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Not sure if that is really a word, but I love having WiFi again. Now if I can just get the TiVo working with the WiFi, I will be super WiFi happy.

It's so nice being able to sit on the couch without all the wires tangled up between the table and my lap. Now I can just pull it off to my lap and hope that I don't run out of power. Some day we will have some sort of wireless power (or at least fuel cells, so I can sit here for hours on end and have no power worries).

Wireless Web for All

So, now that I am wireless once again at home, the hippie in me says that I want to leave the access point open. Now, everyone and their brother right now is probably thinking I am an idiot, but hey, I don't care if someone uses my bandwidth for a bit.

Thing is, I would like to possibly have people have to go through a form of some sort to be able to get on the web. I'm trying to think about how to do this. How do the hotels and such do this?

My initial thought is to set up a DNS server with a wildcard so that all addresses point to an internal web site that people could fill out a form and then they could get new DNS servers. This works in some respects, but a) it means a user changing settings, b) someone could easily avoid it by just changing their DNS servers immediately, etc.

My second though would be to proxy all requests out to 80. How would I do a transparent proxy though? Anyone know of any good tutorials on doing this? I think I would have to have DHCP give a different server as the default gateway, but that wouldn't be too hard.

Any other ideas?


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