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Jeff Buckley Tribute & More!

Got nothing to do for Halloween night? Come see some great musical tributes. Head over to Hennessey's Upstairs to see:

Joe Carson Band as Jeff Buckley
Girls Guns and Glory as Ryan Adams
Cassavettes as Neil Young
28 Degrees Taurus as The Velvet Underground
The Main Drag as Elliot Smith

Doors are at 8:30. I've see the guys do the Jeff Buckley Tribute before and it is incredible.

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So I heard Adam Curry mention Pussy: The Musical on the DSC. He even played the opening song last week some time. So, I finally decided to head over and subscribe. Well I am sure glad I did. Two episodes in and it's hilarious thus far. You should check it out!

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It's not a victory

without a jig


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Foo Fighters are the musical guest and play once, Jon Bon Jovi is the host and Bon Jovi plays twice. WTF?

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Happy Birthday OpenOffice.org!

Wow, OpenOffice.org turns 7 today.

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Good? Bad? Who knows?

I have been noticing recently that my MacBook Pro power cord is starting to fall apart near the brick (the thin part). Seems to be from the wrapping it up like I am supposed to.

I started looking in to getting a new one today and they are $80!! Yowzers. I also looked at most of the reviews and they ALL complain about the same issue. Rather than paying $80 for something that is just going to break again in less than a year, I decided I would first try and get a free one out of Apple (with my support contract).

Before I even got to this, I saw this article on Apple Insider (which I wasn't subscribed to, add that to NNW) about how Apple is supposedly redesigning the power supply and there should be a new one by next month some time.

So, this puts me in an interesting situation. Do I hope and pray that my current power supply will last me the next 3 or 4 weeks and then try and get a replacement (or just by a new one at that point if new ones are really that much better) OR do I just bite the bullet and not risk losing my laptop for the time I am waiting to get a new one?

Hmmmm, decisions decisions decisions.

Posting this with MarsEdit. I have a bunch of feature requests for them that I keep thinking of. Need to blog about them before I forget. Using this as a reminder to myself.

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