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Sprint Voice Calls to Mimic Internet

Sprint is moving all their calls to an IP network. Since Sprint is my carrier for my cell, hopefully soon enough I will be able to get some nasty wireless connections via my phone. Then I will be good and mobile.

The problem ...

with not reading much in your aggregator for a few days:

I now have 37 web browser windows up with random stuff I wanted to read more closely.

Looks like today is going downhill quick for work :)

I shoul d have brought soap

cuz then I could have at least washed my car in the rain and felt like I accomplished something today. Disasterous day at work, too late to back out, its going to be a LONG WEEK. Ugh.

Only today ....

Only in today's digital world would the question When is it appropriate to send a thank-you note via email rather than the mail? be asked. I just find it amusing. I do so much of my communication over email I have no clue of why it would be bad to send electronic thank yous.

Smile if you can

Cuz I finally can! I just got home from my last dentist appointment in a series that has taken me 14 months. I went from gross teeth rotting out of my mouth to a perfect smile in just $5000 :) It took a lot of work and MANY MANY appointments, but now my smile is looks perfect. Yay me!

A wondeful link from anything but ordinary. I could use one of these hooked up to the washer and dryer in my place. It would save me MANY trips up and down the stairs I wonder if I can get any of my MIT alumni friends to tell me how they got this working :)

Volume Control

I think its time to turn the volume on my headphones down. I have had like 4 or 5 people come in to my cube without me noticing whatsoever today.

SCO/MS Conspiracy Theory #827

From this article:

"Now Microsoft has stepped in and licensed the source code and patents associated with the Unix operating system from SCO. The stated purpose is to ensure that Microsoft's software complies with SCO's intellectual-property rights and that it can ensure compatibility with Unix software."

The part about complying with SCO's IP strikes an interesting chord with me. Are they doing this because MS stole code from Linux?

That's my conspiracy theory for the day.

Cooking Tip

Burner must be on for water to boil.

Fish Tank ...

I've always wanted one, maybe this would be a cool way to get one.

Combining Hobbies ...

The last few days I have picked up my guitar again. Actually even learned a song or two. The problem is that I get very un-organized with my practice. End up playing some stuff I have known forever and sorta learning some new stuff, but not really and then getting bored within a few weeks and the guitar ends up back under the bed.

So, this time, I think I am going to try a different approach. I'm going to code my guitar practice. I hear songs all the time that I think I can learn pretty easily, but never remember them later. I am going to write a program to keep track of those songs. And then, in the program, link to their tablature, maybe even an MP3 of the song that I make, and then a progress meter of some sort. I figure if I can get this all organized, I can really start learning some songs, maybe even joining some of my friends when they play at bars. Should be some pretty easy coding, which I don't do a lot because I don't find many projects to work on (or think of awesome ones that are going to take tons of time to code and I end up just thinking about them rather than actually working on them). This should be a couple of hour project initially to get me up and going. I figure I will use a database backend, create a form to submit the initial song, then have a page to edit the properties of the song (tab location, MP3 location, length of song, etc) and then a page to update progress. I figure I can then say, hey, I learned 4 new songs this week and having locations of MP3s, I can actually even test myself.

This sounds like it will be fun for 2 hobbies at once!

This is going right on my wishlist

USB Memory Watch

Though I did get a little 64M USB Memory "keychain" at the EMC Techn Summit, this would definitely be one step further :)

Redhat Open Letter ...

An open letter from Matthew Szulik

To me, this basically says, hey SCO, fuck off. Now come and get us.

This pretty much explains my day ...

I just cut my hand on a potato chip. Ugh.

Call me a hippie if you like ...

but I think this is way cool. The act goes way too deep in to taking people's rights from them and even though this law can't REALLY do anything, its cool too see local governments protesting to this level.

MS Joins Unix Battle

Microsoft to license Unix code

This is just plain not good. This is going to make this battle much uglier. And the worst part is WHY they did it. According to the article:

"Late Sunday, Microsoft general counsel Brad Smith said acquiring the license from SCO "is representative of Microsoft's ongoing commitment to respecting intellectual property and the IT community's healthy exchange of IP through licensing. This helps to ensure IP compliance across Microsoft solutions and supports our efforts around existing products like services for Unix that further Unix interoperability.""

So, no, its not for the technology or anything else, its to help SCO battle with Linux. That's just plain nasty. IBM should just buy them and put an end to the whole thing. Hell, open source all of Unix :)


It's a beautiful day, sunny and mid-70s.

There's a Yankees/Red Sox game tonight @ Fenway.

They are tied for first.

I think it's time to go beat up the IT Director here (who is also a good friend of mine) and steal his tickets for tonight.

Slacker's Paradise ...

Got How to Fake A Hard Day at the Office from a friend. Good tips on how to be a slacker :)

Blogging Life

Dating a Blogger, Reading All About It is a NY Times article about what people write in their blogs. Interesting read. Though I go in to my personal life somewhat I try not to talk about my friends or anything. Also, since I have no dating life, I don't need to worry about blogging any of that, well, at least today. Who knows what will happen in the future.

