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Zooma Cancelled

Details on their web site.

Seriously, can ANYTHING else go wrong this week? This week has sucked completely from weather to work to everything else and now one of the things I was trying to keep as a coming ray of sunshine gets cancelled. ARGH. This summer is starting off with a big old SUCK.

Always blame the blameless

Say Hello, Say Goodbye

Coronaboy has great wrap up of what TV shows are being added and dropped for next season's line-up.

Biggest disappointment for me is the loss of Committed, I really dug that show.

Headphones Shipped!

My new headphones shipped today from Amazon. Sadly, there doesn't seem to be a tracking number associated, so I don't know how long it will be until they get here. I'm hoping for Thursday, as I am telecommuting tomorrow :) I'm DYING to have these right now. Life @ work is just not right without them.

I'm not crazy, bitch! has an article initerviewing Dave Chappelle in South Africa. He's not in a mental institution like has been reported, but rather just relaxing in South Africa trying to get some perspective. Sounds to me like some people either tried to or did screw him over pretty good and he's just tryinig to get his head back together to get himself back in the game. Good to hear Dave is doing well. I will continue to wait patiently for Chappelle Show Season 3.

Dredg @ Axis

Last night, I headed over to Axis with Bogie to see Dredg. I had heard a little of their music before the show, but was somewhat going in blind. We got in around 7 and the place was still semi-empty, but there was a long line for Will Call. After grabbing some beers, we settled in to some space behind the soundboard, which is usually the best place to hear the music, as you are getting the same sound as the sound guy :)

The first band to the stage was Day One Symphony. These guys were very Radiohead influenced. I saw spots of brilliance, but overall, these guys were just ok. I think they have a ton of potential, but they need some more coherence. It seemed like a lot of their songs started and ended weak, but had some great middles. These guys played about 20 or 30 mins.

The next band out Circa Survive. They came out real heavy and I was looking forward to hearing something great. And then the singer started "singing". I can't really call it singing. He was more screaming, very off-key. Bogie actually turned to me and asked if it was a joke. The stranger part was they had fans in the audience. I gave them a second chance, thinking the singer might just have had an off night, I listened to some of their stuff on their web site today. It's better (and not as processed as I thought it would be), but still doesn't thrill me.

Then Dredg came out. These guys ROCKED. A lot heavier than I thought they were going to be, but at the same time very melodic. Their singer has an awesome voice. Their sound really is comparable to anyone out there. Maybe Devon Towsend's Ocean Machine, but it's also a bunch different. You have to check them out. The funny part was the singer apologized for his voice starting to go out. I laughed since I thought he sounded great and the previous singer sounded like he should have been apologizing.

The crowd at this show definitely made me feel old. At least half, if not three quarters of the crowd didn't have wristbands, meaning they were under 21. Note to the youngins: Take a shower before you go out at night. Some kid was standing by me who must have been playing sports or something during the day and then threw on a sweatshirt and came to the show. He STANK.

The sad part of the evening was after 3+ hours of being on my feet I was hurting. It sucks getting old.

Lost in Concentration

The combination of a severe lack of sleep and not having any headphones I can use right now is making work very hard to concentrate on. I just can't get my head in the game. It really makes me realize how much I fuel myself on music on a normal day. If I can put my headphones on and not be distracted, I can usually pump out a ton of work. Today, that is just not possible. Looks like my headphones won't get here until late in the week or early next, so it's not going to beb a good week. At least I will get a couple of days of working at home in and then I can blast the stereo.

Vegoose: The Rumor Mill Continues

So, the first rumor is the show this fall in Vegas from the folks who brought you Bonnaroo and Zooma is going to be Vegoose. Supposedly there is going to be an announcement in June with tickets going on sale in July. The rumored location is Sam Boyd Silver Bowl and the surrounding soccer fields.

Now, those are all great and hearing some possible details are pretty nice. But this is the best part of the current rumor mill:

"Confirmed" Acts:

  • Dave Matthews Band
  • Widespread Panic
  • Trey Anastasio
  • Phil Lesh and Friends
  • Pearl Jam

Now, that sounds like a cool weekend already :) And well, it's Vegas Baby!

I made the press!

Happened to notice this while on Google. My name got mentioned in this article over at Dealing with Technology. Neat!


