Cooking Week

As I am quitting smoking, I figure I should try and get myself a bit more healthier in general. Try to cut out some of the junk food, try to eat better, etc etc. So, this week I have been trying to cook a bit better for myself.

On Sunday, I roasted a whole chicken. I was pretty impressed with myself that I was able to do it (not that it was all that hard), but the fact that I even spent the time and effort to do it. It came out pretty good, nothing special, I think I need a spicier recipe or something. Will keep playing with that one. Plus, it's a good one if I have company coming over.

On Monday, I just cooked myself a steak, nothing special.

Last night I made shrimp in lime sauce. Though it came out ok, I learned a few lessons. First, you need to have the right equipment to make things. I used a saute pan instead of a skillet and the sauce was pushed to the sides a bit more than it should have. Also, the recipe called for peeled shrimp and I left them un-peeled. This caused much of the flavor to be on the peel rather than on the fish, so I sort of peeled off all the flavor as I ate. I guess there is something to be said for being lazy when cooking. Had I not been, I would have had a much better meal.

Today, I have an easy mexican pork recipe going in the crock pot (something I totally need to make better use of). Hopefully I will have a yummy meal waiting for me when I get home this evening.

Haven't decided on a Thursday night meal yet and Friday will most likely be an out to dinner night.


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