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So, I decided last night that I really should start trying to write a blog post every day. So I figure the best way to do this is to try and write something when I get up every morning.

This morning, I have 2 things on my mind. The first is today's Apple event. Sounds like we will be getting iTunes 8.0 and iPhone 2.1 software. Should be very interesting to see what comes with iPhone 2.1. Hopefully they fixed the bug that caused my iPhone to become bricked twice this past weekend (not fun while trying to make birthday plans with a lot of people). The only thing I really still want is freakin' MMS messaging. Cut & paste would be nice, but I can deal most of the time without it.

The other big thing on my mind is my project at work. I have a really cool project going on at work, which I should be about 50% done with by now, but sadly I am about 10% done. So, it's going to be a very busy day/week in order to get this project caught up to where it should be. But in the end, it should be really fun :)

Well, I guess I better get started then :)

To iPhone or Not to iPhone

My current phone contract is up in February, so it's time to start thinking about what I want to get. I have been a Sprint customer for over 9 years now (since they introduced the PCS concept), so my easiest path is to just get a new Sprint phone. I looked around a little and it seems like the best phone they offer for me is probably the MOTORAZR2 V9m. It's the higher end Razr phone and has a bunch of the features I would like to have in my phone (especially the phone as a modem feature, so I can use my laptop on the road).

This will end up costing me like $250 for just the phone and with tax and some other stuff, it will most likely end up being over $300. The biggest reason to do this is to just keep with the service and system that I have used forever. The other big reason in the past was keeping the same number, its been my number forever, so I would hate for it to change.

These days, we have number portability, so I could take my number with me wherever I went. And as for Sprint, its not like they do anything super special for me. Lastly, the $300 for the phone is kind of steep for a regular old phone.

So, the question becomes, do I just get an iPhone? First of all, it would only be $100 more than my current idea of what I want to buy. It has the obvious "cool" factor as its the hot phone out there. It also means that I can carry one less device (no more ipod) when I walk downtown or something. I'm a huge Apple fan, so it would fit pretty well in to my digital lifestyle. And its got a lot of great stuff built in to it and once apps can be put on it, it will be even better.

The cons? Well, I would guess we will be seeing a new iPhone pretty soon (I would love to see one at Macworld because that would make this decision a lot easier). It means switching networks, so if I have issues or can't get service in places, it means figuring out a new system. It means going through the hassle of moving my number. And it means dealing with some of the issues I have heard about on the iPhone.

I dunno. I definitely will have to think about this some more. I do have about 6 weeks, but that will go by real quick.

Good? Bad? Who knows?

I have been noticing recently that my MacBook Pro power cord is starting to fall apart near the brick (the thin part). Seems to be from the wrapping it up like I am supposed to.

I started looking in to getting a new one today and they are $80!! Yowzers. I also looked at most of the reviews and they ALL complain about the same issue. Rather than paying $80 for something that is just going to break again in less than a year, I decided I would first try and get a free one out of Apple (with my support contract).

Before I even got to this, I saw this article on Apple Insider (which I wasn't subscribed to, add that to NNW) about how Apple is supposedly redesigning the power supply and there should be a new one by next month some time.

So, this puts me in an interesting situation. Do I hope and pray that my current power supply will last me the next 3 or 4 weeks and then try and get a replacement (or just by a new one at that point if new ones are really that much better) OR do I just bite the bullet and not risk losing my laptop for the time I am waiting to get a new one?

Hmmmm, decisions decisions decisions.

Posting this with MarsEdit. I have a bunch of feature requests for them that I keep thinking of. Need to blog about them before I forget. Using this as a reminder to myself.


I just really do not know how I ever used a computer before Quicksilver. It's just so integrated in to my daily life now, it's confusing that a computer was usable before this.

New Quicktime & iTunes

Apple released version 7.1 of iTunes and version 7.1.5 of Quicktime today. Go grab em!

Mac Tip: Getting Rid of MS Office Test Drive

Since day one of having my mac, I have wanted to get the damned MS software off the machine. I tried running the Remove Office application on multiple occasions and even though the log file says it found it correctly, the application never gave me the option to actually remove it. After being pissed off about this for the 200th time today, I tried a little harder and finally got the stupid thing off my machine. What I had to do was this: 1. Run Word 2. Except the EULA 3. Quit Word 4. Run the Remove Office Application It seems that the Test Drive is not fully installed until you actually run it once. Hopefully this will help someone else who is as annoyed about this as I am (well, I guess now was :)

Apple Bug Month

Everyone has been talking about the Month of Apple Bugs that was set to start in January. It kicked off today with a Quicktime bug. I would love to track this all month, sadly, the site does not seem to have an RSS feed, so it makes following this very difficult :(

So, as it may have become evident

from all my recent postings, I bought a MacBook Pro this past weekend. 15"/2.33Ghz Core2Duo / 2GB / 120GB. It's a freaking sweet machine. Still putting lots of things on it. Still figuring out how to use it right. Been bugging the hell out of my Mac friends :) My biggest issue right now is e-mail, but that is a topic for a post all on it's own. The one thing that has impressed me the most thus far is that I can have all sorts of stuff running and it all just runs. No slow downs, no issues, just goes. Yeah, I'm turning in to a convert pretty damn quickly. More as I play more.


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