Liz Phair - Boston, MA - 03/28/2004

Went to see Liz Phair over at Avalon last night. Gnome-girl was SUPPOSED to be here for the show, but couldn't make it out, so Keith from CB came along with me.

It was a great show. When I went to see Liz a few months back, I was just starting to get in to her, but this time, I really knew most of the stuff she played, which made it even better. The rockin version of flower to start it off was excellent. It seemed to me that she was pretty much trying to play the whole mix CD that GG made me a while back, but maybe that was just because I was thinking she should have been there with me. The pink AC/DC t-shirt she was wearing definitely made me laugh.

Here's a setlist from a show last week or so, which seems pretty close to the setlist from last night:

Polyester Bride
Rock Me
Johnny Feelgood
Uncle Alvarez
Bionic Eyes
Divorce Song
Help Me Mary
Red Light Fever
Never Said
Why Can't I?

Fuck and Run


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