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And here we go again

God damnit! The Sox are up 4-1 going in to the bottom of the ninth and LOSE 6-4. Fuckin shoot me, I can't go through this again this season. Argh.


Can someone please tell me who the FUCK gave Mother Nature permission for this weather? It was 65 on Saturday and now its 30 and SNOWING AGAIN. This is just not fair. I just got over a cold going from the cold weather to the warm and now I am gonna have to suffer through another one, I know I am. Argh.

It's Opening Day!

Yay! Something to do every evening again!


Well, I have been a bit lazy with this thing lately. Basically just been very busy with work. This weekend was fun. Friday, I did the normal Rack and Sissys thing. Nothing all that special. I did see my friend who had taken some pictures of mine to get framed and got them back. They look awesome, I'm psyched.

Yesterday (and today), I was wicked lazy during the day.

Last night, I went out with the guys from Central Basement to send off their sound guy Jeff who has decided to retire from the job. We went to the Sky Bar in Sommerville first to see Bionic. These guys are good. They are rather heavy which was very cool. I bought their CD and its awesome. Definitely a band that people should chek out if you see them playing.

We then headed over to The Harp and saw Drop Dead Sexy. These guys were interesting. They were all over the map on what they were playing. Some of it, I liked, some of it, I really didn't like. The interesting part was that all of the guys seemed to be very versatile. The singer would let someone else sing and play trumpet, and then the sax player would rap and then sing GNR. Very interesting.

Over all a really fun night and not all that bad a weekend.


Does this thing still work?

hello ... this is me

hello ... this is me testing Net::Blogger again

I love Homelink ...

Though I have had MANY issues with Fleet in the past, I have to say, I LOVE Homelink (their online account management stuff). I sent out 11 payments on Wednesday. Nine of them have already cleared! For someone like me, who likes to procrastinate, its nice to know that I can send thing out at the zero hour and places can still get them on time.

Crappy Decisions

I hate having to make crappy decisions. Due to be sick and knowing I have to go to work tomorrow and then have to drive to NY tomorrow, I had to make the decision to not to go to Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds acoustic tonight. Possibly a once in a lifetime opportunity. Crap!

War Whore ....

Much like 9/11, I am glued to my TV again. I just can't get enough news. At least I am just watching one channel (so far) unlike 9/11 where I was flipping between all the different news channels. It's much like a car wreck, you don't want to look, but you just have to.

A new kind of Internet Virus

I'm starting to get sick. I blame Cheyenne. And since she is 3000 miles away, the only way she could have given it to me is via the Internet. :)

Testing for Jeremy Z

Ignore me, just helping him test.

Jeremy Zawodny's blog: My TrackBacks are Broken

Don't ya hate it ...

when you spend like 2 hours compiling something and then realize you missed an option and have to start ALL over again? Argh ....

AI Picks

My picks for tomorrow nights bottom three are:


(cuz I know everyone wants to know).

I was 2 for 3 last week and had picked who would get kicked off.

After the way last week's voting went though, I think this week Julia (and her boobs) will be gone :(

Universal Remote Codes??

OK, so I got my digital cable now and it rocks. The cable box is a Motorola DCT2244. It comes with its own Universal Remote Control, but I already have a better remote control which came with my Kenwood VR-507 Surround Sound System. Well, the problem is, I can't seem to find a valid code that will work with the cable box for the remote from my Kenwood. I'm in dual remote hell (after many months of getting used to just one). Anyone have a clue about what code I should be putting in to my Universal to get this box to work? Help? Please? Thanks!

Happy St Patricks Day!

Hope everyone enjoys my saint's day today :) Don't drink toooooo much :)

Conflict ....

My team is playing my college in the first round of the NIT Tourney. How amusing :)

Oh goodie

Though it is not as warm as promised for today so far, I just checked the forecast for tomorrow and its gonna be 55-60 for National Amatuer Drinking Day (aka St Patrick's Day). I will be spending my day indoors with a Guinness in my hand :)

TiVo: Series 1 or Series 2

So, now that I FINALLY got digital cable, I want to get a TiVo. I am back and forth on if I should get a Series 1 or a Series 2. The way I look at it:

Series 1: Able to do hacking on it, can log in and change things, have to buy one used.
Series 2: Newer, features still getting added, etc.

What are people's thoughts on this? Lukas and I have been discussing this a lot lately and I keep going back and forth on my decision.

I'm never leaving my house again ...


I now have more channels than I know what to do with :)

Normal ...

Ahhhh, today I feel back to normal :)

I worked from home, I smoked too much and I wrote 1000 lines of code. Ahhh, just like the old days :)

Mail Call ...

