Fifty Plus

I surpassed fifty days without a cigarette this week. A week from today I take off my final patch. Going to be quite a ride over the next week, but hopefully things will work out.

One of the things I noticed in the last few days is how good I am at stressing myself out. I am very good at getting something in to my head and not letting go of it. It's not a healthy thing, especially in this time of trying to quit smoking.

One of my friends tells me all the time that I just need to say whatever more often and I wish I could do that, but it seems when there are things in my life that I want to go a certain way and they do not, I get myself worked up and just can't let them go. Definitely something I will need to work on if I want to continue not to smoke long past this time around on the patch.

Who knows? Maybe it's just the rain.


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