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More SCI vs TM News: Incident Fight Ticketmaster

I really hope they win. My buddies played a show a couple of weeks ago. Tickets were $12.50. It was going to cost me like $25 to buy ONE freakin ticket because of TM charges.

Now this is really funny

Geeks on Bikes: The SCO Group/Caldera Product Development Plan:

To my fellow folk in the Linux community, you need not fear. I specifically asked if, in making that broad a statement about UNIX, The SCO Group was making any legal claim to Linux. According to McBride, "obviously Linux owes its heritage to UNIX, but not its code. We would not, nor will not, make such a claim."

SCO Amusement

SCO silliness

Now that is amsuing.

Tori Amos - Boston, MA - 08/24/2003

I went to see Tori Amos on Sunday with Nick, Timmy, and Renee on Sunday. The show was at the Fleet Boston Pavilion. It was a perfect night to be heading to the tent on the water, just gorgeous, no humidity, 60s, excellent.

We missed much of Ben Folds. Saw his last 2 or 3 songs. Sounded pretty good, but I am not really in to his stuff (more that I don't own it than not liking him). We got some drinks and food and headed to the seats. We had amazing seats, 5th row, stage left. Tori came on around 8:40. She played straight through until just about 11, with just 2 short breaks before the encores. Amazingly long set.

The show itself was ok for me. I thought Tori sounded great, but my big complaint was song selection. She played a lot of b-sides and things. Though I feel I know Tori's stuff VERY well, I got lost at many points during the show. It was very strange. She seemed very calm and just like she was having fun. She didn't get as intense as I have seen her in the past, jumping around on her piano stool and whatnot.

Good show overall, wish the song selection was different.

Setlist (thanks to this site:

Wampum Prayer
a sorta fairytale
Professional Widow
Father Lucifer
Cornflake Girl
Upside Down
Leather (just Tori)
Seaside (just Tori)
A Case Of You (just Tori)
Bells For Her
Sweet Sangria
Liquid Diamonds
Take To The Sky
I Can't See New York
Precious Things

1st Encore:

2nd Encore:
Glory Of The 80's
Your Cloud

Explain to me ...

So, Grady says last week, he is going back to the lineup he had earlier in the year and what happens? The Sox win 5 in a row, 4 being against the American League West leader. Then Toronto comes in tonight and he changes the ENTIRE lineup. A COMPLETELY different outfield, Manny DHing and Mirabelli catching (which would have happened no matter what). Why do this? They are already down 4-1 in the 4th. So, yes, I know I may eat these words later, but WHY FIX SOMETHING THAT ISN'T BROKEN?!?!? Argh.

Update: Oh yeah, the other thing. They have an off day on Thursday, so its not like they need an extra day off. And now its 7-1. (and the crowd AIN'T happy)

Needs and Wants ...

Ever notice when you have a long list of needs and wants, you have no money in which to get them?

Right now I _NEED_ a new cell phone. I needed a new one a year ago, now I am DESPERATELY in need of one. My current phone is all busted up, hardly works, loses signal constantly, battery only lasts 10 hours, etc. I probably am going to get the new Sanyo 8100, just need to find the extra $200. I _MAY_ have a hookup at the local Sprint store though, so I may be able to do it somewhat cheaper. You would think they would want to take care of someone who has been a customer for like 5 years.

Secondly, I really need a new server. Some things just take WAY too long. The current system is an old AMD K6-2 with like 128 megs of ram. Definitely not enough to serve all my e-mail, as well as this site. I should be able to get something for just a couple of hundred dollars here too. I wonder if my old MicroSystems credit card still works. I should find out. That has money on it :)

Those are the big two on the needs list. Next, I have the wants list. Well, besides the huge list of CDs, DVDs, books, PS2 games, etc that are on my Amazon Wishlist, I also need things like a TiVo, a bunch of furniture (entertainment center, night tables, lamps), kitchen stuff (new pots and pans, other such cooking stuff), a new WAP (as I blew mine up), a new CD changer, an iPod, some guitar stuff, a new TV, all sorts of random computer stuff (mostly hard drives) so I can get a bunch of old servers working here to set up some fun network stuff in the house (and keep the heating bills down), an AC, etc.

I really really really need to get my money in order and fast, so I can start knocking a bunch of this stuff off this very long list, starting with the needs stuff and moving slowly to the wants list.

