This makes me sick

Someone put up a page called Rock Tragedy. When I initially saw this page, I thought it was going to be a tribute to the people who died and were injured in Rhode Island a few weeks ago.

When I got to the page, I was shocked to see it was a page basically saying that the people who died in Rhode Island deserved to die and they died because of their rock n roll lifestyle.

Growing up Catholic, though I don't practice regularly these days, I think it is SICK that someone could use a tragedy like The Station as propaganda to the cause of believing in God. Religious zealots like this make me ill. I have many friends who I go to shows with who head to church every Sunday, without fail.

This bothers me even more now that I know people who were involved in this. Both were very good guys who just loved music, much like I and many of my other friends do.

So, to anyone who thinks using something like this to change people's minds about religion should know, the only change you are going to make in their mind is to turn them away from it even farther.


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