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May Monthly Goals

At the beginning of May, I decided to set a few goals for the month. Figuring this would help me get through the month and try to improve my life. Also, there are some things on here to help me maximize some of the money I spend. So, now that the month is over, I thought I'd do a sort of report card.

Sleep in my bed every night

I am HORRIBLE about sleeping in my bed. Most nights, I just crash out on the couch watching TV. This is bad for my health first off, because I don't sleep comfortably and tend to wake up in the middle of the night and turn the TV back on. I hoped to at least sleep in my bed every week night, on the weekends, its a bit less important to make sure I get a good night's sleep.

Well, I did ok with this. I probably slept in my bed 50% of the time during the week. This is much better than the 0% of the time I was before this month.

Watch 10 DVDs from Netflix

I pay $20/month (about) for this service, I figured I really should maximize this investment. In the recent past, I have been as bad as not getting any new movies over the course of a month. That's just a big waste of money. When you are on a budget like I am, wasting money is VERY bad.

I did pretty good with this. I saw 8 movies this past month (it might have been 6 though, going off the returned date data). Still, pretty good. Gotta keep this up, if not only for maximizing the investment, but to try and get the 400 movies queue down a bit.

Read 3 books

I love reading, but have lost my drive for it, I figured I needed to get back in to this and it would go hand in hand with sleeping in my bed every night. Get myself away from the TV and spend more time enjoying other forms of entertainment.

I did OK with this, but failed a bit. I did finish The DaVinci Code (yeah, a bit late to the party). I should write up some thoughts on that some time soon. I also started Everything's Eventual, though I didn't get far in to that.

Drink less caffeine

I'm a hardcore caffeine drinker. I usually start off with some tea or iced tea in the morning and go straight through almost until dinner drinking caffeine. This affects all sorts of things (like sleep) and I need to cut down.

I did ok with this. Some days better than others. Gotta keep working on this.

Start Exercising

I'm getting old. I turn 30 in a few short months. I need to start treating my body a bit better and one of the things is to start excercising. Even if it's just a few situps and a few pushups. Or maybe even a jog around the block.

Well, I failed miserably here. Didn't even start this.

Post to blog every day

Good to keep up on this for many reasons. This would very much help my writing skills if I could post some good stuff here on a normal basis. Also, it would be nice to keep some readership going (and maybe even add some more).

I started off pretty hot on this, but it fell down as I got busy and went away and such things.

Well, that was May. On to June we go.


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