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Am I really THAT old?

Look at today's Rocketboom from the Time 100. Is Will Smith going grey?!?!? Scary.

Alice in Chains in Boston

So, while I was away on my east coast tour (more on that later), the Alice in Chains show in Boston went on pre-sale. Well, since I was away, I didn't get in on it and it quickly sold out. Actually, the whole thing sold out within the pre-sale, never even made it to general on sale.

So, the question for today is, does anyone have an extra they want to sell me for actual ticket value? I looked on ebay and tickets are going for as much as $200/pair. Yuck.

Great Picture


The Wrong Way

Feeling like crap is definitely the wrong way to start the week. I had some cold symptoms late in the week last week, but they seemed to clear up over the weekend. Yesterday I was feeling lazy, but didn't really notice the sick until I went out in the evening. This morning, I feel like total crap. Very tired, very snotty, no fun whatsoever. Hopefully, this will go away quickly, but I'm really not sure if its allergies or illness, which makes it harder to figure out what drugs to take :)

Yes, hopefully this means I am back to posting.


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