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Happy Birthday!

Wow, turns 7 today.

Great writeup detailing more of the details behind Mono making it in to Fedora Core 5.

It's great to have this built in now, makes it one less repository I have to try to shove in to rawhide once some libraries have changed from the stable tree.

UPDATE: Just re-read this post in my aggregator. My favorite part? "detailing the details". Damn, I have some writing skills. So sad.

Bounty Hunter

Open Source Projects ...

I really enjoy helping out with open source projects. And an email this morning did a good job of reminding me why. I sent in a bug about 11:30 on Monday night that had been bugging me for a while and I noticed was still present in the latest development snapshot I am running. Last night, someone from the QA group marked it for the next release. This morning, I get an update to the bug that the developer found a subtle error in the way things were being calculated and its now fixed. So, 36 hours after submitting a bug (which annoys me greatly) it has been fixed and next time I grab a development snapshot, it will be fixed. That just rocks. Just proves to me that running betas and development snapshots of software and reporting bugs really helps a project.

Bug Killah ...

I downloaded the latest version of Evolution last night. I tried one of the things that has not worked correctly for me in the past (and actually caused a crash in the last version) and finally it worked right. I can now have my Mail Summary stay in Evolution. It used to just disappear. Woo. My second issue for a long time has been that the Shortcuts bar did not update correctly for my POP mailbox, so I had to check that from time to time just to see if there was mail in there. It now actually works! Yay! Finally, two of my oldest bugs are closed. Go Ximian. Now, I just wait for the GNOME2 version of it :)

DOS Block

Just saw a couple of announcements abou ta new version of the Apache DoS Evasive Maneuvers Module coming out. This is definitely something I want to check out. Basically rejects requests when it senses a DOS. This could be a very nice thing to have both on a large scale server as well as a home server (much easier to take out a little DSL link). This and adding in some things to block all the stupid script kiddie IIS attacks are on my list of things to do.


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