Also, hopefully some fam will knock some of the things off the wants list next Friday :)

E-mail Clients Review

Tim Bray has an excellent essay entitled On Email in which he reviews the many e-mail clients out there. Good quick overview of the many options available to people. If you must stay with Windows, you probably should look at some of the alternatives available to LookOut .. err .. Outlook.

The one addition to this is Ximian's Evolution. It is a Linux mail client (much like Gnus or Pine which Tim mentions). It started off as a clone of Outlook functionality, but has surpassed that while still being easy for former Outlook users to switch to. Some of the pieces it wins on are some of its filtering abilities (which I don't know too well, since I use procmail on the server side), GPG integration, and it runs on Linux which means you aren't susceptible to all the various Windows viruses out there.

The next version of Evolution (2.0) will really push the envelope of the mail client to a whole new level. Things like APIs, GUI cleanups, code cleanups, etc are going to make it one of the best on the planet. And, since its open source, you can always fix/change things you don't like :)

SoBig or No So Big

Well, that was a lot of hype for nothing. It's 3:11 and there is still an Internet. I think they should rename this is SoBig.2K due to all the hype for nothing.

SCO Stock

Can someone please explain to me how the hell SCO's stock can up $2.22 when just about everyone has shown why their "proof" is a bunch of BS?

The perfect article ...

for this blog:

Rockin' on without Microsoft

It's about both geeks and guitars!

You say you want a revolution ...

New T-Shirt

T-Shirt of the day

Oh boy, I need one of these shirts!

Paint Jobs

Some neat paint jobs:


"Grassroots" Bush :: W Stuff News Feeds

I'll get right on it. Right after I finish, ummm, washing the dog. Oh wait, I don't have a dog. OK, I will get right on it, right after I finish getting a dog and washing it. Oh wait, I don't have a house yet for a dog to live in. OK, I will get right on it, right after I buy a house, buy a dog and wash the dog!

Outlook Love

From Scott Rosenberg's Links & Comment:

"Outlook is a joke. No sane computer user today should use it. If your company makes you use it, go to your CEO and explain how much time and money his company is losing by using it."

Umm, duh :)

But, at the same time, continuing to use Windows is still pretty insane to me too. I've used Linux on my desktop for about 8 years now and have had no problems at all interacting with any files that anyone from Windows sends me. Also, with things like OpenOffice, I can create my own Powerpoint, Word, Excel docs and they work fine on Windows.

I definitely do not understand people continuing to use Windows at all. With the release of Ximian's Desktop 2, the interface is as easy if not easier to navigate than Windows and also has many other features. The stability of Linux is also WAY above that of Microsoft products, so BSODs go away completely (well, except on the screensaver that shows all the different ways of systems crashing), so you don't have to spend time every day rebooting your system, etc.

I don't know, I would think with everything that has happened in the last week between Sobig and MSBlast, more people would be looking VERY seriously at a switch to Linux right now instead of continuing to deal with inferior products from MS.

Virus? What Virus?

I am amused by the notice of many people of the Sobig virus this morning. I only know about it for 2 reasons:

a) My spam folder is growing more quickly than usual
b) Someone is using one of my addresses to send it out, so I am getting some bounces.

Spam Assassin is a wonderful thing :)

Damn spammers

Someone is using one of my domains for the e-mail addresses of their spams. Very goddamn annoying. Been getting bounces all damn day on mails I am not even sending. Argh.

SCO's new marketing idea ..

Phishy Trouble

Exclusive: Phish On The Hook

Very not good, but luckily it sounds like it will be worked out without any trouble.

Drummers need love too ...

and so do guitar players, bass players, keyboardists, etc. This set of pictures of Ozzfest from Rolling Stone pretty much just shows the lead singers of all the bands over and over again. There are like 5 pictures out of 57 that are not of the singer.

Hey guys, just because the little pop losers you follow are one person leads or even group leads and they sing, doesn't mean the same is true when its a BAND. The band is about the music, not just a singer.

Oh yeah, and what the hell is up with no pictures of OZZY from Ozzfest?????

Rock Stars Unite

Heading to the House of Blues in Cambridge tonight to go see Restafest. Well, that's what I am calling it. Actually, its a night of music from Studio Bopnique which is Anthony Resta's studio. My friends Central Basement and The Chad LaMarsh Band are both playing. Should be a good time and hopefully it will be a big exposure opportunity for both bands (well, for all the bands that are playing).


