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Foo Fighters are the musical guest and play once, Jon Bon Jovi is the host and Bon Jovi plays twice. WTF?

Sports Overload

I'm feeling a little overwhelmed with sports today. On TV, we had 2 1PM football games, 1 4PM football game, the Red Sox final regular season game and a NASCAR chase race. On the computer, I had 2 fantasy football trackers going and 1 fantasy baseball tracker going. Within the fantasy baseball tracker, I was paying attention to my childhood team the NY Mets who were trying (and failing :( ) to get one of the final post-season spots in the National League.

I REALLY would like to be watching my Giants on NBC right now but between Fox's Sunday night shows and the season premieres of Dexter and Brotherhood. I considered going down to the bar to watch the game and see the guys play for a bit, but I know I need to be up at 6:30 for a downtime window (and I don't trust myself to leave at the end of the game :)

So, been a lot of sports today. The craziness will continue tomorrow. First, we have the Red Sox Rally in Gov't Center (with the Dropkick Murphy's playing!). I doubt I will make it to that, as I have this thing that always interferes with my social life, work, but you never know. If I get in early enough, I may try to sneak over.

Then, we have Monday Night Football with the Patriots facing the Bengals. Can the Pats score 38 this week? :)

Luckily, Tuesday is a sports free night, so my brain can recover :)

Funny Music References on TV

I was watching Californication, the other night and was rather amused when Henry Rollins' character (or was he just playing himself) mentioned the books that Hank Moody (David Duchovny's character) had written during their interview. The books were South of Heaven, Seasons in the Abyss, and God Hates Us All. I found this rather amusing as these are all titles of Slayer albums. I wonder if this was Rollins' idea or if this was something one of the writers actually wrote in.

Why Entourage Rules

"Old Johnny Boy is going to take you to a place even a one eyed leper can get laid .... Craigslist" - Johnny Drama

I need drugs like this

So I am watching some TiVo and hit play to return to my show and hear the end of a commercial that strikes me as something odd to hear on a commercial, so I rewind and actually watch the commercial. Again, I hear the same thing, so I decide to write it down because I found it rather interesting.

Everyone has heard about Restless Leg Syndrome, one of these things that seems to be "all the rage" these days. Well, there is now a drug on the market called Mirapex. While talking about side effects they tell you to contact your doctor:

"If you experience increased gambling, sexual or other intense urges."

Gambling and Sexual urges are a side effect? I would say they should market it FOR those purposes :)

This article over at says:

Kevin Smith will direct an episode of Heroes: Origins, the short-run spinoff series of NBC's popular Heroes, it was announced in a panel at Comic-Con International in San Diego, Calif., on July 28. Smith joined the cast and producers of Heroes on stage during a portion of a panel dedicated to the show. "This is going to be fun, and I'm very flattered, and it's quite an honor," he said.

This should be SUPER cool. Being a big fan of both Kevin Smith and Heroes makes this a perfect combination for me. Smith being a huge comic book fan should make this a great fit for him. We will probably see a very dialogue heavy and minimal special effects episode knowing Smith, but who knows?

Kevin seems to be taking TV by storm. Between this and directing the pilot of Reaper, he is going to have a lot on the tube this fall. I can't wait to see Reaper and am psyched that it got picked up, but hope that it will continue to be as good as the pilot is supposed to be without Smith at the helm. I guess we will just have to wait and see.

As always, if you are a fan of Kevin Smith, you really should be reading My Boring-Ass Life, Kevin's blog. He used to do daily posting of everything that was going on in his life, but has trimmed it down to more of an event based blog than anything else these days. And if you don't know how to (or just don't feel like reading), you can listen to Kevin and uber-producer Scott Mosier on SMODcast, their weekly podcast.

Amazon & TiVo

Announcement from Tivo & Amazon that you will be able to download movies from Amazon to your Tivo for either rental or to buy. Sweet!

Thank You FOX

FOX did something smart tonight which I hope continues for the season. Instead of having TV planned for 7 or 7:30, they had the game scheduled to go to 7:30 and then had a post-game show until 8. That means that no matter how late the game went (unless it SOMEHOW went past 8) that the normal Sunday night shows will start on time. This is a WELCOME change for TiVo users like myself, who used to get screwed over on many of the Sundays where FOX had either a double header or just a late game.

So, thank you FOX!

