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Rolling Stone fails Counting 101 has a pictorial called The Immortals, subtitled "The fifty greatest artists of all time". Right under that it says 45 Photos. Eh? Doesn't that mean they are 5 pictures short? ;)

2.6 is here!

GNOME 2.6 has arrived.

I've been runnign development snapshots for the last few weeks. Good stuff. Still learning about some of it. Runs real nice.

Now just waiting for Ximian Evolution 2.0 to come out. It was originally scheduled for a Gnome 2.6 release, but got pulled. I'm running snapshots which are slowly getting there. I have to throw huge props to the Ximian developers. They have been a huge help with some problems I have been having over the last week or so. It definitely is the best part of open source. You can go find the developers in a chat room and get your bugs fixed quick.


I've been gettign a sore throat the last few days and it seems to have developed in to a full fledged cold today. Throat hurts, all stuffed up, very tired. Ick.


You gotta love Whoopi. First off, she calls her production company One Ho Productions. Then her tv show, which doesn't seem to get a lot of press or anything is DAMN funny. It's all about today's issues. Last week was gay marriage, this week was the elderly. Lots of social commentary. She even from time to time shows both sides of any issue. Very much a fun show to watch and one I laugh at a lot.

An important question ...

Great train of through post by Greg. This seems like a possible way to answer the Unix car vs. the MS car question.

Last Place Yankees

Oh come on! I had to do it :)

Sweet Guitar

Lukas pointed out the Variax Acoustic 700 to me today. SWEET guitar. Check out the videos on the site of it in use.

I'm a big baby

More on this in the car saga thread that I will continue eventually, but I really am a big baby. I'm a virgo, so I don't like conflict, right? Well, I take that to a whole new level. I don't like doing anything where I have a lack of a comfortability level. I'm horrible at phone calls, even to friends of mine. My mom loves to tell stories about how I wouldn't call people when I was a kid. I still do it to this day. I literally almost had a panic attack making a phone call today that I should have made 6 months ago. Once I got on the phone, I talked to the person, got it taken care of and it was done in less than 5 minutes completelty harmlessly. It's just ridiculous that I can not get myself better about this stuff. I need to work on it.

Application Server Testing

So, part of my job is to test different applications on my comany's hardware platform.

A lot of pieces of software allow you to download some sort of certification exam or something like that. The problem is the pieces of software that don't. Some things you can tell if they are working, but others are rather difficult.

One of the most difficult ones is application servers. Sure, I can see if they are up and running and maybe even load a page, but how can I really test these things? I know there are things like SPECjAppServer2002. or ECperf, but those are more performance tests than anything else from my understand. Is there something out there that goes through and really tests compatability and that things are really working?

Any other suggestions on ways to test application servers would be greatly appreciated too.

Bob's Secret

Does it both anyone else that Bob Dylan is in a Victoria's Secret commercial?

I swear ..

I had more to post about, but they are all escaping my brain right now.

(oh yeah and MT is acting up due to Amazon acting up)

Liz Phair - Boston, MA - 03/28/2004

Went to see Liz Phair over at Avalon last night. Gnome-girl was SUPPOSED to be here for the show, but couldn't make it out, so Keith from CB came along with me.

It was a great show. When I went to see Liz a few months back, I was just starting to get in to her, but this time, I really knew most of the stuff she played, which made it even better. The rockin version of flower to start it off was excellent. It seemed to me that she was pretty much trying to play the whole mix CD that GG made me a while back, but maybe that was just because I was thinking she should have been there with me. The pink AC/DC t-shirt she was wearing definitely made me laugh.

Here's a setlist from a show last week or so, which seems pretty close to the setlist from last night:

Polyester Bride
Rock Me
Johnny Feelgood
Uncle Alvarez
Bionic Eyes
Divorce Song
Help Me Mary
Red Light Fever
Never Said
Why Can't I?

Fuck and Run

More proof my friends are crazy

I just got e-mail from one of my good friends here in Boston. Her birthday is in a bit more than a week and the e-mail was titled "My Birthday". Now, this friend is a firm believer in the birthday month theory. So, basically, starting next week and continuing through the end of April, she feels you need to do anything she says because it's her birthday, even though her birthday is only 1 day.

Well, I'm reading this e-mail and I realize she is already trying to plan her birthday party for NEXT YEAR. It's her 30th, so she figured we should be good an informed on what she is doing and what she wants us to do.

I can't plan what I am doing tomorrow, how does she expect me to start planning what I am doing a year from now? Crazy kids ....

