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MT 3.2 - Slow?

Anyone else seeing very slow and very BIG mt.cgi processes with MT 3.2? I run this site on a very tiny slow machine, but MT has always worked ok. With this latest release, it seems like MT constantly times out when trying to post (though the post goes through) and I have seen mt.cgi processes with 50 Megabytes of resident memory. That's just NUTS for a perl program that is just supposed to be adding some stuff to a DB. Maybe it' because I am running in a text DB and it's loading the whole thing in? Any ideas/thoughts?

MT 3.2 is out

Movable Type - News - Announcing Movable Type 3.2

I guess it's time to upgrade again.

MT 3.17 is out

Six Apart has released Movable Type 3.17. Upgraded (hopefully this goes better than the last time).

MT 3.16 is out!

Movable Type - News - Movable Type 3.16 released. Installed.

Update: And uninstalled. That was ugly. Upgrading caused authentication to be completely messed up. Each time I tried to log in, it worked for that one page and then it logged me back out. I used the full install tarball of 3.15 and it works again.

Trying to get help on the movable type forums totally caused even more issues. I forgot my password, so I hit the link, it sent me mail, put in all that information and it tells me my password (from the mail it just sent me) is incorrect. GREAT!

I'm going to step away from the machine now.

Scripture Tool

ScriptureLinker looks like a MT plugin that AKMA would enjoy.

Upgrade of Blog Software ...

I upgraded to Movable Type 2.51 this evening. Its only a bug fix release, so hopefully there will be no other changes. The changelog is here if you want to see what has changed. The big thing for me is that it fixes my bookmarklet for pinging Trackback on individual articles. Yay!

Category RSS Feeds ...

I set up category rss feeds with some help from andersja after reading this post on his site. Now to read the rest of the optimizations.

Oh yeah, they are at

You would replace CATEGORY there with whatever the real category is.

MT / RSS Updates

Found this today:

How do I make Movable Type output valid RSS?

I did this on the site. Anyone else running MT should do this too.


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