TV Overload Overload

A few months back, my buddy Keith told me he would be giving me his 50" projection TV. He had gotten a new HD flatscreen and didn't need the huge projection TV anymore. Lucky for him and I, I lived downstairs from him and it was a roll down the hall and a quick elevator ride.

When the new TV arrived, I hooked my old TV up in my bedroom. I just hooked it up directly to the cable line, which in the end gave me about 10 viable channels (not viable being PBS type stations, QVC type stations, foreign language stations, etc).

I'm terrible in that I fall asleep on my couch most nights with the TV on in the background, usually watching something on the TiVo I have seen 100 times before. When I first got the TV in my bedroom, I thought it would be great to getting me to sleep in my bedroom every night. The problem quickly became the 10 channels. Once Jimmy Kimmel ended, there wasn't much on the TV and I would end up flipping for 20 mins and usually ending up on something stupid.

Well, today, I finally began the process to fix that problem. First, I called Comcast and asked them to bring me a second cable box. Since I already have the cable connection, this should be pretty straightforward. And for once, I was lucky and they actually have open appointments for this Saturday. So, on Saturday, the first part will be fixed, I will go from 10 channels to 100s of channels :)

At the same time, 100s of channels could cause even more flipping, which just keeps one up late at night. So, I went through with part 2 of the TV in the bedroom plan and ordered a new TiVo for the bedroom. Now that the hardware is free, this was very quick and easy and most importantly CHEAP.

So, by this time next week, I should have a cable box and a TiVo in my bedroom. This means a) I will be able to record MUCH more programming and second, I will always have something to watch when I fall asleep at night :) Yay for technology :)

AI Girls Again

If I had to make a call, I think Melissa and Kinnik are going home tonight. I just think they had the weakest performances. We'll see. I'm 3 for 4 so far ;)

Jon Stewart at the Oscars

This article talks about how Jon Stewart got a lukewarm response from the crowd. I was complaining throughout the show last night that the audience was lame. I thought Stewart did a great job. I thought he put forward his typical Daily Show type of comedy which has always been rather hilarious. It is sad that Hollywood can't stop and laugh at themselves.

AI Girls Week 2

Gonna have to go with Brenna and Heather getting voted off this week. Those were the weakest performances in my opinion.

AI Girls

As the bottom 2 go, my pick for the bottom two would go to Stevie and Brenna. I think Stevie has some talent and just picked the wrong song tonight, but I just think her performance tonight is going to kill her. Brenna on the other hand, seems to be a bitch and I thought her performance was horrible, so I think she deserves to go.

Monkey Business

I was going to write somethin gup this week about good shows on television that people probably aren't watching. One of the ones I was going to highlight was Love Monkey.

Love Monkey initially filled a hole on the TiVo. It looked like an interesting show, but I figured I would see how it was. Well, after the first episode, I was totally hooked. The show is all about a record company A&R guy. The great part about this? The music on the show is constant and there are lots of musical references. Being a bit of a music geek, this made me fall in love with the show.

I thought it had some great comedic moments. I thought Tom Cavanagh did a great job of portraying the quirky lead character. I also though there were some great co-stars who definitely added something to the show. And did I mention the music?

The show also featured a kid named Teddy Geiger. His song Confidence seems to be hitting the radio airwaves right now. He had some great moments in the show playing some tunes, all of which I would assume are on his album coming out soon. I'm going to have to pick that up. Almost reminds me of a young John Mayer.

Well, as I was thinking about this, I heard a rather sad thing. I guess this show has had rather lackluster ratings (why? I have no clue). Well, CBS has gone and put the show on hiatus. Sucks. Seems like this has happened with a few shows I have liked recently. I hope CBS tries again with this show, I definitely enjoyed it.

And speaking of, anyone read the book this is based on?

Blade TV is a Go!

I wrote about 6 months ago about a Spike TV exploring a Blade TV series. Well, it was initially set up as a 2 hour movie to see how it would go. Well, SciFi Wire is reporting that the TV series has been greenlit for 13 episodes. I hope this is as good as it could be and not a total cheese fest.

Victory is His!

Goodbye West Wing

So, it was announced this week that The West Wing would be ending once this season ended. It will end with the election of a new president. I have mixed feelings about this. Though I turned in to a huge West Wing fan late in the game (Thanks Bravo!), I really enjoyed it. I have probably seen most of the episodes from the first 4 or 5 sesasons at least twice, if not 4 or 5 times. Even after seeing them so many times, I will regularly throw on an episode my TiVo picked up in TiVo suggestions.