Bob Dylan - Avalon - Boston - 03/24/2004

Went to see Bob Dylan at Avalon last night. I was totally psyched to go. Getting to see someone as great as Bob in a small club venue (capacity approx 2000) is a big treat.

I'll start with the complaints. First off, the stage setup SUCKED. Dylan was far off to the left playing keyboard most of the night. Why in HELL was he not dead center? I ended up coming in and heading to my normal location (through the biggest crowd I think I have ever seen at Avalon) and basically could not see Bob the entire night. That sucked.

Number 2, no guitar??? Bob didn't play any guitar all night long. That is no good. I would rather have had him at least play a couple of songs. Even better if he did a couple of songs solo.

Now that those are out of the way. WOW. What a show. Bob's voice sounded awesome. You could almost even understand him :) He was projecting well too. It was very interesting to hear how he plays his own songs these days. Very different than the album versions you are used to. I definitely didn't recognize some songs until a certain hook in the vocals or something.

Overall, an amazing show, great to see Bob in a place that small.


1. Maggie's Farm
2. I'll Be Your Baby Tonight
3. Lonesome Day Blues
4. Just Like A Woman
5. Things Have Changed
6. Tell Me That It Isn't True
7. Highway 61 Revisited
8. Can't Wait
9. Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again
10. High Water (For Charley Patton)
11. It Ain't Me Babe
12. Honest With Me
13. Saving Grace
14. Summer Days

15. Cat's In The Well
16. Like A Rolling Stone
17. All Along The Watchtower

DMB Festival Fansite

As I have mentioned earlier, Dave Matthew Band is planning on doing a festival show this summer. Well, someone has come along and created a fansite dedicated to the show.


I have a total schoolboy crush on Mary-Louise Parker and especially her chracter, Amy Gardner, from the West Wing.

Frequently Asked Questions

hugh constantly cracks me up.

The Car Saga II: Car Buying

I knew I needed a car for a while, but kept putting off getting it. I was starting work soon and really needed to get this taken care of. I was busy having fun, so I pushed it off. Finally, after a week or two of work, I finally went with an old friend (and former car saleman) to go look at cars. I very quickly found a shiny new Grand Am that I really liked. It was a pretty painless experience, besides the signing my life away for $25,000. I got a slightly higher interest rate due to my rather poor credit, but the deal was done. They needed to inspect the car and get plates and all that, so I scheduled to pick it up a few days later.

A few days later, Vinnie, who was still out of work at the time, grabbed me from work and we headed down to get my new toy. We picked it up and off we went. OK, I have a car now. Next, car maintenance.

The Car Saga Part I: Background

In late 2001, I moved back to NY. It was for a variety of reasons, but it was the best idea at the time. I moved back in with my mom, my sister and two of my sisters friends. Four women and me, ugly. I was actually supposed to move down on 9/11/2001. That didn't happen for obvious reasons. I stayed in Boston for another week to attend a concert I was planning on coming back up for and headed then headed to NY.

Six weeks after getting to NY, I was laid off from my job. This sucked. I had been with the company for 5 years (actually a day less than 5 years) and really enjoyed working there. This put me in a strange place. Do I try to move back to Boston with little money or do I get a job in NY? I really didn't want to do either. So, I didn't. I spent the next 2 months sitting around the house, watching Netflix movies, staying up til 4AM watching TV, and basically rotting away.

I spent New Years Eve, alone, watching TV, drinking Guinness with my sister's animals. This killed me. I decided that I was getting my life back together. The next morning, I bought a train ticket to Boston, booked a hotel and got back up to Boston on January 2nd. I had a plan heading up. A week in Boston to find a job, get an apartment and have fun with all my friends. Well, I did one of three done, had fun with my friends. Woops!

Tim from Central Basement came to my rescue at this point. He was about to head out for a week and said I could crash at his place if I took care of his cats. Worked for me! He had a computer and Internet access. This has always been key for me. I jumped online the first day and looked for apartments, I found some listings and sent out some e-mails. I got a quick e-mail back and set up an appointment. Also, while online, I had an e-mail from an old co-worker who had heard I was out of work and wanted to set something up.

In the next few days, I was back on track. I found an apartment and got a payment put on it. I had some preliminary info for a job. I was getting my life back together and getting back to Boston. Yay me! Over the next couple of weeks I had a work interview, finished getting the apartment (which included another trip to Boston) and started figuring out my moving plans.

