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Flash 9 for Linux is HERE

Penguin.SWF: Beta Is Live


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I just posted my review of last week's Iron Maiden show over at Boston Metblogs

More Toys

Trying another blogging tool to see how well it works.

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You have to love the Republicans

They have a commercial running here in Massachusetts against the Democratic candidate Deval Patrick which ends with "Can we trust Deval Patrick and one party rule behind closed doors?". Now, isn't that statement a bit ironic considering the current situation in DC?

Alice in King's Jane

From Dave Navarro's site:

Houston was awesome. Perkins and I joined Alice In Chains for a quick "Alice In Jane's" version of Mountain Song. At the end of the Alice set, Jerry, Perk, William, Mike and I rocked it, followed by a version of Man in the Box with King's X singer, Doug Pinnick.

If ANYONE has a tape of this (especially the Dug part), please please point me to it! (anything at skadz.com works)

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Boston Rock Stars: 2nd Chance!

My latest project was getting a web site set up for some of my rock star friends :) It went live tonight, so I give you 2nd Chance!

If you've been around the bars in Boston for a while, these two should look very familiar. They used to play in Central Basement, one of Boston's hottest bands for a very long time.

So now that they have the site up, you better find a night to hit one of their gigs. I highly recommend Thursday's at Ned's. Very chill atmosphere and FREE PIZZA!

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