At the same time, the last few seasons have been iffy. This current season, I have not been watching unless The Simpsons are not on or are a repeat. I've seen a few episodes and it seems like maybe this season has rebounded some, but in its current time slot, you knew it was headed for the end of its run.

This season also suffered a huge setback in losing John Spencer to a heart attack. It was a very sad incident of life imitating art, as Leo (John's character) had a heart attack last seasson.

In the end, I hope Bravo keeps running The West Wing for many years, as it is always an interesting show to watch. Even in the iffy times, it would still hold my attention most times.

I have to say though, the West Wing comment of the week came from Stephen Colbert of the Colbert Report when The West Wing was mentioned on his show this week, he said something along the lines of: The West Wing? Wasn't that some sort of John Kerry fan fiction?


John Spencer, Leo on the West Wing, died yesterday.

This is shocking to me and rather sad, I always loved his portrayal of Leo on the West Wing.

Touring Reality TV (Part 1)

So, while hanging out in the parking lot before BSC, Don and I started talking about how they should make a reality TV show about some kids on tour.

I want to say that there was a movie or a documentary made about this, maybe it was even a TV documentary. Anyone have any clues of what I might be thinking of?

It's always interesting to sit back in the lot and watch the tour kids. You know in the back of your head that most of them are funded by wealthy parents, but at the same time, it is really interesting to see how they support themselves while on tour.

Most sell something. Usually, not drugs contrary to popular belief. You get a lot of folks selling food of some sort. You start out with the real food like grilled cheese or veggie burritos (both touring kids favorites), then get in to the more "drug related" food. Things like goo balls or magic brownies. Others sell liquid like water, gatorade, beer. For a small markup from the store price, they can probably do pretty good on this. And I doubt they are checking IDs on the beer purchases :) The more entrepreneurial kids will push it even farther. Kids in the lot this weekend were selling Mai Tais and Jaeger shots :)

After food, you get in to the arts and crafts. This also has ranges. You start off with T-shirts or maybe tapestries. Then you get in to the jewelry, hemp necklases and stuff. After that comes the glass (for tobacco smoking only of course). Some kids even sell posters, dresses, veils, etc. This category goes far and wide.

Lastly, of course, you have the folks selling drugs. It's not too hard to get anything you'd like in the parking lot of a tour. I still remember one lot where I most have gotten passed ten times with people mumbling the available drugs they had under their breath as they walked by.

OK, back to work for now, but more on this later ....

Blade TV Series

Saw this article on Sci Fi Wire talking about a Blade TV Series. Supposedly David S. Goyer, the Batman Begins screenwriter, is producing it. It's going to be on Spike TV next June as their first original dramatic series. I loved the first Blade movie, thought the second one sucked and thought the third one did a decent job of redeeming the trilogy. It will be real interesting to see what they do with a series. I think it could go either way. It could potentially be very repetetive and get boring real fast or they could really advance the plot. I wonder if they will base any of the stories off the comics or if these will be all original.

Say Hello, Say Goodbye

Coronaboy has great wrap up of what TV shows are being added and dropped for next season's line-up.

Biggest disappointment for me is the loss of Committed, I really dug that show.

MPAA Going After TV BT Sites

Just saw this article on CNET.

This bothers me.

Let's start here:

a) If I record a TV show with my VCR, make 2 copies and hand them to friends, that's legal, right? Then what if they take that copy and make 2 more copies each, that's still legal, right? Then why is it illegal for some to do this digitally and pass it around?

b) If you want to go after these sites, fine, then MAKE AN ALTERNATIVE. Guess what, I only own one TiVo, if two shows I like are on at the same time, I can only record one of them. So, how do I watch both? I'd have no problem paying someone to let me download the show. Make it $1 a show or even make a subscription service. Hell, hook it right up to my TiVo, so I can grab things right off the net to my TiVo and watch it on my TV. Isn't this a totally viable market for television shows? I mean, they are doing it with movies, a 45 minute TV show is going to be a quicker download and you are probably going to get more customers. Why fight a war when you can take advantage of the technology out there and make it a new revenue stream? I just plain don't understand this.

Oh no! Not an expletive!

