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Eddie is Coming

Iron Maiden is headed to Boston. They are playing Agganis Arena on Oct. 06, 2006. I'll be there.

Flash 9 for Linux???

So, anyone out there have a clue if Adobe is planning on coming out with a Flash 9 for Linux? It sucked that we never got a Flash 8 (since some sites now require it) and it will be even worse if we don't get a 9. So, anyone out there have a contact at Adobe to let us Linux folks know what is going on out there??

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Test From Flock

Playing around with Flock some this evening and wanted to see how the postng interface does.  So, here we go.

Blogged with Flock

Damn you AMC Theatres

I am getting more and more annoyed daily that there are no showtimes for Clerks 2 out yet. I was really hoping to hit a midnight showing on Thursday or something, but without tickets even being available yet, I have no clue of when I may be able to see this movie. Damnit! Come on AMC, give me the info so I can plan (a first for me ;)

Almost Here

Tivo Enhancement: Exception Lists

This is going to be the first in what I hope is a series of enhancements I would like to see TiVo make in the future. Some are annoyances, some are missing features, etc.

So, the first one has to do with TiVo WIshlists. One of the things I have set up is Wishlists for a number of actors. This is an AWESOME feature which is something I really value. The problem? I've seen much of what comes up in these wishlists and I would rather the Tivo not record these things again and again. So, what I would like to see is an exception list within a wishlist. So, something like I want to see everything from Chris Rock, except the Chris Rock Show, which I have seen all of already. Make the exception list something that could have multiple things in it, so if there are multiple movies or whatever I have seen over and over, I can add all of those to the exception list.

So, there's the first one. Hopefully, I will do a few of these in the next little bit.

All Too True


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