I stopped by #joiito last night trying to help GG get on. Just chatted really quick, was sort of intoxicated, so not the best time for people to get an introduction to me :)

The thing I wonder about, is it ok for me to be there? Now, obviously IRC is open and all, but am I the kind of person who they are hoping to have on the channel? Is the channel strictly for the upper echelon of the blogging world (technical world may be a better way to put that).

I dunno, I guess it's fine if I hang out as long as I follow the rules and actually contribute to the channel instead of just lurking, I guess no one would have a problem with me being there. And I might get to meet some cool people too.

Movie Weekend ...

Watched a couple of movies this weekend.

On Saturday I watched The Real Cancun. It was plain horrible. I thought it might rate high on the unintentional comedy scale, which it did at points but nowhere near good enough to even think about watching again. They just tried to capture the time of like a dozen people in way too short a period of time. Made it very obvious why this works as a series and not as a movie.

On Sunday I watched Punch-Drunk Love. This movie was interesting. A strange plot. Very wierd seeing Adam Sandler do a dramatic role, I just wanted him to pop out with some ridiculous line to make me laugh out loud and he never did. I thought Adam did do a very good job in the role, but the movie just didn't hit me the way I thought it should. Maybe I will watch it again some time.

Ping ping ping

If you aren't already, you should be pinging BlogRolling. I noticed that my entries were not being picked up by it and therefore I wasn't getting updated on some people's lists. You can do this by sending a ping to:

That's my helpful blog hint of the day.

Chick Music Week

Well, I just realized thats what it is. After seeing Liz last night, I am also going to see Tori on Sunday.

Liz Phair - Boston, MA 08/17/2003

I went with Lukas to see Liz Phair last night. I have just recently started listening to Liz via the mix CD that GG gave me when I was out visiting.

Wheat (who don't have an easily findable web site) opened. They were pretty much generic pop rock. I wasn't impressed at all.

Liz came out around 8. She played a good variety of songs from her albums. She played for about an hour and did a two song encore. I wasn't happy with how short the show was, but I knew it would be an early due to the club night later.

I was very impressed with how she came off. She still seems like a nervous little girl on stage even though she has been doing this for like 10 years. She even made the comment that she stopped after each song to see if she had done ok. It was definitely very cute. Speaking of cute, she looked plan hot. She had a little see through dress on which just looked amazing. Her singing sounded really good. Just like the albums. I worry sometimes that some music has had too much work done on it in the studio, but Liz showed that hers definitely does not.

Overall a great show, had a blast. Definitely has increased my liking of Liz's music. I may have to just go out and buy some of her CDs now.

Here's the setlist from Lukas:

Polyester Bride
Rock Me
Never Said
Help Me Mary
Divorce Song
Red Light Fever
Uncle Alvarez
Perfect World
Why Can't I?
Johnny Feelgood

Little Digger
Fuck and Run

The one note I will add. Before she did Flower, it looked like they were about to go in to Extraordinary, Liz kind of stopped the band and said "Can I do something? I've got my hand raised here" and then did Flower by herself. Very cool.

Big thanks to Lukas for the ticket, here's his review.

More conspiracy theories ...

Dimmer Switch

Now, that's funny.

Timing? I'm not so sure ...

Halley thinks that GG has great timing. My current conspiracy theory is that she was the one who pulled the plug on the East Coast as she left.

Update: Starting to think this is the slow admission of guilt and it was done as revenge.

Black Boston?

Anyone in Boston without power? CNN is reporting that Boston has no power and has been affected by this blackout, but everyone I have talked to has power. I know my home machine is fine, and a buddy in Copley is fine.

Aggregate It!

Weblogs Compendium - RSS Readers

A pretty complete list of RSS aggregators.

Craigslist RSS ][: Almost There

Craigslist RSS

Well, this guy has made it so at least I can read all the titles in my aggregator. Still would rather have the full articles. I think I am going to have to write something to do this.

Admit it Fred .... - Durst stalks Thora Birch in new video - Aug. 13, 2003

This is just a home video of yours that you put music to.

Stupid Windows ...

