Needs and Wants ...

Ever notice when you have a long list of needs and wants, you have no money in which to get them?

Right now I _NEED_ a new cell phone. I needed a new one a year ago, now I am DESPERATELY in need of one. My current phone is all busted up, hardly works, loses signal constantly, battery only lasts 10 hours, etc. I probably am going to get the new Sanyo 8100, just need to find the extra $200. I _MAY_ have a hookup at the local Sprint store though, so I may be able to do it somewhat cheaper. You would think they would want to take care of someone who has been a customer for like 5 years.

Secondly, I really need a new server. Some things just take WAY too long. The current system is an old AMD K6-2 with like 128 megs of ram. Definitely not enough to serve all my e-mail, as well as this site. I should be able to get something for just a couple of hundred dollars here too. I wonder if my old MicroSystems credit card still works. I should find out. That has money on it :)

Those are the big two on the needs list. Next, I have the wants list. Well, besides the huge list of CDs, DVDs, books, PS2 games, etc that are on my Amazon Wishlist, I also need things like a TiVo, a bunch of furniture (entertainment center, night tables, lamps), kitchen stuff (new pots and pans, other such cooking stuff), a new WAP (as I blew mine up), a new CD changer, an iPod, some guitar stuff, a new TV, all sorts of random computer stuff (mostly hard drives) so I can get a bunch of old servers working here to set up some fun network stuff in the house (and keep the heating bills down), an AC, etc.

I really really really need to get my money in order and fast, so I can start knocking a bunch of this stuff off this very long list, starting with the needs stuff and moving slowly to the wants list.

Also, hopefully some fam will knock some of the things off the wants list next Friday :)


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