Busy Boy

Well, it was a slow weekend this weekend due to my not thinking I had any money (a story for another time). Friday I did the CB show and then Sissys. Yesterday I spent pretty much my whole day in front of the computer updating my machine to Gnome 2.2.1. No more snapshots. My machine is good and clean now. Only Evolution and Red Carpet in Snapshot mode.

Today, I did much of the same. Playing on the computer, cleaning out e-mail, etc. Did some house cleaning stuff too. Place looks decent enough to live in. I need to do some more laundry this week and do a little more cleaning and the place will really look nice.

I do have my INBOX down to 7 mails though, which is rather impressive for me. Hopefully I will respond to all of them tomorrow and get all caught up.

I also spent a bunch of the day thinking about a couple of upcoming projects to try and make me some extra cash on the side. I am sick to death of being broke and I figure I should finally try and do something about it. I have one possible site work project for a friend and then I have another project for myself which will hopefully make some money. Need to talk to a number of people about some ideas on that one and hopefully will get started on it this week. If all goes well, it could mean all my hosting fees paid for and then some. That would be very nice :)

The one bad thing about staying in last night, is I stayed up WAY WAY WAY too late and now am not tired at all. I really want to get in to work early this week, so I can get home at a decent hour and try working on some of this stuff. I think I may pop a melatonin soon if I don't get any more tired.


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