This whole story about an expletive getting through on SNL is utterly ridiculous. First of all, this is on late at night. If the whole idea is to "protect the children", their parents should be protecting them a lot more by sending them to bed before midnight on a Saturday night. If this is to not offend people, they shouldn't be watching SNL to begin with. Half the skits on SNL have a lot more lude content than one little curse word. It's just dumb that this is even an issue.

New Crush

My crush of the day is most definitely Jennifer Morrison from House. She's way too cute.

Happy Days are here again!

Family Guy is BACK! I see now Fox has put up The Quahog Informant to keep us all informed. Last night's episode was just hilarious. The we've been cancelled to make room for .... bit at the beginning had me rolling on the floor. And the return to prime time of GI Joe! Just hilarious through and through.

Good Vibrations

Can someone teach the CTU agents to use vibrate on their cellphones?

No more celebrity games

Ok, I have to admit, I like watching poker on TV, its fun to watch people's strategies or lack there of. It can get slow at times, but otherwise, it can be enjoyable.

Now, Bravo has announced Celebrity Pool. Come on now! Do I really need to watch celebrities play pool? Is there ANY chance this is going to be enjoyable?

CNN wants to be me!

Just days after I posted about Terry O'Quinn, has am article about him. They want to be me!

From General to Island Inhabitant

I've been watching The West Wing on Bravo and currently watching last season. I've noticed a face that has become familiar to me on this season's TV and got a kick out of it.

Terry O'Quinn played General Nicholas Alexander on a few epidoes of WW last season. Now he plays Locke on Lost.

I dig him on Lost and have a theory he is somehow involved in what is happening (watching the way he seems to be manipulating a number of folks) and like to see him in a role that I am not used to seeing him in.

In the closet

An article on about Tom Poston who plays the clown in the closet on Committed. If you aren't watching this show, you should be. It's VERY funny. Very quirky, random, crazy humor.

You MUST be kidding me

I heard something earlier in the week about this, but figured it just couldn't be true. Well, it is. For their Super Bowl preview show, the best DAMN Sports Show Period changed their named to the Best DARN Super Bowl Road Show. You MUST MUST MUST be kidding me. They switched damn to darn for who? Was this really necessary? So sad the days we live in.

Now you know when they will return

Premiere Date for new Family Guy announced!!!

Get your Tivo ready for Sunday, May 1st at 9PM.


WWE Takes a shot at just about everybody

One of my guiltiest pleasures is watching WWE wrestling on Monday nights. Tonight's show started off with a bang, taking shots at ABC, the NFL, the NBA, the FCC and all the other nonsense going on these days. A trranscript of sorts:

Shelton Benjamin in wrestling gear grabs his belt, turns and looks VERY surprised and says "Trish"

Camera shows, naked bottom of legs, comes up to Trish Stratus in a towel, brushing her hair

TS: "Hey Shelton"

SB: "What are you doing here?"

TS: "Oh me? I was just taking a long hot shower. And where are you off to looking so pretty?"

SB: "Monday Night Raw? I got a six man tag match, William and Eugene need me"

TS: "Wh-Wh-What about my needs? What about Trish?"

SB: "Oh sugar, don't worry, you'll find somebody else. I mean you are the biggest slut of raw"

TS: "You're so uptight" Throws brush over shoulder "You need to loosen up and I know just how" Starts to take off towel ...

Vince McMahon (angry): "What the hell is going on here?"

Vince(stunned, almost stuttering): "It's a woman in a towel. I mean, this is uncontienable. This is scandalous. I can see the moral fabric of America disintegrating right before my very eyes. The sexual overtones, the racial overtones"

SB: Excuse me?

VM: Well, Shelton, you may not realize this, but you're an African American, And everybody knows, African Americans are attracted to Canadian white women with broken noses. Now, I'm sorry, but the FCC is not going to tolerate this and neither will I. I mean I'm not going to have a locker room full of miscreants and deviants. This is the WWE. This is not the NFL and it damned sure is not the NBA. Because of this kind of sexual titilation will send you and other professional wrestlers in to the stands to attack the audience. And if that were to happen, that would be the downfall of civilization as we know it.

SB: You know what? You really need to lighten up

VM: But I have a board of directors to answer to. Somehow has to uphold the virture .... Is he gone?

TS: Yup.

Trish drops the towel (queue Monday Night Football Music) and jumps in to Vince's arms.

VM: My God! Ohh. Oh yeah!

(try to make out, but can't because of Trish's nose guard)

VM: Are you ready for some wrestling???

