Since buying my PS2 last year, it has done a good job of collecting dust. I only got 2 games for it when I bought it, so I really haven't played it much. For Christmas, I asked for 2 more games, Madden 2003 and GTA3. I decided to ask for the original rather than Vice City because I hadn't played it and thought it would be a better introduction.

Both of these games have sat on the shelf since returning to Boston after Christmas due to a lack of time (and being away for 9 days for LinuxWorld).

This weekend, I finally decided to try GTA3. Well, oh my, I think I am in trouble. This game is awesome. I knew it had to be pretty good due to everyone talking about it for so long, but I didn't realize just how fun it might be. I played around for a couple of hours last night and a couple of hours again today. This is going to get me in trouble, I can tell already. But, what the hell, another outlet is always a good thing.


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