A change in singers

My good friends, Central Basement, who have been sidelined since an injury to their singer a few weeks back, have made an announcement about their future:

As you may already know, Michael recently had back surgery to repair a herniated disk in his back. Michael is doing well and recovering, however it appears that this injury/surgery will make it difficult for Michael to perform from here on out. Michael has been dealing with pain in his back for many months, and getting through the shows dealing with his pain. While this surgery has reduced his back pain, it still will remain. After a long talk with Michael he has decided that due to this injury, he would not be able to perform like he wants to, jumping around singing, being the Michael that we all loved to watch. So Mike will be leaving the band at the end of May. There ARE NO HARD FEELINGS AT ALL, Michael is our brother, we love him and support his decision. This, of course, saddens us, but we completely understand. Mike will be playing shows in April and May with us and will then hang up his microphone.

So, they are going and looking for a new singer. I'm not going to try out, so the opportunity is all yours if you are interested.


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