I put in an order this morning for Shure E2c headphones this morning over at Amazon. I was going to purchase some cheapies to hold me over for a while longer, but I decided I'd rather just spend the cash and get some good ones once and for all. After reading Joi's review, I was definitely encouraged to get these. Shure has released a number of sets since then, but they are double to quintuple in price. I don't have that much money and I don't think I want to spend that much money on headphones :) Hopefully, they will show up by the end of the week and I can start rocking out at work again :)


Yay! It's Friday! It's Pay Day! I needed both, badly.

Project Clean Desk went rather well yesterday. Lots tossed in the garbage. Why I had papers from almost 3 years ago still on my desk is something I do not understand. Have to get out of the packrat state of mind. Finally, I can use my whole desk again. Have to buy some sort of storage container for all the wires on the floor, but other than that, the desk is completely clean.

I also re-installed one of the laptops I have at work, so now I have 6 machines running at my desk. Oops :) I guess I am a bit of a geek :)

MPAA Going After TV BT Sites

Just saw this article on CNET.

This bothers me.

Let's start here:

a) If I record a TV show with my VCR, make 2 copies and hand them to friends, that's legal, right? Then what if they take that copy and make 2 more copies each, that's still legal, right? Then why is it illegal for some to do this digitally and pass it around?

b) If you want to go after these sites, fine, then MAKE AN ALTERNATIVE. Guess what, I only own one TiVo, if two shows I like are on at the same time, I can only record one of them. So, how do I watch both? I'd have no problem paying someone to let me download the show. Make it $1 a show or even make a subscription service. Hell, hook it right up to my TiVo, so I can grab things right off the net to my TiVo and watch it on my TV. Isn't this a totally viable market for television shows? I mean, they are doing it with movies, a 45 minute TV show is going to be a quicker download and you are probably going to get more customers. Why fight a war when you can take advantage of the technology out there and make it a new revenue stream? I just plain don't understand this.


My big goal for the day today is to clean up my desk at work. Slowly but steadily it has gotten to be more and more of a mess. It's now at the point where I can hardly get in and out of my cube due to all the scattered hardware, cables, papers, etc. It needs a good cleanup and it's going to get one today.

Roo Vegas?

I mentioned some rumors before and they seem to be continuing. The rumor now is Halloween weekend in Vegas. Shows scattered through the city over 2 or 3 days. I think my cash flow may be much better by then, so I think I may have to drag some friends and enjoy Vegas and some jams.

Not a good start

Spilling an entire soda all over your desk is just not the way to start a day. Luckily, I missed all the computer equipment.

I'll Be The One guitar tablature

So, I'm a big fan of "I'll Be The One" from Gov't Mule / Warren Haynes (At least, I think its one of their originals). As I am still getting better at playing guitar and specifically ear training, I was wondering if anyone had some tablature for this. I can't seem to find any online at the moment :( Anybody?

Oh no! Not an expletive!

This whole story about an expletive getting through on SNL is utterly ridiculous. First of all, this is on late at night. If the whole idea is to "protect the children", their parents should be protecting them a lot more by sending them to bed before midnight on a Saturday night. If this is to not offend people, they shouldn't be watching SNL to begin with. Half the skits on SNL have a lot more lude content than one little curse word. It's just dumb that this is even an issue.

Back to the Grind

After a wonderful few days down in New York vising the family and the new nephew, I'm back at work today. Hopefully, it will be a busy (short!) week that will pass quickly and get back to the weekend. Missed seeing my friends last weekend, so I'm ready for some fun, which is forbidden until Friday.

Me & Gregory

Me & Gregory
Originally uploaded by Skadz.
This kid is just way too cute :)

Virtual Friday

Not to brag, but today is virtual Friday for me. I'm heading home tomorrow morning to visit my new nephew for a long weekend. I can't wait. Oh, and while we are at it, here is where my brother in-law has all the pictures he has taken of the new addition.

New Crush

My crush of the day is most definitely Jennifer Morrison from House. She's way too cute.

One more try

After an ugly first attempt at upgrading to 3.16, SixApart finally released a patch for the issues I was experiencing. After re-upgrading and adding the patch, it looks like things are going just fine now. Woo!

Happy Days are here again!

Family Guy is BACK! I see now Fox has put up The Quahog Informant to keep us all informed. Last night's episode was just hilarious. The we've been cancelled to make room for .... bit at the beginning had me rolling on the floor. And the return to prime time of GI Joe! Just hilarious through and through.

I ain't afraid of no mashup

Test From Drivel

Just a test from Drivel


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