Dear TV ....

Some day, I would hope you would finally figure out that a MLB Playoff or World Series Game will run a lot longer than 3 hours. This is ESPECIALLY true when it's the first game and there are 30 mins of introductions before the actual game.


I set my freakin TiVo to record the times set plus an hour and a half and it STILL went over.


If you aren't watching Lost, you should be, it's been excellent so far. And I just don't say that because she is incredibly hot.

West Wing 5!!!

Noticed on TiVo this evening, West Wing season 5 started on Bravo today! Most likely you will be able to see all of last season before this season starts for a nice refresher course :)

VMA Ramblings

Is Bruce Willis hanging out with P Diddy now to try and impress Demi?

Christina went from today's type of slut to an old school 20's slut, interesting

Dave Chappelle was greatly underused.

Missed Opportunity for Joke #1: Nick Lachey to Paris Hilton: "You look a lot less green in person"

Missed Opportunity for Joke #2: Whichever Olsen twin was in rehab: "Who's got my 8ball?"

Shaq looks like he is enjoying Miami

I totally commend MTV for all their pushing for people to vote

Why did people boo the Kerry and Bush kids? What exactly was the point of this?

Couldn't they have had Phish as the final band? I think that would have been great.

Failure before it even starts

Jaosn Alexander (from Seinfeld, not Britney's ex-husband) and Malcom Jamal Warner have a new TV sitcom coming to CBS this fall. Saw a commercial for it tonight. Who wants to start a pool on how long it lasts. I give it 6 episodes. Though, CBS has had a lacking schedule for a while, so maybe it will last much longer.

Dave & Trey Go To Africa

Anyone see Dave and Trey on VH1's (inside)Out?

It was a very cool special. Not only did it show lots of interesting music collaboration, but also showed some great stories and information about Africa.

The thing that struck me most was definitely the musical collaboration. Watching people who couldn't even speak the same language being able to sit down and play together and make some great music was just incredible.

It's also inspired me to re-double my guitar playing and musical efforts. I really want to get to the level where I can sit down with just about anyone and play and have fun and really enjoy music. I love music so much as a listener, now I really want to be able to jump in the fray and enjoy it from the otherside and hopefully give joy to others.


You gotta love Whoopi. First off, she calls her production company One Ho Productions. Then her tv show, which doesn't seem to get a lot of press or anything is DAMN funny. It's all about today's issues. Last week was gay marriage, this week was the elderly. Lots of social commentary. She even from time to time shows both sides of any issue. Very much a fun show to watch and one I laugh at a lot.

Bart's Chalkboard

Spongebob is not a contraceptive

West Wing ..

It seems like the West Wing is finally getting back to a working formula. The last 2 episodes have focused more on the staff and gotten the focus off the president. They seem to be adding the humor back in as well (Danny leaving the "Bawk bawk bawk" message). It's nice to see such a good show which flailed for a bit after losing Sorkin starting to get back to the great show it used to be and hopefully will continue to be.

Reality TV

I've pretty much given up on reality TV, but watched My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiance tonight. Very funny. Starting out with the guy wearing white socks with his tux all the way through to him yelling the girl's name while sitting in the hot tub drinking straight from a bottle of wine. I think it will wear quickly, but so far, so good.

West Wing Humor

I really liked tonight's West Wing, but I think they need to get the humor back. It's such a good show, but half of the reason it is is though it's a drama, you still laugh a bunch during each episode. That has been missing this season. Tonight's was VERY dramatic, but I hardly even giggled, where I've had epiosdes where I laugh the whole time. The removal of the focus from the president tonight was also VERY refreshing.

TV and Sleep

Dave says "Last night's West Wing was excellent. Worth watching twice." Argh. I knew it seemed good, but I watched it while half asleep and then deleted it off the TiVo. Dumb sleepy me.

Season Four!!

Yay! Just saw a commercial on Bravo that season four of West Wing is starting up on January 4th.

West Wing Weekend

The real WWW :) Bravo is showing a West Wing marathon today and tomorrow. The TiVo is all set up to tape them all, so I will be spending lots of time on my couch watching the first 16 or so episodes. Though I've seen them all in the last 2 months or so, it will be fun to see them all again.

A little too far on the fashion

Heard on Queer Eye this evening: "These jeans have a special treatment on them, so they stay wrinkled" or something like that. I have a treatment like that too, its called, throw them in a ball on the floor.