Microsoft criticises third party code for Windows crashes

OK, and this is a good thing how? Let's say there are 2000 non-MS Windows applications out there. Let's say there are 4000 Windows crashes a day (this is a WAG and just for purposes of proving my point). So, MS is saying that of those 4000 crashes, you can blame ONE on each other application and 2000 on Windows. Again, how is this good?

Secondly, how the hell is it possible that an application should be able to crash your WHOLE COMPUTER?!??!?!

Dumb MS.

Gigli Fun - 'I survived Gigli' shirt giveaway in Boston - Aug. 13, 2003

Looks like local station, WBCN, is having a little fun at Jenn and Ben's expense.

The funny part, in case you missed it, Ben was on Leno the other night and read a bunch of the reviews for the movie and was just laughing about them. Some of them were rather hilarious and very creative, some just plain slams (like saying only insane people would like the movie).

SF to Oakland ...

Hmmm, how hard is it to get from downtown San Francisco to Oakland? Specifically, the ball park that the A's play in. Saw a Giants game last time I was in town, but they are out of town next time I am there, but the A's have some games. Also, anyone know how easy/hard it is to get tickets?

Kimmel on the European Heat

"Everyone is trying to beat the heat. Everyone except France, they immediately surrendered to the heat"


SW Suprise?

Star Wars Episode III Casting Update: A Surprise Return

Uh, why exactly is this a suprise? All the clones were clones of him. If they show any with their masks off, they HAVE to have him in the movie. Umm, duh and stuff.

Update: Have Clones on now and Boba Fett is a clone of Jango Fett, so he may also be playing Boba Fett. (and don't flame me if my spelling is incorrect :)

Walk this way ...

I just went for a walk around my neighborhood to drop something off. While walking back through my nice quiet neighborhood, I was thinking of random things on my mind and just enjoying the silence, being outside the house and enjoying thinking to myself. The biggest thing is I tend to do this at bed time, which is not good, cuz I sometimes get myself all worked up about something which causes me to not be able to sleep well. So, I think I may make an evening walk part of my routine. Just going out and walking for 15 or 20 minutes would probably help clear my mind some and let me get out of the house for a bit which would hopefully help me get some of my rather disordered life in to some better order.

RSS Comics ... | tapestry

A whole bunch of your favorite comics available via RSS. Now, can they just add Userfriendly?

Evolution Blog

Evolution Blog

Nice! One of my favorite coding projects now has a blog. One LITTLE TINY problem. They only have a partial feed. I vow to make it my mission to beg and plead until they put a full one in.

Update: A quick message to the mailing list and it's fixed! Woo! Thanks guys!

SCO/Linux Article ...

SCO vs. the Linux world

A good article which seems to take a very good point by point look at the issues facing users of Linux. Somewhat pro-Linux, but not terribly. Tries to be rather factual, thought out and calm, unlike SCO's press releases or the Linux zealots, etc. A good read for anyone looking at how this issue might affect their business.

(oh, yeah, the conclusion is basically you need not buy a license from SCO right now)

My advice to Alcor ...

More SCO/Linux

SCO not exactly the lovable little guy

An article from The Salt Lake Tribune (which I guess could be considered a local paper to the SCO folks). Talks against SCO pretty hard in the article. One thing that annoyed me? Fact checking. The article says that SCO is seeking $1 billion from IBM, no, that was upped to $3 billion a while back.

What do you call ...

A trade show that no one shows up to?

SCO Forum 2003!

Pattern Recognition

I finished Pattern Recognition by Gibson last night. I definitely enjoyed it. The one thing I didn't like was the way it kind of went too quickly near the end. Just ended up being a little too quick, you felt there would be more tension before things came to a conclusion (well, sorta). I really liked that he set things more on today's world than this super cyber world of the future. It was amusing to hear things like "What would I get if I googled you?" in a book.

After finishing that, I started up on Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People. Hopefully, will get through this one quickly and start becoming highly effective.

Turner Brown

Got this in email thought I would pass it along:

A skinny little white guy goes into an elevator, looks up and sees this
HUGE African American guy standing next to him.

The big guy sees the little guy staring at him, looks down and says: "7
feet tall, 350 pounds, 20 inch penis, 3 pound left testicle, 3 pound
right testicle, Turner Brown."

The small guy faints dead away and falls to the floor. The big dude
kneels down and brings him to, slapping his face and shaking him.

When the little guy finally comes around, the big guy asks him, "What's
wrong with you?"

