The Car Saga Part I: Background

In late 2001, I moved back to NY. It was for a variety of reasons, but it was the best idea at the time. I moved back in with my mom, my sister and two of my sisters friends. Four women and me, ugly. I was actually supposed to move down on 9/11/2001. That didn't happen for obvious reasons. I stayed in Boston for another week to attend a concert I was planning on coming back up for and headed then headed to NY.

Six weeks after getting to NY, I was laid off from my job. This sucked. I had been with the company for 5 years (actually a day less than 5 years) and really enjoyed working there. This put me in a strange place. Do I try to move back to Boston with little money or do I get a job in NY? I really didn't want to do either. So, I didn't. I spent the next 2 months sitting around the house, watching Netflix movies, staying up til 4AM watching TV, and basically rotting away.

I spent New Years Eve, alone, watching TV, drinking Guinness with my sister's animals. This killed me. I decided that I was getting my life back together. The next morning, I bought a train ticket to Boston, booked a hotel and got back up to Boston on January 2nd. I had a plan heading up. A week in Boston to find a job, get an apartment and have fun with all my friends. Well, I did one of three done, had fun with my friends. Woops!

Tim from Central Basement came to my rescue at this point. He was about to head out for a week and said I could crash at his place if I took care of his cats. Worked for me! He had a computer and Internet access. This has always been key for me. I jumped online the first day and looked for apartments, I found some listings and sent out some e-mails. I got a quick e-mail back and set up an appointment. Also, while online, I had an e-mail from an old co-worker who had heard I was out of work and wanted to set something up.

In the next few days, I was back on track. I found an apartment and got a payment put on it. I had some preliminary info for a job. I was getting my life back together and getting back to Boston. Yay me! Over the next couple of weeks I had a work interview, finished getting the apartment (which included another trip to Boston) and started figuring out my moving plans.

I got back to Boston on February 1. Over the next few weeks, I got settled in to my place, dealing with all the little stuff. Got cable installed, got the DSL set up, bought some new furniture, etc etc. I also had some more interviews and got a job offer.

Now to the one small problem. The job was about 35 minutes west of Boston and there was no public transportation anywhere near the office. What did this mean? I needed a car.


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