I got back to Boston on February 1. Over the next few weeks, I got settled in to my place, dealing with all the little stuff. Got cable installed, got the DSL set up, bought some new furniture, etc etc. I also had some more interviews and got a job offer.

Now to the one small problem. The job was about 35 minutes west of Boston and there was no public transportation anywhere near the office. What did this mean? I needed a car.

Numero One Thousand

This is post number 1000. I started just under 2 years ago. Can't believe I have kept this up this long and gotten 1000 thoughts out of my head.

The Car Saga Prelude

I'm going to start telling a story here that I've somewhat kept to myself over the last few months, because it shows me in a rather stupid light. But, hopefully the resolution is slowly coming on its way, so I guess its time to tell it. It's all about my car and my ridiculous levels of procrastination. This saga has caused me more grief than good in the last few months. If there is one shining light, its the money help, but that will come later. So, here we go ....

Put Rush in the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame

A change in singers

My good friends, Central Basement, who have been sidelined since an injury to their singer a few weeks back, have made an announcement about their future:

As you may already know, Michael recently had back surgery to repair a herniated disk in his back. Michael is doing well and recovering, however it appears that this injury/surgery will make it difficult for Michael to perform from here on out. Michael has been dealing with pain in his back for many months, and getting through the shows dealing with his pain. While this surgery has reduced his back pain, it still will remain. After a long talk with Michael he has decided that due to this injury, he would not be able to perform like he wants to, jumping around singing, being the Michael that we all loved to watch. So Mike will be leaving the band at the end of May. There ARE NO HARD FEELINGS AT ALL, Michael is our brother, we love him and support his decision. This, of course, saddens us, but we completely understand. Mike will be playing shows in April and May with us and will then hang up his microphone.

So, they are going and looking for a new singer. I'm not going to try out, so the opportunity is all yours if you are interested.

It's finally here!

One of my favorite days, St Patrick's Day. Happy St. Patrick's Day to all! The weather outside looks like it should be Christmas. Up to 7 inches on the ground from what the weather says. And it's still snowing. Ugliness abounds. Going to get some work done this morning and then head off to enjoy the merriness in Boston.

Just works!

You have to love it when things just work. I have been burning CDs for a while on my laptop, but usually they are music CDs, so I have scripts to do a lot of the work for me. Well, I finally needed to transfer some data to another computer, so I decide to try out nautilus-cd-burner, which is part of the Nautilus File Manager in Gnome.

I was rather worried as it didn't seem to let me set where my recorder was or anything. So, I dragged some files in to the burn window and hit burn cd. Well, it popped up asking me where I wanted to burn, with my CD burner already selected, and a bunch more options. I changed the options to my liking and told it to go. Well, it just worked. Files safely burned to disk and then read on the other machine. Very very nice.

Blue + Black?

Not sure what color that comes out to be, but in the spirit of The Grey Album comes Jay-Zeezer, a mashup of Weezer's the Blue Album and Jay Z's the Black Album. Neat stuff. [ via BoingBoing ].

Spring Beginning

Someone forgot to tell Mother Nature that spring officially begins on Saturday. We're supposed to get anywhere from 6-12 inches of snow in the next 36 hours. Fun Fun! Looks like St Pat's is going to be less than stellar in Boston. Now to decide on a plan.

New Korn Video "Single"

Fuck That

(The irony to me is that (c) 2004 Sony at the end)

On their Downloads page, they also did a remix featuring Howard Stern, but it seems to have been pulled (at least temporarily). Anyone have a copy of the remix they can send me?

Welcome Back?

Lukas seems to be making his return to posting. Good to see. His blog was one of the first I read and a good part of the reason I started blogging. Hopefully, he keeps it up.

A good way to die ...

An oldie, but fits well with the big holiday this week (Yes, I'm like the guys on the Guinness commercials)

Brenda O'Malley is home making dinner, as usual, when Tim Finnegan arrives at her door.

"Brenda, may I come in?" he asks. "I've somethin' to tell ya."

"Of course you can come in, you're always welcome, Tim. But where's my husband?"

"That's what I'm here to be telling ya, Brenda. There was an accident down at the Guinness brewery..."

"Oh, God no!" cries Brenda. "Please don't tell me."

"I must, Brenda. Your husband Shamus is dead and gone. I'm sorry."

Finally, she looked up at Tim.. "How did it happen, Tim?"

"It was terrible, Brenda. He fell into a vat of Guinness Stout and drowned."

"Oh my dear Jesus! But you must tell me true, Tim. Did he at least go quickly?"