In a very weak voice the little guy says, "Excuse me, but what EXACTLY
did you say to me?"

The big dude said, "I saw the curious look on your face. I figured I'd
just give you the answers to the questions everyone always asks me. I'm
7 feet tall, I weigh 350 pounds, 20 inch penis, my left testicle weighs 3
pounds, my right testicle weighs 3 pounds. My name is Turner Brown."

The small guy says, "Thank God! I thought you said "Turn around."

Bad Fox Bad Bad Bad

No cookie for you!

They moved Boston Public to FREAKIN FRIDAY. Can someone please send me a TiVo please so I might actually see this once this season?

Weblog Annoyances

a) People who don't have RSS feeds
b) People who don't have FULL RSS feeds (unless its a place that makes money on ads, there is NO reason to not have a full feed)
c) People who have an RSS feed, but don't have a link from their page to it.

I'll probably have more at some point.

They may suck ....

but Primus are coming around! News: Primus Reunite for EP, Tour

Fuckin sweet! Brian and I were talking the other day saying we probably wouldn't get to see them again, I guess we were wrong.

Best part of the article:

"Primus promises a career-spanning cross-section of songs over the shows' first set, followed by a second set featuring a complete performance of 1991's Sailing the Seas of Cheese"

This should be just excellent. I will now go back to waiting patiently for tour dates for Boston to come out.


OK, they here yet?

If you aren't already ...

You SHOULD be listening to this:


Unclassified by Robert Randolph and the Family Band. Just a purely incredible album.


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String Cheese Incident Sue Ticketmaster

Hmmm, this will be interesting. Though, didn't Pearl Jam try to do this once and was rather unsuccessful?

Thanks Homer

From The Simpsons:

"I thought cats were just for losers in apartments"

Hey! I resemble that remark!

Remote Control Redux

I posted this almost 5 months ago. I have gotten a couple of comments with people having the same problem. Well, while in SF this week, I got a much better comment, the fix. I guess it just shows another cool thing that comes of blogging.

My new background

at Linuxworld? All the Red Hat folks are wearing buttons that say "Prove It". Bahahahhaha.

You know its a linux show

when Maddog goes walking by and you don't even think twice about it.


Novell Acquires Ximian to Expand Linux Solutions and Open Source Commitment

Does this mean I have to say I run Novell Desktop 2 now?


Red Hat files suit against SCO | CNET

I guess I will have to walk over to their booth and say thanks.

Stalk stalk stalk ...

Well, the stalker turned about to be very harmless and only wanted to get me to my hotel (in a RATHER roundabout way) and then hang out. Was a rather mellow time, as I was exhausted and starving and she wasn't doing much better. Hopefully more fun as the week goes on.

Live from Linuxworld (well, sorta)

On the Linux World show floor right now doing set up. Things are going really well so far. The Intel folks have been wonderfully helpful as always. I've pretty much got all my stuff set up, gonna grab some food soon and see if there is anything else I can help out with.

Packing Done ...

All done packing, got everything in to my suitcase, well, except for the normal morning stuff (bathroom stuff that I will need before I leave). Of course, after running around the house getting stuff and trying to remember everything that I needed for the trip, I am now wide awake (and have to be up in 6 1/2 hours). Not too bad yet, but if I can't get to sleep quick, I may be in trouble. I think I am gonna throw Daredevil in (again, I watched it this morning) and try and fall asleep.

The problem with being lazy ..

I was a total slacker today, never left the couch. Watched some movies, TV and the Sox game. The problem? I totally forgot I was supposed to go out and buy headphones before my flight tomorrow. I'm getting the feeling there is going to be nowhere to buy a decent pair of headphones in the airport at 8AM. Argh. Will have to get some out in CA, so I can at least watch a movie on the flight back. Lukcily I do have some books to read on the way out.

Goin back to Cali ...

to Cali to Cali

I'm off to San Francisco in the morning for Linux World SF. If you are in the are or are going to be at the show, stop by and say hi, I'll once again be hanging out in the Intel booth.

Also, my stalker is picking me up at the airport, so if I disappear, blame her. Also, please do it by Wednesday night as she is going away on Thursday. Don't want to miss my flight back to Boston on Friday.

I am most definitely ...

the worst packer ever.


LWN: Things to see at LinuxWorld 2003

This article is completely incorrect. The thing to see at LinuxWorld is ME!


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