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Mono 1.0 Relased

Congrats to all who worked so hard. I guess I really should get back to trying to help out with Dashboard now.

No fun!!

Halley had a party tonight and didn't invite me. No fun :(

Monday Goodness

Last night I finally did something I should have done a long time ago. I slept in my bed. Over the last few months, I've adopted a rather bad habit of falling asleep on the couch watching TV. This is not a good thing. First off, I wake up to the TV half the time. Second, it's not really all that comfortable to be sleeping on a couch every night. Third, I wasn't reading anymore, since I was filling all available time with TV.

Now that the real TV season is over, the TiVo has a lot less stuff on it, so I figured this would be as good a time as any to get myself back in to the habit of going to sleep in my bed. So, last night after some TV, I headed in to bed. I read for a while and then passed out. Got up good and early this morning and was in the office before 9. Go me!

Now, hopefully I can keep this up. The goal is to start getting to work around 7:30 each morning, so I can get out of here by around 4 and still have an afternoon to enjoy life and try and get other things done. We'll see how this experiment works out, since I am the anti-morning person :)

Doc in Boston

Doc Searls: I'm off to Boston. See ya there.

I wonder why Doc is coming out. Is something going on in Boston this week that I am unaware of?

Decepticon Dancin'

A sweet video of some Transformers getting down. Amazing rendering.

Yahoo to Trillian: Talk to the hand | CNET News.com

First off, I don't like the way this story was reported. This is not a Trillian only issue. Though that may be the most popular multi-IM program on Windows, there are PLENTY of others. Just look in the open source area. Off the top of my head, you have Gaim, Gossip, Ayttm, Eb-lite, and many many others. I'm not sure if iChat does Yahoo, but if it does, its affected as well.

So, now to the heart of this. Why would a company like Yahoo want to block access to these clients? They claim its because of spam. Well, I personally have never gotten a IM spam since I stopped using ICQ and even those were few and far between.

This just does not seem like a smart move on their part. They claim they are going to continue to change their protocol as often as possible to keep clients from coming up with work-arounds. So, basically, anyone who does not want to run the official client is out of Yahoo for good. Well, what to do? Screw em! There are plenty of other IM networks out there, AIM, ICQ (which is sorta AIM these days), MSN, Jabber, etc etc. I would much rather use a network that is going to allow me to use any client I want than get stuck using a crappy client. I already have enough running on my desktop that the last thing I need is ANOTHER program to communicate with my friends. I'll just yell at the few people I know who are ONLY on yahoo and tell em to get AIM accounts if they want to talk to me. Seems to me (at least from my list) that AIM is the dominant protocol anyways, so making this change just makes Yahoo look even less attractive to use.

ChipX86 says Gaim already has a workaround in the works, but its limited in that you can't add and remove buddies. And with Yahoo's policy as stated in the article, it will probably only work for a limited time anyways.

Comdex Cancelled

Organizer cancels Comdex 2004

What ever are the hookers going to do that week?

Universal Feed Parser 3.0

Wedding Pictures

The first set of wedding pictures are up. Somehow, I avoided being in any of these :)

East Coast Bound

After a long stint in LA, my old roomate, Sasha is finally heading back to the east coast. Go East Coast!


I finally got a GMail account thanks to Suw. It's skadz1@gmail.com.

So, far, I dig it. Seems to do a lot of things right. My biggest problem has been that there is a 6 character minimum on login names, so I couldn't be skadz. I've already gotten 12 invites to give out and all have gone out with a queue of friends still waiting for the next batch. Seems like I got a fresh 6 this morning after getting rid of my original 6 yesterday afternoon. I hope this means I will have another 6 tomorrow.

Still have to play with it some more, before I really give it a final thought on how much I like it, but so far so good.

5. Being able to go out on to Yawkey Way to smoke
4. Threatening rain never showing up
3. Great Seats!
2. Guinness served at Fenway!!!


This could quite possibly be an interesting motto to live by :) gapingvoid just plain rocks

Phish Stats


Cool site that you can get all sorts of information on Phish shows, when songs were played, when a number of songs were played, etc. Thanks to Lukas for the link!

Morning Tea

I'd forgotten how much my morning cup of tea on the way to work helps my productivity until this morning. Between being away a lot and not having any milk, I really haven't been having my normal tea on the way to work. Went food shopping last night and remembered to put milk on my list. Had a cup of tea on the way to work this morning. Now I'm banging things out left and right. Four checks on my to do list already and three other tasks started. And that's just in the first hour or so of being here. Yay me!

Hey folks. A lot of people over time have posted comments to some earlier posts about Bonnaroo. I would love it if people could post their reviews, comments, set lists, links to other sites talking about it, etc here, so I can get a nice collection together and hopefully an area for all us poor souls who missed it to get as much info as possible. Thanks!

The End of an Era

This weekend marks the end of an era for my good friends Central Basement. Friday and Saturday will mark their final shows with singer and founding member Michael. If you are around Boston this weekend, I encourage you to head down to The Harp across the street from the Fleet Center and enjoy one of the nights.

I've been seeing these guys for, wow, probably about 3 years now. Mike being the lead singer is what I have always seen and enjoyed. He put a lot in to the show and did a great job with the crowd. Always bouncing around, trying to get the people involved, etc. It was always a fun show to see. Probably a big part of the reason I used to go and see these guys weekend in and weekend out. I don't even want to think about how many times I have seen them over the last few years. Probably 200 or 300. Scary.

It's going to be very different when I get back from NY to see them with someone else singing with them. Though I guess I have seen this once (Central Stu!), but this will become a regular thing. Gonna be very different. Hopefully it will bring some new energy to the band and help propel them even further in their careers. Since these guys are all such good musicians, it would be reallky nice to see them go somewhere.

Well, I'm VERY sad that I will be missing this weekend's farewell and next weekend's welcome to the Central Basement singers, but if you will be in Boston, definitely go and have some fun for me!

Rock Star

Not that anyone ever doubted it, but Joi continues to prove how much of a rockstar he is by getting his face on CNN.com

Very strange seeing someone you know on CNN :)

Sleep Not Coming

Man, two hours ago I was just about to fall asleep and now I'm wide awake staring at the TV. Not fun at all.


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