"Well, Brenda... no. In fact, he got out three times to pee."

Please explain to me

So, much is going on in the U.S. since the whole Janet boob incident when it comes to indecency. One NPR radio personality was already fired because an engineer forgot to bleep out fuck from one of her pre-recorded broadcast. It's all Howard Stern can talk about, at least according to Jeff Jarvis. Bubba the Love Sponge was fired too. All of this over a boob.

The point to all this? Well, I'm finally watching the CNN Presents show about the Dean Campaign. Very interesting thus far. But, Joe Trippi has said shit at least 4 times so far. They did bleep out one fuck, but shit, they have just let go. Why is this allowed? Why is CNN not getting fined for this? Someone explain.

Loading Nicotine

Cats == Dumb

And Cat Attack proves it. I should get this for my cat, it would drive her absolutely nuts (well, father nuts than she already is).

Good Luck Si!

Si, son of AKMA, has his opening night tonight for a performance of The Crucible he is in. Good Luck!

DMB Festival News: DMB Plot New York City Fest

Must go to this. Hopefully we get both DMB and Dave & Friends. That would kick ass.

Anti-smoking commies

Anti-smoking researcher calls on R-rating for movie smoking

Now this is just ridiculous. It's not bad enough that I can't smoke in a bar in Boston any more, but now they want to raise movie ratings based on people smoking in them? How freakin ridiculous is this?

BloggerCon Wiki?

From my notes from BloggerCon last year:

Talk about using a Wiki to plan BC2004, Dave doesn't seem to much like the idea, too much ability for people to change. Talked about how he sort of did it, but more of a controlled directory structure.

After the success of the wiki for things like E-Tech is this still disagreeable? It would AT LEAST be nice to have somewhere to post notes and thoughts afterwards. But, why not have something where some of the planning/idea exchange/etc can be a community aspect? We talk alot in the blog community about things like community and echo chambers, well, isn't one person planning a community conference almost the ultimate echo chamber? It's just one person's ideas going off on to other places and hoping it works right and people write about it.

I guess some would argue that they are planning some of this at the Berkman Thursday night sessions, but the limited number of people attending those doesn't seem like a broad enough scope of people to be planning a conference that spans so many different types of people.


Speaking of BloggerCon, I'm planning on heading over to the People's Republic to enjoy the fun. My biggest worry right now is that a lot of the people who made it enjoyable last year don't seem to be involved at this point. Names like Halley, Joi, Rageboy, Accordion Guy (though I would bet he will show up for other reasons), Doc, Udell, AKMA and many more seem to be missing from the list. I worry that losing some of these better known people (I won't say A-list) may take away from the show some. I really hope it doesn't, but I have to find something to worry about :)

BloggerCon Spam

I got spam in my Inbox today based on the fact that I am registered for BloggerCon from The Williams Law Firm.

This is a horrible abuse of Dave having the registration list published. I think it's great that I can see who is going and someone taking advantage of this is a pure violation of netiquette. I've sent Dave e-mail informing him of this abuse as well as asking him to uninvite the person who sent this from BloggerCon (as the message claimed they were planning on attending).

Hopefully we'll see something on Scripting News today about this.

UPDATE: Looks like Scott picked up on this too and he is less than pleased to say the least.

Doc on Trade Shows

Doc's latest Linux for Suits, Showtime talks about trade shows. As I've quickly become a seasoned veteran of these things (10 or so in the last 2 years), I read this with much anticipation. Well, Doc does touch on the part of the show I am most involved with, the expo floor, but his focus is on the session side of the show more than anything.

All of his suggestions are very good. Having an Internet connection is huge. Being able to shoot off an e-mail or IM during a show is big. Being on IRC with everyone else at the show is even bigger. The back channel communication at E-Tech had me chomping at the bit wishing I was there. Definitely helps the show be more user centric than just sitting and listening.

Though the backchannel communication during the show is great, what's just as good is the sharing of information during and after the show on something like a Wiki. Its gives you multiple perspectives on the show from the viewpoints of people all over the spectrum of attendees.

Making the show available online is great, but I think making it live either has to become a pay-per-view activity or else the people putting on the shows risk having less people show up because they can just sit and listen from their desk, rather than paying for airfare, hotels, the show itself, etc.

Overall, lots of great ideas, I just wish I could have seen some interesting ideas about the vendor part of the show. I'm always looking to make our booth more exciting and different.

UPDATE: As Doc promised in the comments below, he would add some booth suggestions in the comments of his article. They can be found here.

