The Car Saga II: Car Buying

I knew I needed a car for a while, but kept putting off getting it. I was starting work soon and really needed to get this taken care of. I was busy having fun, so I pushed it off. Finally, after a week or two of work, I finally went with an old friend (and former car saleman) to go look at cars. I very quickly found a shiny new Grand Am that I really liked. It was a pretty painless experience, besides the signing my life away for $25,000. I got a slightly higher interest rate due to my rather poor credit, but the deal was done. They needed to inspect the car and get plates and all that, so I scheduled to pick it up a few days later.

A few days later, Vinnie, who was still out of work at the time, grabbed me from work and we headed down to get my new toy. We picked it up and off we went. OK, I have a car now. Next, car maintenance.


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