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Blade TV is a Go!

I wrote about 6 months ago about a Spike TV exploring a Blade TV series. Well, it was initially set up as a 2 hour movie to see how it would go. Well, SciFi Wire is reporting that the TV series has been greenlit for 13 episodes. I hope this is as good as it could be and not a total cheese fest.

Most Important Link of the Day

What a good kid I am!

I filed my taxes today. I did them last week, but had to wait until I got paid to pay TurboTax. I'm getting a few bucks back, nothing major, but at least I don't owe anyone any money. All I have to say is TurboTax.com rocks. They make it so easy to get your taxes done. I think it took me all of about 15 minutes.

Victory is His!

The Roo Is Coming Back

Just got this in the Inbox:

The initial artist announcement for this summer's Bonnaroo Music Festival will be next Wednesday, February 1st. This announcement will include an initial lineup of artists, as well as ticket on-sale information for the festival being held June 16-18, 2006.

I really want to hit this one year, maybe this will be the one, who knows.

Goodbye West Wing

So, it was announced this week that The West Wing would be ending once this season ended. It will end with the election of a new president. I have mixed feelings about this. Though I turned in to a huge West Wing fan late in the game (Thanks Bravo!), I really enjoyed it. I have probably seen most of the episodes from the first 4 or 5 sesasons at least twice, if not 4 or 5 times. Even after seeing them so many times, I will regularly throw on an episode my TiVo picked up in TiVo suggestions.

At the same time, the last few seasons have been iffy. This current season, I have not been watching unless The Simpsons are not on or are a repeat. I've seen a few episodes and it seems like maybe this season has rebounded some, but in its current time slot, you knew it was headed for the end of its run.

This season also suffered a huge setback in losing John Spencer to a heart attack. It was a very sad incident of life imitating art, as Leo (John's character) had a heart attack last seasson.

In the end, I hope Bravo keeps running The West Wing for many years, as it is always an interesting show to watch. Even in the iffy times, it would still hold my attention most times.

I have to say though, the West Wing comment of the week came from Stephen Colbert of the Colbert Report when The West Wing was mentioned on his show this week, he said something along the lines of: The West Wing? Wasn't that some sort of John Kerry fan fiction?


The rock stars all come around to this whole Internet thing eventually, Greg Luttrell finally has a web site

IKEA Job Interview

A blank page ..

is no fun. I guess I need to start posting again. Back soon, I swear.


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