He also mentioned the update on his weblog and linked here.

No DD2 for Ben

According to this post on The Movie Blog, Daredevil 2 is not happening. Ben has been badmouthing the project and seemingly has no interest in doing another one. As long as Elektra still happens, I'll be happy. Mmmmmm, Jennifer Garner, mmmmm.


Man, it feels very much like a Monday here. Since I worked from home yesterday, this is my first day in the office in over a week. Had 13 new voicemails to go through, expense reports to do, etc. Hopefully that Monday feeling doesn't hang out too long.

New CEO Interview

Amusing pro-SCO article

This article is hilarious!

The first funny bit:

IBM made a serious mistake in introducing Unix code into Linux without proper notification to—or approval from—SCO, which is the current, documented owner of Unix.

Two errors in this statement. First, Novell claims SCO does NOT own the copyrights that they claim to own. Second, IBM has said they put no copyrighted code in Linux. Until EITHER of these is decided in courts, these statements can not be made.

Funny bit two:

Efforts to position this as a war between SCO and open source—or as having anything to do with Microsoft—are simply misdirection.

According to the letter in Halloween 10, Microsoft has plenty of money involved in this fight. Even if it turns out to be untrue or confusion on the part of a consultant, as has been claimed, you can't say definitively today that MS is not involved.

Next up:

In a period when executives who misuse their authority are punished to extremes, the more likely cause of this problem is the apparent attempt to cover up an ill-advised decision by an IBM executive that unnecessarily exposed IBM and Linux.

Again, there is no proof at this point that IBM did anything wrong. It is quite possible that some of the disputed code was put in by Caldera employees. And, if you want to talk about abuse and misuse of power by people in high ranking positions, what about Darl McBride's attempts to make his company money by suing everyone around him. The constant press releases about various lawsuits, press releases attacking Linux (usually containing lots of incorrect information), etc are not also misuse of power?

Next bit:

# If SCO has no evidence and is in the wrong, why is the company being so viciously attacked?

For exactly that reason. They are spreading much fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD) about Linux. This is hurting many more companies than just IBM. It also hurts all the people who have spent time over the past 10+ years working on the Linux kernel. If SCO filed a lawsuit, produced proof and showed that they are correct, people would be much more interested in listening. When the attacks by SCO are against a whole community without proof, the people who spent time working in this community tend to become very unhappy. Yes, there are some juvenille people in the Linux community who do stupid stuff, like writing viruses and the like, but many very smart people are talking out agsinst this in a clear manner.

On to ownership:

Unix—which forms the core of AIX, Solaris, Digital Unix, BSD and HP-UX as the major variants—was originally owned by AT&T, which licensed it to others. The ownership rights passed through various paths to Santa Cruz Operations. Santa Cruz Operations then sold the rights to Caldera, along with the company's shortened name of "SCO." Caldera is now known as SCO. Every one of the Unix licensees knew of the transfers. There were no known, timely challenges to the related ownership transfers. Through this period, IBM, among others, maintained through documentation its responsibilities under its licenses with various Unix owners, including SCO.

Again, this is being challenged by Novell. They claim they did not grant all rights to Unix to SCO.

This is great:

Firms like Entrust and NTP are designed for litigation and are run by attorneys and intellectual property experts. SCO is not. Rather, despite accusations otherwise, SCO remains, first and foremost, a software company.

SCO has become a litigation company, nothing more. When was the last time you heard Darl and crew talk about their latest release of software or something similar?

The entire section of the article entitled "IBM executive error: Linux and IBM legal likely out of decision loop" is somewhat amusing as well. First off, where is the proof that any Unix code is in Linux? There is none to date. Second, if IBM's legal team is so strict, how did this happen? Well, likely, it didn't. The author is making large leaps of faith here in believing that SCO is correct in all its claims. Any code that SCO has shown to the public to date, that they say proves their complaint, has been code that has already been released to the public domain. So, I would love to know what code the author has seen for him to be able to so quickly take the stance that SCO is right.

Oh man, this guy is reaching now

SCO did, however, have to develop a unique strategy due to the unique nature of the Linux license and community. This uniqueness allowed IBM to position the Linux community against SCO and distance itself somewhat from the less-agreeable parts of the war and, hopefully, conceal the connection between the IBM decision maker and the resulting problem. These moves were incredibly well-orchestrated and apparently included donated equipment for sites like Groklaw. This unprecedented effort by IBM supports the position that IBM actually knows it misacted and is at extreme risk. No other explanation fits this massive and unique effort to destroy a vastly smaller firm.

