carpet For Fedora Core 2

While I'm talking Linux. I noticed this morning that Nat mentioned he now has an OpenCarpet repository on his site. Well, I checked yet again to see if Ximian, errr, Novell had yet to release Red Carpet for Fedora Core 2. And lookie here, they actually have! I used to check on this on a regular basis and it was never there. Great to see it finally got out there. Anyone know when it was actually introduced?

Update: Sadly, adding Nat's channel says cannot determine distribution :( Being he is a Novell guy, I guess it's SuSE specific.

Gnome 2.8 and Fedora Core 2

Anyone out there made Gnome 2.8 RPMs for Fedora Core 2 yet? Seems like Rawhide is still at 2.7 and I really would like to be updating. If anyone knows of any, please let me know. Danke.

Jersey Girl

Watched Jersey Girl last night after finally returning home. I'm a huge Kevin Smith fan and knowing this was a departure of sorts for him made me really want to see this. I thought it was a great movie. The critics didn't seem to love it all that much, but I thought it had a great combination of drama and comedy. Some of the comedy I thought was even more interesting knowing Kevin's stuff. Overall, real good movie and definitely recommended.


I might as well throw this out there. I've got 6 GMail invites. Leave a comment if you'd like one.

Rainy Saturday

Well, its a gross day in Boston. Was hoping to go see Bionic and Chad down in Gov't Center for The Taste of Boston, but that isn't going to happen. Looks like its the couch and the Sox. Just talked to Mom in NY and she says that the rain has stopped, so it looks like we will have a game somewhat near on time.

Queue the theme from Jaws

Two and a half back baby! Amazing catch by Manny. Johnny Jesus comes through for the win.

Even more Metroblogging going on!

Today Tokyo, Houston, Toronto joined the Metblogs family. Welcome!

I'm back baby!

Feeling much better today. Up at 7:15. In to work by 9 (damn traffic). Besides losing all my parking karma last night (drove around for an hour) and it taking me 30 mins to go like 5 miles this morning. All is well. It's pay day, I've got a fun weekend lined up. Let's get going.

Out of sorts

Since the end of the crazy birthday weekend a week ago, I have totally not been right. I'm been very tired, VERY unmotivated (especially at work) and just generally not myself. I think part of it is my strange sleep schedule with the Red Sox on the west coast all week, but I don't think I can totally blame it all on that. I'm really not sure of what it is. Hopefully I will pop out of this sometime soon and get back to posting and doing such things.

Even more Metblogs

A little late on my part, but two new cities have been added to the MEtroblogging family, New Orleans and Orlando. Welcome!

Yankees Car

Ahh, so this is what it looks like driving the Yankees car.


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