WW Season 1 DVD


Yet ANOTHER one for the Wishlist.

The White Wayans

Great comment by DL Hughley on Jimmy Kimmel last night. If you don't watch the show, Jimmy has both his Uncle Frank and his cousin Sal as members of the show. Well, DL tonight goes "Yeah, I met your Uncle Frank and your cousin Sal, you're like the white Wayans!"

The Not So Fab 4

New show: 'Straight Plan for the Gay Man'

This should be amusing. They should get Matt & Trey from South Park to work on it, as they did a great job of doing a parody of Queer Eye on South Park a few weeks back.

Forget Dumb & Dumber ...

How about dumbest? Jessica Simpson to get own series

My favorite quote from the article: "We're looking forward to developing the ideal showcase for her considerable talents."

So, this is going to be on Playboy or something? I mean her only talents I can see are being so ridiculously dumb that it's hilarious and she's got a nice rack :) So, is she going to run around naked saying stupid shit?


Fox cancels 'Skin' after three airings

Not terribly unexpected. Though the first episode was pretty good, this show definitely had one season only written all over it and the second 2 shows were pretty much re-hashes of the first show.

At least I don't have this source of stress

Study: 'Oprah' Fans More Likely To Be Stressed

I really hope that Jimmy Kimmel picks up on this, as he loves Oprah so.

More waiting

I almost posted yesterday about how I could not understand how people waited a whole summer between seasons two and three of the West Wing. I saw the last episode of season two last night which ended in the President giving his speec after disclosing he has MS. It was an amazing episode and left with a wonderful cliffhanger. I just wanted to fast forward 24 hours so I could see the next episode (which are playing on Bravo). Well, tonight, as soon as I was about 20 minutes in to the show, I started it up, so I could fast forward through the commercials. One problem. Between season 2 and season 3 of the West Wing, 9/11 happened. Well, because of that, the first episode of the West Wing was a special episode about terrorism and things. So, now, I have to wait another 24 hours before I can end the hanging cliff. No fun.

Randolph on UPN ...

Not sure if I just didn't notice this in the past or what, but just saw a commercial for UPN and the background music was none other than Robert Randolph and the Family Band! It was the song Going in the Right Direction from the album Unclassified.

Very cool for him. Not that it gets him a lot of exposure, but at least it will be some extra (and some extra cash :). Anyone who is in to good jam band type music who doesn't own this CD yet, should definitely go right out and buy it. Robert and crew put together a good mix of rock, jazz, soul and gospel and throw in a bunch of jamming to just put together a great sound that is a lot of fun to listen to. And if you have the opportunity, DEFINITELY go see them live!

Reverse It!

Red Sox faithful receive a TV tribute

HBO will be showing a special at 10PM this evening on the Curse of the Bambino. Sounds like they have a lot of Boston natives in it to talk about the curse. These people inclue Ben Affleck (the narrator), Dennis Leary, Stephen Wright, and Robert Parker.

From the article it says it will focus on the pain the fans have endured over the 85 years since 1918. I think we are all sitting around hoping that pain will go away this October, but who knows.

If you can't catch it tonight, Yahoo's TV listing for Comcast Digital has it on many more times this week.

Bad Fox Bad Bad Bad

No cookie for you!

They moved Boston Public to FREAKIN FRIDAY. Can someone please send me a TiVo please so I might actually see this once this season?

Thanks Homer

From The Simpsons:

"I thought cats were just for losers in apartments"

Hey! I resemble that remark!

Remote Control Redux

I posted this almost 5 months ago. I have gotten a couple of comments with people having the same problem. Well, while in SF this week, I got a much better comment, the fix. I guess it just shows another cool thing that comes of blogging.

The devil known as TV

I am way too addicted to TV. I have noticed it more and more now that I have hundreds of channels. I can always find something to watch. Sadly, half the time, it is the same movie I watched the day before and a few days ago. I really need to break this habit.

I've started to notice some patterns now. Watching TV starts out all innocent. I decide to watch the Sox game or turn it on while eating dinner. Whatever the original purpose is, it ends, the game ends, dinner ends, etc, but the TV stays. It says find something else to keep me on. I end up flipping through the movie channels most likely, as its the summer and no new (well, at least no new GOOD) shows are on. I find a few movies that pique my interest. The list is usually something like this: one movie I want to see, but it started 30 mins beforehand, one movie that is pretty new to cable, so I watched it the day before, but I could watch again, one old movie, which is really a bad movie, but at least will keep me occuppied for a bit. I pick one of the second two usually. Start watching. The movie ends and the cycle repeats. Cycle doesn't even always wait until the movie ends, I just start flipping sometimes because I am bored with what I am seeing.

