Good? Bad? Who knows?

I have been noticing recently that my MacBook Pro power cord is starting to fall apart near the brick (the thin part). Seems to be from the wrapping it up like I am supposed to.

I started looking in to getting a new one today and they are $80!! Yowzers. I also looked at most of the reviews and they ALL complain about the same issue. Rather than paying $80 for something that is just going to break again in less than a year, I decided I would first try and get a free one out of Apple (with my support contract).

Before I even got to this, I saw this article on Apple Insider (which I wasn't subscribed to, add that to NNW) about how Apple is supposedly redesigning the power supply and there should be a new one by next month some time.

So, this puts me in an interesting situation. Do I hope and pray that my current power supply will last me the next 3 or 4 weeks and then try and get a replacement (or just by a new one at that point if new ones are really that much better) OR do I just bite the bullet and not risk losing my laptop for the time I am waiting to get a new one?

Hmmmm, decisions decisions decisions.

Posting this with MarsEdit. I have a bunch of feature requests for them that I keep thinking of. Need to blog about them before I forget. Using this as a reminder to myself.


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