MPAA Going After TV BT Sites

Just saw this article on CNET.

This bothers me.

Let's start here:

a) If I record a TV show with my VCR, make 2 copies and hand them to friends, that's legal, right? Then what if they take that copy and make 2 more copies each, that's still legal, right? Then why is it illegal for some to do this digitally and pass it around?

b) If you want to go after these sites, fine, then MAKE AN ALTERNATIVE. Guess what, I only own one TiVo, if two shows I like are on at the same time, I can only record one of them. So, how do I watch both? I'd have no problem paying someone to let me download the show. Make it $1 a show or even make a subscription service. Hell, hook it right up to my TiVo, so I can grab things right off the net to my TiVo and watch it on my TV. Isn't this a totally viable market for television shows? I mean, they are doing it with movies, a 45 minute TV show is going to be a quicker download and you are probably going to get more customers. Why fight a war when you can take advantage of the technology out there and make it a new revenue stream? I just plain don't understand this.


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