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Finally found some inspiration this morning and updated my VERY out of date Dream Theater site. Lots going on with a few of the members touring and the band finishing their new album. Just a few more things to update and then I think I am going to start a recruiting mission. I seem not to have the time to keep up any more, so I want to try and get some folks who do have some time to update the site. We'll see how this works out.

New Metblog Site got a redesign last week. Check it out.

Metblogs Press!

SITE SPECIFIC got some press! I write for the Boston version of this site. Lots of good stuff being posted by a bunch of locals. I'm even learning some cool stuff about the city I've dwelled in for 11 years. Check us out!

Dream Theater updates ..

Slacker that I am, I had let my Dream Theater site kind of go to waste over the last few months. I spent a couple of hours this afternoon and got it all up to date on current happenings including a bunch of information on their new CD coming out in a few weeks.

Blog Whoring ...

I am turning in to a total blog whore. I find ones that I find interesting and start reading them. Any that have RSS feeds, I throw on to the news page and keep up with them. The ones that don't I stop by at least a few times a day to see what they are saying. I definitely am finding this an interesting way to find out about people and see what is happening in their lives.

I even keep too many blogs. I keep this one, my Dream Theater site, and I even keep one for work. That one is locked away at this point, but I do have grand plans of bringing a proposal to some of the higher ups to set them up for everyone at the company. I think it would be both a good source of knowledge management as well as a good way for people to express ideas about parts of the company they are not necessarily involved in. I know that my last 2 companies were very open. The last one we were told very often that we should express our feelings and not fear anything bad coming out of it. We set up lots of mailing lists to let people vent. I think this is somewhat a step above that. The company before, well, I took over. I'm like that sometimes.

I've even gotten very good at keeping this place up to date. I hope to keep writing as often as possible. I like being able to talk about the random things I either think about in my head or talk to myself about. Yes, I talk to myself. Live alone for a while, you end up doing it. Hopefully my forum here will help me slow up on some of that.

My Dream Theater Site ...

I forgot to mention last week that I finally made my Dream Theater site, live on its new server. I think it looks pretty good. I have been coding up some more stuff for it recently. Mainly the reviews section, which I have about half done. Hopefuilly I will find some time in the near future to finish it up. Take a look and add a comment over there about what you think.


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