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So, that would be ...

Eleven Down, Zero to Go.


Thank you, Red Sox

So that makes

Not One Down
Not Two Down
Not Three Down
Not Four Down
Not Five Down
Not Six Down
Not Seven Down
Not Eight Down
Not Nine Down
Ten Down

One More To Go!

Go Sox!

Eminem's Mosh Video

Check it out here.

Nine Down

Two To Go!

Schilling pitched another amazing game. He is a trooper beyond words.

Twenty One!

Some sports other than the Red Sox.

Congratulations to the New England Patriots on their 21st straight victory and setting an NFL record of 18 straight Regular Season victories. Go Pats!

Capital One

Any one else sick of Capital One? I get at least one credit card offer a week from them, which would be all well and good, except there is no chance in hell I could get a new credit card these days. Though, my financial situation is getting better by the minute, if Capital One took one second to glance at my credit report, they would know that they wouldn't even consider me for a credit card right now. It's amazing to me that a company can waste so much money trying to get me to get a credit card which I can't get.

Network Manager

Another program I started playing with some this weekend is NetworkManager. It's a program to automagically figure out where to connect and try and be smart about it.

The best part about this program is what it will be able to do in the future. It is built on top of DBUS and HAL. This means that once applications get smarter, it will be able to do things like send a signal that it is going to change networks, have all your applications go offline, then when it is back up, send another signal and have all your applications come back up.

The only problem with this right now is that it seems like the IPW2100 driver doesn't seem to give the correct information on signal, so I can't tell what the signal is like on any of these connections. Doesn't matter much for my home connection, but would be nice when I was out in the "wild".

Feedster Claims

GAIM and AIM Problems?

Anyone else having trouble connecting to AOL Instant Messanger via GAIM this morning? Seems to have started last night and has continued this morning.


Though I have been a big user and tried helping out a lot with Straw, an aggregator for Gnome, the recent fall off in development and a number of big annoyances in the latest code has made me look around some for other aggregators.

Yesterday, Mikael announced a new version of Blam!, an aggregator for Gnome witten in Mono. It looked interesting, so I decided to take a look.

So far, I like it. It's still missing a lot of features I am used to in Straw, but it is getting there slowly. Since I started playing with it and saw a lot of these missing features, I started bugging it up. Hopefully some of these features will get implemented soon and I will be able to make this my default aggregator.

Eight Down

Three To Go.

Dear TV ....

Some day, I would hope you would finally figure out that a MLB Playoff or World Series Game will run a lot longer than 3 hours. This is ESPECIALLY true when it's the first game and there are 30 mins of introductions before the actual game.


I set my freakin TiVo to record the times set plus an hour and a half and it STILL went over.

This will have to be played

later this week ....

The Fox Sports drinking game

CB Out

Central Basement have announced that they will be doing a farewell show at The Rack on Saturday, December 4th.

I've known about this for a while now, so it didn't come as any surprise to me. I'm sad to see them calling it quits, but after talking to them, I totally understand their reasoning. Hopefully, this will lead to bigger and brighter things for all of them.


FOUR TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Johnny Jesus comes back to life!

MVP Papi!

HOLY SHNIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WORLD SERIES BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Six Down

Five to Go!!!

KEEP THE FAITH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Francona's Comment of the Night

"Schill's pitch count may be 180"

That would be scary.

Four and oh yeah Five Down

Six to go


Rock Stars Can't Drive

Sounds like Clapton has been taking driving lessons from Billy Joel.

Clapton clocked at 216km/h:

ERIC Clapton won't be driving in France for a while. Police said today (AEST) they clocked the rock star speeding down a highway at 216km/h and suspended his license.

Phish Documentary

Vermont Public Radio will broadcast a Phish documentary on Wednesday October 27th from 7PM to 8PM. Looks like this will be cool. And you can listen to it from their web site.

Pigeons wants to be just like Tux

or maybe they want to be associated with another OS. But they sure want to be geeks.

The Great Pigeon Debacle of 2004

Me Worry? Never....

It's seems like there are many in the Red Sox Nation today freaking out a bit. I am not one of them. Let's just go over this a bit:

a) Moose pitched an INCREDIBLE game. Do you really think the Yankees are going to get that good a performance the rest of this series? Even if Mussina pitches again?
b) Schilling looked like shit. I don't say that lightly, but he did. Do you think that is going to happen twice? If he can't go again, we get DLowe, not a bad backup.
c) We scored 7 runs on a team that got our first 19 batters out. We did it with 8 outs left in the game. That's just incredible.
d) Everyone was a little out of practice. No games since Friday is a long time for a team that is used to playing every day. Once they warmed up, we saw the Sox we all knew and loved.
e) Damon had one of his worst offensive games of this season. Do you expect him to strike out 4 times every night? I sure don't.
f) It's ONE FUCKING game people, relax. Did you really think we were going to win 11 straight?


Congratulations to Wendy and Joey who got engaged over the weekend!

Superman's Dead

Well, we got our wish

Here come the Yankees.

Images of the Day

From Boston Dirt Dogs

And from today's Herald:

Three down

Eight to go



Ms. GG is on her way to come visit GGG. Too many G's.

Two Down

Nine to go.

Rocktober 2004: Voting on the Mind

Jambase, an incredible site about the jam band scene, is running a feature where each day in October another musician in the scene answers the following questions:

  • Why is it important to vote?
  • Is this election any different than elections past?
  • Do politics have a place in music? Why or why not?


Stern on Sirius

Howard Stern to Move to Satellite Radio:

Howard Stern, one of the most popular U.S. radio personalities, on Wednesday said he will broadcast his show on Sirius Satellite Radio Inc. beginning in 2006, after being dropped earlier this year from several stations that objected to his often off-color humor.

Now you can watch Sirius's stock fly! This should be real interesting for satelite radio.

Maybe now he will get some respect

Incredible comedian Rodney Dangerfield died at 82 yesterday. RIP.

One Down

Ten to Go

Handiman Skadz!

My toilet has been in some major need of repair for the last few months. It both leaked from the screws holding the tank to the bowl and it was leaking at the flapper valve and running constantly. So, I finally made the trip down to the hardware store and bought the parts I needed today.

Taking the one remaining screw holding the tank on to the bowl turned out to be a much harder task than it originally looked to be. Once that was done, I pulled the toilet apart, installed the new screws, installed the new flapper and filled the tank. Well, tried to, water went everywhere. I then realized the err of my ways, fixed the screws, reattached the bowl and woot! the toilet is now working as it is supposed to.

Next step is to give it a good scrubbing.


If you aren't watching Lost, you should be, it's been excellent so far. And I just don't say that because she is incredibly hot.

Hide your women and children, Joey (aka the Accordion Guy) is heading to Boston


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