Sports Overload

I'm feeling a little overwhelmed with sports today. On TV, we had 2 1PM football games, 1 4PM football game, the Red Sox final regular season game and a NASCAR chase race. On the computer, I had 2 fantasy football trackers going and 1 fantasy baseball tracker going. Within the fantasy baseball tracker, I was paying attention to my childhood team the NY Mets who were trying (and failing :( ) to get one of the final post-season spots in the National League.

I REALLY would like to be watching my Giants on NBC right now but between Fox's Sunday night shows and the season premieres of Dexter and Brotherhood. I considered going down to the bar to watch the game and see the guys play for a bit, but I know I need to be up at 6:30 for a downtime window (and I don't trust myself to leave at the end of the game :)

So, been a lot of sports today. The craziness will continue tomorrow. First, we have the Red Sox Rally in Gov't Center (with the Dropkick Murphy's playing!). I doubt I will make it to that, as I have this thing that always interferes with my social life, work, but you never know. If I get in early enough, I may try to sneak over.

Then, we have Monday Night Football with the Patriots facing the Bengals. Can the Pats score 38 this week? :)

Luckily, Tuesday is a sports free night, so my brain can recover :)


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