House/Dog Sitting

I'm house and dog sitting for a buddy of mine at work who is getting married tomomrrow. I take over the house tonight and leave on Saturday. While at his house the other day to get a feel for it, I noticed he had a washer and dryer. Ooohh! Free laundry. So, what did I do? I filled my ENTIRE car with laundry. Gonna be fun trying to fit all this when I get home.

I'm horrible with laundry. I pretty much do the important stuff on a pretty regular basis, but if I wear something I don't wear a lot, it tends to build up and it makes my closet a total disaster. Well, this will all be solved now. Now, I just need to keep up on doing laundry on a weekly basis and my closet will stay clean.

Next step is definitely to go through all my clothes and start to donate some stuff to good will. I most definitely have too many clothes and much of it, I never wear any more. I think on Saturday when I get home, I may need to spend a bunch of time just going through and figuring out what can go to good will.


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