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Doc's latest Linux for Suits, Showtime talks about trade shows. As I've quickly become a seasoned veteran of these things (10 or so in the last 2 years), I read this with much anticipation. Well, Doc does touch on the part of the show I am most involved with, the expo floor, but his focus is on the session side of the show more than anything.

All of his suggestions are very good. Having an Internet connection is huge. Being able to shoot off an e-mail or IM during a show is big. Being on IRC with everyone else at the show is even bigger. The back channel communication at E-Tech had me chomping at the bit wishing I was there. Definitely helps the show be more user centric than just sitting and listening.

Though the backchannel communication during the show is great, what's just as good is the sharing of information during and after the show on something like a Wiki. Its gives you multiple perspectives on the show from the viewpoints of people all over the spectrum of attendees.

Making the show available online is great, but I think making it live either has to become a pay-per-view activity or else the people putting on the shows risk having less people show up because they can just sit and listen from their desk, rather than paying for airfare, hotels, the show itself, etc.

Overall, lots of great ideas, I just wish I could have seen some interesting ideas about the vendor part of the show. I'm always looking to make our booth more exciting and different.

UPDATE: As Doc promised in the comments below, he would add some booth suggestions in the comments of his article. They can be found here.

He also mentioned the update on his weblog and linked here.


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