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John Spencer, Leo on the West Wing, died yesterday.

This is shocking to me and rather sad, I always loved his portrayal of Leo on the West Wing.

No Really, DO NOT Call

DirecTV to pay $5.3 million in 'Do Not Call' settlement - Dec. 13, 2005:

NEW YORK (CNN/ - Officials announced a $5.34 million settlement Tuesday with satellite TV provider DirecTV over alleged violations of the Do Not Call rule, the largest civil penalty ever obtained by the Federal Trade Commission in a consumer protection enforcement case.

Good for the FTC!

Here they come again!

Looks like Umphrey's McGee is coming to Higher Ground in South Burlington, Vermont in Fenruary. Hopefully that means they will be playing this area as well. Otherwise, I think it's time for a road trip to go visit Marc!

If you aren't listening to Umphrey's, why the hell not? They are one of the best bands putting out music today.

Welcome to December

Well, I've been a bit of a slacker lately. Mostly just too busy to keep up with things. Hopefully December will usher in a new era :)

BU Linux

Boston University Linux

How FREAKIN cool is this? Boston University has their own Linux distribution. It's based on Fedora Core and then has BU specific things added to it. Being that I went to BU, I think this is a super cool way to get people to run Linux at college. I remember back when I went to BU and there were about 4 of using Linux and we did a good job helping each other, but there definitely wasn't anything like this.

So, go BU! I hope other schools are doing siimilar things. If they got rid of Windows at some of these colleges, it could help with many of the virus and spyware issues out there.

Just in case you missed the news


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