So, I got a bunch of mail at work today. Three things came:

a) Oracle Magazine. Most tech mags go home, this one comes here, why? I don't remember.
b) A credit card application. Who the fuck is sending me credit card applications at work? Argh. My credit sucks, don't you know this by now?
c) A package from Syncsort. Months (AND MONTHS) ago, I filled out a survey thing for SyncSort. And today, I recieved a shiny new Leatherman. I think its closest to the PST. Very cool! I had one of these years ago and lost it along the way. Now, I just have to remember to take it OUT of my bag before flying or else it will QUICKLY get taken away.


Mmmmmm. I want one of these.

A few minor updates

I made a couple of quick fixes tonight.

a) I removed Related Entries as it did not seem to be working correctly.
b) I added trackbacks to the permalink pages
c) I fixed the next/prev links on the monthly archives to be centered.

I have been toying with the idea of doing a big redesign in the near future. I really like how my other site looks and am kind of sick of this design. Now, I just need to find some time :)

SF/Fantasy Books

According to this list, I am WAY behind on SF/Fantasy books. I consider myself an avid SciFi/Fantasy reader and the fact that I have not read a lot of these kind of scares me. I guess I gotta do some catching up.

Prolly an oldie

Redneck Neighbor

But, I'd never seen it and it had me laughing for a while. And I thought I had had bad neighbors.

Networked PS2?

PS2 Network Adaptor with Free Everquest over at is a deal I may not be able to pass up.

Update: I caved and quick.

Suge Knight on Kimmel

Best line of the whole thing, Jimmy goes (as his last question):

"Mr Rogers died the day after you got out of jail, did you have anything to do with that?"


The fact that Jimmy was wearing a bullet proof vest the whole show was also RATHER amusing :)

Cat Games ...

My house is currently a disaster area. Most of this is due to the fact that I was away for most of last week and then busy/lazy for the weekend. I got home too late tonight to get cleaning, so hopefully I will do some catching up on cleaning tomorrow.

The one other factor to this mess is the new game my cat likes to play. The rules go like this:

1) Skadz is in a rush in the morning, so he forgets to close his sock drawer.
2) Cracker decides that all the socks in the sock drawer would look much better in a nice pattern on the floor and down the hall.


MT Upgrade

Upgraded up to 2.63 tonight. Fun.

DahDah DahDah


This makes me sick

Someone put up a page called Rock Tragedy. When I initially saw this page, I thought it was going to be a tribute to the people who died and were injured in Rhode Island a few weeks ago.

When I got to the page, I was shocked to see it was a page basically saying that the people who died in Rhode Island deserved to die and they died because of their rock n roll lifestyle.

Growing up Catholic, though I don't practice regularly these days, I think it is SICK that someone could use a tragedy like The Station as propaganda to the cause of believing in God. Religious zealots like this make me ill. I have many friends who I go to shows with who head to church every Sunday, without fail.

This bothers me even more now that I know people who were involved in this. Both were very good guys who just loved music, much like I and many of my other friends do.

So, to anyone who thinks using something like this to change people's minds about religion should know, the only change you are going to make in their mind is to turn them away from it even farther.

Airport Karma

I think my airport karma is finally getting fixed. After way too many times of getting on planes and getting searched at pretty much EVERY check point, I finally made a full round trip without getting checked more than the regular security check point. I think I finally have the whole thing down to a science. I _MAY_ be going to Vegas in April, but if not, I don't have any trips planned for the near future, so I guess I won't be able to test out this science for a while.


Though my sister and her boyfriend set a date for their wedding a few weeks ago, they were not officially engaged until night before last. She called me last night to let me know. Congratulation to her. Sad that my sister who is three years younger than me getting married long before me (well, unless I meet someone and get married REAL quick). The date is set for next June. I guess I better start saving money now for a gift :)

Can I go back to Florida?

Got in to the office at 10:15 today, found out I had someone waiting for me since 10. No one ever felt the need to MENTION to me that this person was coming, luckily I sorta knew it may be happening.

Doing support for our UK guys for a demo tomorrow. Already 7 their time, so this means that they are probably headed towards panic mode. (Just got an email from them and they are almost there, yay!)

Then to top it all off, ITS SNOWING LIKE A MOFO. Saying 4-6 inches, already been a HUNDRED car pile up down on the South Shore. Going to be a fun 3 hour ride home today.

Can I go back to 80 and sunny please?

Life can be fucked up

Due to the wonderful world of WiFi, I found out this afternoon that I did lose an acquiantance in the Rhode Island tragedy last week. A follow phone call also let me know that another guy that I know pretty well was badly burned in the same incident. It messed with my day pretty bad. I think once I get back to reality, this is going to hit me even harder. I would like the Pickett and the Christina families to know I have both of them very much in my mind right now. If either of these families read this an there is anything I can do, please contact me. Matty and Joe are both people I know on some level and any help I can provide, I am more than willing to.

Being Nice ...

