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Five Years

As I was thinking about blogging some today, I realized that it was some time around now I started this. So, I looked back and this past Friday was the five year anniversary of this place. Wow :) I don't think I ever thought I would keep this up as long as I have. (Though some would say I have no kept it up). Well, just wanted to mention that publicly since it was something I noticed.

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Oh yeah!

I forgot to do this:

Nolan Henry

Hopefully I will have lots more after this weekend.

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Cooking Week

As I am quitting smoking, I figure I should try and get myself a bit more healthier in general. Try to cut out some of the junk food, try to eat better, etc etc. So, this week I have been trying to cook a bit better for myself.

On Sunday, I roasted a whole chicken. I was pretty impressed with myself that I was able to do it (not that it was all that hard), but the fact that I even spent the time and effort to do it. It came out pretty good, nothing special, I think I need a spicier recipe or something. Will keep playing with that one. Plus, it's a good one if I have company coming over.

On Monday, I just cooked myself a steak, nothing special.

Last night I made shrimp in lime sauce. Though it came out ok, I learned a few lessons. First, you need to have the right equipment to make things. I used a saute pan instead of a skillet and the sauce was pushed to the sides a bit more than it should have. Also, the recipe called for peeled shrimp and I left them un-peeled. This caused much of the flavor to be on the peel rather than on the fish, so I sort of peeled off all the flavor as I ate. I guess there is something to be said for being lazy when cooking. Had I not been, I would have had a much better meal.

Today, I have an easy mexican pork recipe going in the crock pot (something I totally need to make better use of). Hopefully I will have a yummy meal waiting for me when I get home this evening.

Haven't decided on a Thursday night meal yet and Friday will most likely be an out to dinner night.

New Addition

My sister had her second son, Nolan Henry, on Monday. He was born 7 pounds, 15 ounces and 20 1/2 inches. Mom and son are doing well. Hopefully I will have some pictures later on today. I'm super excited to head down to New York in a week and a half and get to meet him.

The most interesting thing to me is going to be the interaction between my nephew Gregory and his new brother. Gregory definitely has only child syndrome these days, so his reaction to not getting all of the attention should be something fun to watch.

Fifty Plus

I surpassed fifty days without a cigarette this week. A week from today I take off my final patch. Going to be quite a ride over the next week, but hopefully things will work out.

One of the things I noticed in the last few days is how good I am at stressing myself out. I am very good at getting something in to my head and not letting go of it. It's not a healthy thing, especially in this time of trying to quit smoking.

One of my friends tells me all the time that I just need to say whatever more often and I wish I could do that, but it seems when there are things in my life that I want to go a certain way and they do not, I get myself worked up and just can't let them go. Definitely something I will need to work on if I want to continue not to smoke long past this time around on the patch.

Who knows? Maybe it's just the rain.

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A bit too far?

I'm really not sure of what to think of this.

Just call it Fenway 公園

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