Me Worry? Never....

It's seems like there are many in the Red Sox Nation today freaking out a bit. I am not one of them. Let's just go over this a bit:

a) Moose pitched an INCREDIBLE game. Do you really think the Yankees are going to get that good a performance the rest of this series? Even if Mussina pitches again?
b) Schilling looked like shit. I don't say that lightly, but he did. Do you think that is going to happen twice? If he can't go again, we get DLowe, not a bad backup.
c) We scored 7 runs on a team that got our first 19 batters out. We did it with 8 outs left in the game. That's just incredible.
d) Everyone was a little out of practice. No games since Friday is a long time for a team that is used to playing every day. Once they warmed up, we saw the Sox we all knew and loved.
e) Damon had one of his worst offensive games of this season. Do you expect him to strike out 4 times every night? I sure don't.
f) It's ONE FUCKING game people, relax. Did you really think we were going to win 11 straight?


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