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Lessons Learned From Running In The Cold

Went out for a run this morning, it's currently 26 out according to my weather monitor. I live right on the water, so its probably a few degrees colder. Also, its very windy out and one of the weather sites says 12 with the wind chill. It is very sunny out though :)

Lesson #1: I need to wear gloves when running in this cold. My hands were ice cold and starting to numb. I need a new pair of gloves anyways. Probably should buy two, one for running, one for normal use.

Lesson #2: I probably should get a hat to wear. My ears were cold, though nowhere near as bad as my hands. They also say that you lose most of your heat through your head, so probably good to cover it up. I should get a wool cap or two just for running, so I don't sweat up ones I want to wear out.

Lesson #3: I need to watch my pace in the cold. I ran way faster than I normally do. Usually I run about a 7:35/mi or so. Today I was averaging about a 7 min/mi. Was hurting real bad real quick. Stopped early and the cold made the cool down walk very unhappy.

Other than that, good to get a run in. May have to go for another short one tomorrow since it doesn't look like Monday is going to be very conducive to running with the sleet and the snow and all that. Also, looks like I will need a store run early this week to get some more equipment.


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