IBM did not position the Linux community in any way. The community has always been against any smear campaigns. Think about when MS put out the web server comparison a few years back that said IIS was faster than Apache on Linux. It very quickly came to the front that MS has paid for the research to be done. Also, the community spent much time doing their own comparisons and getting actualy results.

The Groklaw piece is just plain HILARIOUS. Pamela Jones has already said these claims are 100% false. The SCO spin doctors took some completely unrelated bits and put them together to make it seem like this was true.

On buying SCO:

So why doesn't IBM simply buy its way out? Because it can't. To do so would force an internal review that likely would identify both the decision maker and the career-ending mistake.

Or maybe, they don't because they are RIGHT. Why give money to the Canopy Group, SCO or the people that run these companies and justify their claims. It's like settling a claim out of court when you know you would win if it went to trial.

Could I agree??

We simply cannot afford any precedent that would encourage a group to use viruses, DOS attacks and additional illegal threats against any entity, be it a company or a government. The courts, not the streets, are the place for such a fight.

Very true. The overzealous idiots putting out viruses out, launching DOS attacks, etc are plain dumb and making the community look bad. The few bad apples should not represent the whole community.

And if we want to talk about the courts, not the streets being the place for this battle, then tell your buddies over at SCO that their press room is not the place for the fight either, its in the courts with real proof, not lots of FUD sent out through the press, to the government, etc.

And finally:

We should also not allow any company, even one as broadly loved and trusted as IBM, to misuse its power to take another company's property rights by use of force or to cover up a clear mistake. IBM's actions put the company's clients, partners, investors and virtually everyone who uses a computer at risk.

Therefore, because might does not make right, because an SCO loss would open us up further to attack, and because if we don't protect SCO's property rights we weaken our own, SCO must win.

First off, IBM trusted? I'm not so sure I can agree with that. I've been on their side on this fight, but there are plenty I am against them with. Hell, my company directly competes with theirs and I point out all the problems with their equipment on an almost daily basis.

I agree, if SCO is REALLY right, yes, they should definitely win, but it seems like the author here is blindly trusting that the claims they are making are true. No proof has been put forward yet and until it is, you cannot jump to the conclusion that IBM is bad and SCO is good.

DT in LA

The Dream Theater Information Network: Dream Theater in LA LA Land

Holy shit! This sounds like one of the best shows ever. Too bad I couldn't be there. If ANYONE has a copy of this show, I very very very much want a copy.

Gotta love New England

After a 65 degree day last week and continuous 50's since, it's been beautiful here in Boston for the last week or so. Well, that's all over with. It's now in the lower 30's and snowing on this wonderful Monday morning. Ick!

New Software from M$


Having to sit on a trade show floor, with people coming in only on 15 minute breaks and then them going away for 45 mins is just NO fun. I'm in Vegas, I should be saying hit me over and over again.


My name is Ryan and I have a gambling problem.

Hi Ryan!

Got in around midnight Vegas time yesterday, forgot to go to bed until 11AM and had to be up around 3. Oooooops! Well, when you hit a good table, you just have to ride it out.

Got some well deserved rest last night, now just working the show. On a break now, so some time to blog, read e-mail etc.

Vegas, Baby, Vegas

I'm off in a bit, heading to Sin City.

March Madness

Nope, not basketball, but my life. March is shaping up to be a rather busy month for me.

First off, I'm heading to one of my favorite US cities tomorrow evening. Vegas, baby! Going for BEA's Sales Meeting Partner Lounge to show off Egenera's wares. Should be a good time, I always love being in Vegas. Hopefully my gambling luck is better than last year.

Then, we have my favorite holiday. My saint's day, St Patrick's Day. Has anyone seen the Guinness commercials about treating St Patrick's Day like a real holiday? Well, that is totally me. It's a Wednesday this year, so the madness will probably not be as good as it is some years, but hopefully still fun. I'm still debating taking the day off, but it is tradition, not sure I will break it.

Next up is Bob Dylan at Avalon. This should be a total blast, as it will be seeing Bob in a small venue. Never thought I would see that.

The next day, Gnome-Girl is scheduled to arrive. The jury is still out on whether or not she will show up this time, though she keeps claiming she is coming.

Then, that Sunday, we head back to Avalon to see Liz. This time should be better than last, as I know a lot more of the music now than I did when I saw her a few months back.

Overall, lots going on. Hopefully, Vegas will be good to me and will help me afford all the fun.


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