I think getting a TiVo would really help me in this. First off, I would not have to worry about missing the shows I really do like. Tonight, I almost totally flaked on The Dead Zone just because I wasn't remembering it was Sunday. If I had the TiVo, it would have just recorded it and would not have had to think. If I had a TiVo, I would only have to watch TV when I wanted to watch the Sox. Hell, I could even TiVo the damn Sox and watch them later on :)

This rambling does have a point, somewhere, at least in my head. I really need to cut the damn TV out of my life. Whether it be through TiVo and spending time just watching what I like and not flipping as damn much and watching the same junk over and over again or just by finding other ways to stimulate me.

The worst part about this is that I am a music junkie, so it would make MUCH more sense for me to have the stereo blasting while sitting on the couch hacking away on the computer than to have the blasted TV on. I need to work on this bug time.

Yet another new leaf to turn over, I guess .....

TV Ratings ...

Bahahhaha, Stripperella just came on and at the beginning, they go. This show is ratied CFFA, Cartoons for Fuckin Adults. :) I laughed.

Gary Busey is INSANE

How do I know? Perry Farrell of Jane's Addiction, who is possibly one of the strangest men on the planet, was looking at him like he had 3 heads.

So, Gary was just on Jimmy Kimmel with his new cohort Adam somethingoranother from I'm With Busey. He has lost it. He was rambling and trying to stop the audience from clapping and pouring raccoon's blood on food and saying it was good and all sorts of other wacky stuff. Very very very scary.

Frat Boy Antics

MTV reality frat boys face time in koi heist

Can someone tell me who at eMpTyV thought it was a GOOD idea to put frat boys on TV?

Visitors Returning ...

According to CNN, NBC is bringing back V!!

How cool! I actually caught a couple of episodes on some random channel last weekend and was totally digging on watching pieces of a show I haven't seen in so so long. Definitely will be on my must watch list.

The guest on Kimmel tonight:

Method Man
Henry Winkler

It's been, umm, interesting

AI Picks

My picks for tomorrow nights bottom three are:


(cuz I know everyone wants to know).

I was 2 for 3 last week and had picked who would get kicked off.

After the way last week's voting went though, I think this week Julia (and her boobs) will be gone :(

Universal Remote Codes??

OK, so I got my digital cable now and it rocks. The cable box is a Motorola DCT2244. It comes with its own Universal Remote Control, but I already have a better remote control which came with my Kenwood VR-507 Surround Sound System. Well, the problem is, I can't seem to find a valid code that will work with the cable box for the remote from my Kenwood. I'm in dual remote hell (after many months of getting used to just one). Anyone have a clue about what code I should be putting in to my Universal to get this box to work? Help? Please? Thanks!

TiVo: Series 1 or Series 2

So, now that I FINALLY got digital cable, I want to get a TiVo. I am back and forth on if I should get a Series 1 or a Series 2. The way I look at it:

Series 1: Able to do hacking on it, can log in and change things, have to buy one used.
Series 2: Newer, features still getting added, etc.

What are people's thoughts on this? Lukas and I have been discussing this a lot lately and I keep going back and forth on my decision.

I'm never leaving my house again ...


I now have more channels than I know what to do with :)

Suge Knight on Kimmel

Best line of the whole thing, Jimmy goes (as his last question):

"Mr Rogers died the day after you got out of jail, did you have anything to do with that?"


The fact that Jimmy was wearing a bullet proof vest the whole show was also RATHER amusing :)

Orlando is a Kimmel Free Zone

THIS SUCKS. Jimmy Kimmel Live is NOT ON in Orlando. This sucks. I totally dig Jummy and his show is usually at least interesting to watch. These areas that are not showing Kimmel are claiming that it is too raw or whatever for TV down here, but while flipping through channel I ended up on one of these dating shows and they are talking about boobies not being shown on this date and now the girl was just talking about people getting out of the f'ing passing lane. (hmm, seems to be Jillian (Gillian?) from Fox NFL coverage as the host. How is THIS worse than Kimmel. Bah, Orlando sucks.

