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So, this past week or so has been good times for me and my car.

On Wednesday of last week, I brought my car in to Direct Tire down the block from the office in Natick. While there, the car got two new tired (which I have needed since last summer, oops!), an alignment and an oil change. Well, let me tell you, my car runs AWESOME now. It's great to be able to drive and not be worried about your car slipping due to bad tires and the alignment just makes it feel like a brand new car.

On Thursday, I checked my mail and what did I find? The title to my car! My car is finally paid off. It's been 5 years in the making, but now I have one less bill to pay each month (and it was a big one). This will definitely help in the moving towards buying a house plan.

Lastly, yesterday I found out that not only did I pay off my car loan, but I overpaid it. I found this out when I checked my mail and found a check for the overpayment. It's always nice to get a check you were not expecting in the mail :)

So, all in all, things with my car are in great shape. The drive to NY this past weekend was nice and easy and worry free :) Now I just need to make sure to keep up on the car, which should be a lot easier now that I have been to Direct Tire once. For me, it's just getting past that initial nervousness, then I am just fine going to a place again and again.

Gotta Love Massachusetts Drivers

So, classic MA driver move today. I get to an intersection with a green light, but in the intersection in front of me is already one car caught in the middle and the light has already been green for a bit, so I stopped at the crosswalk like a good little driver.

Well, the genius driver behind me, pulls off quickly around me and now is in the dead center of the intersection, not block one, but both lanes of traffic. About 10 seconds later, the light changes. With 2 cars still stuck in the intersection, everyone starts honking and are generally unhappy with the idiots in the intersection.

Finally, the traffic in front of them moves a bit and they clear the intersection. About a minute later, the light changes again, and I move through the intersection behind Mr Impatient. And sit behind him for a full 5-10 mins in traffic.

So to you Mr Impatient, good job on pissing off a whole bunch of people just trying to get home from work just to get one spot ahead!


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