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While watching some TechTV today, they mentioned Gamefly is basically Netflix for console games. Their base package is $21.95/month for 2 games out at a time. Like Netflix, they have no late fees, due dates or shipping costs.

The funny part about finding out about this is that I was just saying to one of my co-workers that it would be cool if Netflix added console games to what they rented. Would be nice to get the games that you play for a month finish and move on to another a little more cheaply than spending the $50. Well, I guess I found an alternative.

Networked PS2?

PS2 Network Adaptor with Free Everquest over at is a deal I may not be able to pass up.

Update: I caved and quick.

Make The Riot Stop!!!

Damnit! I started fucking around with cheat codes tonight and turned on Riot Mode in GTA3. This would have been fun if I could a) figure out how the hell to turn it off or b) it turned off when I died. The problem is, I don't have a freakin memory card, so if I reset the thing, I have to start all over from the beginning again. Argh. Anyone have any clue of how to turn this off?!?!?!


Since buying my PS2 last year, it has done a good job of collecting dust. I only got 2 games for it when I bought it, so I really haven't played it much. For Christmas, I asked for 2 more games, Madden 2003 and GTA3. I decided to ask for the original rather than Vice City because I hadn't played it and thought it would be a better introduction.

Both of these games have sat on the shelf since returning to Boston after Christmas due to a lack of time (and being away for 9 days for LinuxWorld).

This weekend, I finally decided to try GTA3. Well, oh my, I think I am in trouble. This game is awesome. I knew it had to be pretty good due to everyone talking about it for so long, but I didn't realize just how fun it might be. I played around for a couple of hours last night and a couple of hours again today. This is going to get me in trouble, I can tell already. But, what the hell, another outlet is always a good thing.


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