Digital Cable

According to Comcast's web site (who just took over cable in Boston), digital cable it available in my area now. Somehow, I still doubt this, but I sent them an email from their web page and we will see what happens.

If I do FINALLY get digital cable, I will be investing in a TiVo SOON afterwards :)

MTV Cribs has gone downhill quick ...

Puck from the Real World is one of the houses they are showing tonight. Man, this show used to be fun to watch.

Joe Millionaire

I won't give it away, as it is not on yet on the West Coast, but that was THE WORST twist like ever. I thought something good was going to happen and no, just a weak little thing. That was most definitely a WASTE of 2 hours of my life.


Wow, what a horrible game. It couldn't even keep my attention, so sad.

As for the other part of the SuperBowl, the commercials were really bad as well. A few were cute, but other than that I thought they did not live up to previous years at all.

Best commercial, would have to go to the new Matrix commercial. That motorcycle scene looked SICK. I can't wait for May, I will definitely be going on opening day.

Some runners up, I guess would have to be the first one with the Zebra ref, the Yao Ming/Yogi Berra one was cute, the Osbournes Pepsi commercial was sad, their 15 minutes are quickly expriring. Seeing some real clips from Hulk was neat, though I am not sure how good the movie is going to be, Bad Boys 2 clips, already online, but I loved the first movie, so I can't wait for the next.

Basically, not impressed with the game or the commercials. Gonna watch some Alias and probably set the tape, so I get it and Jimmy Kimmel. Since Kimmel stole The Sports Guy, it better be fuckin funny.

I can feel myself getting dumber ...

watching this Fox special Man versus Beast.

The Dead Zone

Being a HUGE Stephen King fan, I started watching USA's The Dead Zone television series last summer. I thought it was pretty good and was sad to see the season finale (especially since it was very much a cliffhanger). Well, the show is back tonight. It's on USA at 10 EST. I can't wait. I just need to remember not to miss it. (Another reason I need a TiVo).

The Sopranos ...

So, I have not really watched the Sopranos over the years, but any time I have seen it, it seemed like a pretty good show. After all the hype over the seasons, I decided I would try to watch this season. Now, I was half-hearted in my effort, as I went out a number of Sunday nights and failed to catch it other nights of the week. Overall, I thought this season was pretty bad. I missed some of what were considered the better episodes, but I just felt they kept trying to build, but never actually came to a conclusion. If the Sopranos getting seperated was the big conclusion, I am rather disappointed. I think I need to go back and watch the first three seasons and see what happens from there.

Football Commentators ...

Are these guys as much of idiots as they show themselves to be while comentating on games? A few weeks ago Tim and Vinnie were over and we were laughing our asses off for a good twenty minutes after the commentator said something along the lines of, well, they will win the game if they score more points than the Patriots. Thanks genius! We thought you could win by scoring less points.

Well, the guys on Fox today, just said "He's 11 of 11 from the no huddle offense, when they don't huddle". Is that what no huddle means? I guess the meaning of no was being used in the literal here, instead of that no meaning yes kind of way. Thanks for clearing that up.

Someone needs to tell NBC

that Sunday and Monday are not a weekend. They keep advertising Julia Roberts Weekend because they have Julia Roberts movies on Sunday and Monday. That just doesn't work :)

I'm building a ladder to heaven!

And I don't want anyone to get cancer on it!!

South Park returned this evening with a rather amusing episode. Forget the War on Terrorism, who will fight in the War on Heaven? Obviously not the Tree Hugging Hippies. If only George W can convince the UN, but he isn't high, so he may not be able to.

This post brought to you by the Eric Cartman is god of all living things foundation.

Twenty Four

I like this show. I didn't really watch it last season, but the times I did, I found it rather interesting. I like the way it weaves many stories in to one. It's like a book that way. Hopefully this season will be really good and not get too out of control.

Real World

Check out this link over to Stuff Magazine. Yummy half naked Real World Vegas girls. I'm wondering why there are no HLA photos.

Sports Night!!

While surfing around from Lukas's web site to some of his friends' sites, I saw an amazing piece of new over on trikster. Sports Night is coming to DVD! Now, I know some sports writers (yeah, you Bill Simmons) didn't like this show, but I thought it was great. I really thought it should have stayed on TV, but it was just not watched by enough people. It was sad to me when I heard it was being cancelled. But now, I can live it whenever I want. You can pre-order it here over on


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