The End of an Era

This weekend marks the end of an era for my good friends Central Basement. Friday and Saturday will mark their final shows with singer and founding member Michael. If you are around Boston this weekend, I encourage you to head down to The Harp across the street from the Fleet Center and enjoy one of the nights.

I've been seeing these guys for, wow, probably about 3 years now. Mike being the lead singer is what I have always seen and enjoyed. He put a lot in to the show and did a great job with the crowd. Always bouncing around, trying to get the people involved, etc. It was always a fun show to see. Probably a big part of the reason I used to go and see these guys weekend in and weekend out. I don't even want to think about how many times I have seen them over the last few years. Probably 200 or 300. Scary.

It's going to be very different when I get back from NY to see them with someone else singing with them. Though I guess I have seen this once (Central Stu!), but this will become a regular thing. Gonna be very different. Hopefully it will bring some new energy to the band and help propel them even further in their careers. Since these guys are all such good musicians, it would be reallky nice to see them go somewhere.

Well, I'm VERY sad that I will be missing this weekend's farewell and next weekend's welcome to the Central Basement singers, but if you will be in Boston, definitely go and have some fun for me!


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