One of the nice things I like about Orlando is that I can be nice to people (saying hello, etc) I see in the hotel and whatever and do not get funny looks :)

Orlando is a Kimmel Free Zone

THIS SUCKS. Jimmy Kimmel Live is NOT ON in Orlando. This sucks. I totally dig Jummy and his show is usually at least interesting to watch. These areas that are not showing Kimmel are claiming that it is too raw or whatever for TV down here, but while flipping through channel I ended up on one of these dating shows and they are talking about boobies not being shown on this date and now the girl was just talking about people getting out of the f'ing passing lane. (hmm, seems to be Jillian (Gillian?) from Fox NFL coverage as the host. How is THIS worse than Kimmel. Bah, Orlando sucks.

WiFi Woo!

Yay! Got my laptop up on WiFi at the BEA eWorld show. Will hopefully get a few chances to post some information as well as pictures today. I do have a full conference pass, but I am not sure I will have time to sneak away to any of the talks. We'll see what happens.

One last quick one

Johnny Cash covering NIN is just WRONG on so many levels.

Orlando Day 1 Wrapup

I made it to Orlando in one piece. After getting up much later than I wanted and having a cab that smelled of gas so bad I thought I was going to be sick, the rest of the trip down actually turned out rather smooth. I actually made it through a whole airport without being stopped once!! Yes, this is amazing for me, I usually get stopped each and every time.

Once getting to the hotel, I called the other person I am down here with and we met up and headed over to the convention center. Setting up the booth was very much the blind leading the blind. Neither of us had set up this booth before (I usually only go to shows when we have the big booth and the Nth Degree guys set up most of that, I just need to set up my machine). We got everything up and running. The Internet connection in the booth was the next challenge. After huntind down where my wire went, I saw that the the hub I was plugged in to wasn't powered on. I flipped on the power strip it was attached to and everything went smoothly from there.

Last night was a reception, so there was beer and food on the floor. Makes it a little easier to deal with people when they have a cocktail in there hand. I bumped in to an Oracle guy I have done some work with and talked with some potential partners. No real hardcore leads so far last night, but we did talk to a few people.

It seems like we have really cool people at the booths around us, which is nice. Will make dealing with the slow points of the day a little easier, rather than just having to talk to the two other people in my booth over and over again. Not that they are bad people or anything, but 10 hours a day together for 4 days, you tend to run out of things to talk about :)

After the show ended, we caught the shuttle back to the hotel, changed and went to dinner. We went to a place in the Mercado, though I don't completely remember the name of it. Neat place, all the waiter and waitresses sing opera-like songs between serving tables. Had some good food and a bottle of wine. Headed back to the hotel, caught up on some email, and then headed to bed.

Slept for shit last night, as I tend to do in unfamiliar beds. Hopefully tonight will mean some better sleep. Ok, I am supposed to meet people in 15 mins and I have yet to shave, iron or shower. Uh oh! I think there is WiFi on the floor (or so the rumor is), so if I get that working, I will be back later, maybe even with some pictures.

Off to see Mickey

Well, actually, just gonna be in his neighborhood. I'm off to Orlando in the morning for work. Hopefully I will have some good Internet connectivity, but if not, I will probably only be around sporadically the next few days. Have a good week all.

Packing ..

I plain suck at packing. I always end up with WAY more than I need. I just finished, well, almost finished and now somehow have like 7 or 8 days worth of outfits for a 4 day, 3 night trip. Ooops. I think I need to go back in and figure out what I REALLY need.

Digital Cable

According to Comcast's web site (who just took over cable in Boston), digital cable it available in my area now. Somehow, I still doubt this, but I sent them an email from their web page and we will see what happens.

If I do FINALLY get digital cable, I will be investing in a TiVo SOON afterwards :)

Number 300 ...

And the posts just keep on coming ....

All I have to say is GODDAMN! This show was HOT!

Don and I arrived at the show around 9:30 or so, there was supposed to be an opening band going on around then, but none was sighted. Finally around 10:50, the band hit the stage. They started off strong and never stopped. They played A LOT of new material that I had not heard before, plus included either 3 or 4 of the six songs available on their live disc.

About the third or fouth song, they did Shake Your Hips and Robert called a number of girls up to the stage to dance with him. He did it again late in the set. I knew at that point we were in for a good time.

About the fifth song of the set, he called 'Lil Joey' from the Blind Boys of Alabama, who played in Sommerville this evening, up to the stage. I thought he would play a song or two and take off. Instead, he stayed for the rest of the show. He added some nice guitar on all the tracks and even some vocals on some.

The strangest thing of the evening was seeing Robert play some normal guitar. He normally plays pedal steel guitar. It was very intersting to see this.

One of the things I love to judge a band on is if they seem to be having fun. These guys look like they are having a BLAST. They were laughing and smiling and just having a good time. Its great to see a band who really LOVES what they are doing. You know they are up there saying to themselves "I get paid for this!".

All in all, an amazing show, glad I went. I definitely hate Lukas and Ethan due to the fact that the Nassau set list looks GREAT, but I had a wonderful time tonight myself, so that lets some of the hate burn off :)


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