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It's not a victory

without a jig


Sports Overload

I'm feeling a little overwhelmed with sports today. On TV, we had 2 1PM football games, 1 4PM football game, the Red Sox final regular season game and a NASCAR chase race. On the computer, I had 2 fantasy football trackers going and 1 fantasy baseball tracker going. Within the fantasy baseball tracker, I was paying attention to my childhood team the NY Mets who were trying (and failing :( ) to get one of the final post-season spots in the National League.

I REALLY would like to be watching my Giants on NBC right now but between Fox's Sunday night shows and the season premieres of Dexter and Brotherhood. I considered going down to the bar to watch the game and see the guys play for a bit, but I know I need to be up at 6:30 for a downtime window (and I don't trust myself to leave at the end of the game :)

So, been a lot of sports today. The craziness will continue tomorrow. First, we have the Red Sox Rally in Gov't Center (with the Dropkick Murphy's playing!). I doubt I will make it to that, as I have this thing that always interferes with my social life, work, but you never know. If I get in early enough, I may try to sneak over.

Then, we have Monday Night Football with the Patriots facing the Bengals. Can the Pats score 38 this week? :)

Luckily, Tuesday is a sports free night, so my brain can recover :)

A bit too far?

I'm really not sure of what to think of this.

Just call it Fenway 公園

Yankee Mark

What a difference a weekend makes

I was at Friday's Red Sox game (front row baby!) and was completely not surprised by the reaction to Manny. I totally understand Manny being Manny, but the last few days had been ridiculous. The boos did die down some as the game went on, but I found it very amusing.

Last night, I flip on the TV. Game was in the 7th, two on, one out, Manny steps out and what happens? Crowd goes bonkers all cheering for Manny, even to the point of chanting his name.

I guess his gangsta comment worked well :)

Mark Bellhorn

Can someone please explain to me why this guy is still on the Red Sox?

According to what they flashed on ESPN tonight, he has the third lowest Batting Average in the American League.

I'm pretty sure he leads the Majors in strikeouts (or is VERY VERY close).

He's made a few decent plays in the field, but he's not an amazing fielder by any stretch of the imagination.

So, why is this guy still on the team? I just don't understand it. Does anyone have a good explanation?


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