All in all, definitely makes you think some about the content you put out on your site. I keep telling myself I need to find better things to write about rather than random things that happen in my life. I really should get better at posting the random thoughts in my head, some of them would at least be somewhat amusing.

I do find that I am not very good at organizing my thoughts, so writing something entertaining is difficult, but if I did it more and more often, I probably would get better at it.

Matrix Book ...

The Matrix and Philosophy: Welcome to the Desert of the Real

I bet this would be a good book. Maybe I will pick it up with my Amazon gift certificate from Ximian.

Now this is beauty

Norway's Birthday

Happy Birthday, Norway!

Well, Anders says its Norway's birthday today. I guess since I am half Norwegian I should go out and celebrate :) (any excuse to drink, that's my motto!) He's got a bunch more information over at his site if you want to read up some more.

Must be in the fifth row ...

Yay! Just got Tori tickets for her show in August and got the fifth row! Woot!

SCO is at it again ...

SCO targets Linux customers

Can someone please tell SCO to stop trying to get publicity and just let this go? This is going to cause them nothing but trouble, especially if companies like IBM, Red Hat, SuSe, etc ban together and sue SCO for slander or something along those lines?

Age Discrimination

I think a bit of age discrimination is at play here, Amazon only sells Harry Potter Socks in children's sizes. No fair! I want a pair.

Never say ...

my anal retentive attention to detail never got me anywhere.

From Ximian:

You are the winner of The "Genetic Problem" Award: The person
reporting the thorniest, most complex bug. You have won a
$100 gift certificate to

(Bonus points if you can name the movie the first line is paraphrased from)

CD Change Excercise

me on fourth floor, machines on first just doesn't work for me. Too many stairs.

Another reason to get up early

I am definitely a slow starter when it comes to the morning. I got in almost 2 hours ago and I am just now getting to real work. Had to check email, respond to a number of them, read blogs, check in with some people, etc and now 2 hours later I am finally getting to work (and its after noon). If I was in earlier, less people would have emailed me, so email would be quicker, blogs would be more empty and I would just get a better start. This is definitely a new leaf I need to work on turning over.

Levels of Friendship

Busy Boy

Well, it was a slow weekend this weekend due to my not thinking I had any money (a story for another time). Friday I did the CB show and then Sissys. Yesterday I spent pretty much my whole day in front of the computer updating my machine to Gnome 2.2.1. No more snapshots. My machine is good and clean now. Only Evolution and Red Carpet in Snapshot mode.

Today, I did much of the same. Playing on the computer, cleaning out e-mail, etc. Did some house cleaning stuff too. Place looks decent enough to live in. I need to do some more laundry this week and do a little more cleaning and the place will really look nice.

I do have my INBOX down to 7 mails though, which is rather impressive for me. Hopefully I will respond to all of them tomorrow and get all caught up.

I also spent a bunch of the day thinking about a couple of upcoming projects to try and make me some extra cash on the side. I am sick to death of being broke and I figure I should finally try and do something about it. I have one possible site work project for a friend and then I have another project for myself which will hopefully make some money. Need to talk to a number of people about some ideas on that one and hopefully will get started on it this week. If all goes well, it could mean all my hosting fees paid for and then some. That would be very nice :)

The one bad thing about staying in last night, is I stayed up WAY WAY WAY too late and now am not tired at all. I really want to get in to work early this week, so I can get home at a decent hour and try working on some of this stuff. I think I may pop a melatonin soon if I don't get any more tired.


Iron Maiden with Dio and Motorhead
Worcester Centrum Centre Worcester, MA
Mon, 07/21/03
On Sale Sat, 05/10/03


Metallica Article and Funny Quote

CNN article Metallica gets the 'ICON' treatment has a great quote from an MTV exec:

"How many artists have sold 85 million albums? That's very iconic despite how young they are," she said. "It's refreshing to have guys doing whey they have done since they started. They haven't reinvented themselves."

Uhhhhhh, WHAT? Metallica HASN'T REINVENTED themselves? Go listen to Kill Em All and then their last 2 pieces of junk and tell me you hear the same type of music on the CDs. Stupid MTV execs.

The Elusive Sleep

OK, so Sunday night, I got 2 hours sleep, flew home to Boston, took about a 45 minute nap and then was up til 3 or so, then woke up at 7:30. Spent much of the day half asleep, came home, fell asleep for about 30 mins (missed the first half of AI, woke up, and now at 1AM am wide awake again. How does 8 hours of sleep in 2 days translate in to wide awake? Shoot me now.

The Ball is Back!

Holy Shit! I just saw a commercial for Headbangers Ball. It's back on MTV2. It's going to be on Sat @ 10. I guess I will have to watch and see if its any good.

Back in the Saddle Again!

OK, I'm back from Vegas, lots to catch up on, be back soon :)


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