March Madness

Nope, not basketball, but my life. March is shaping up to be a rather busy month for me.

First off, I'm heading to one of my favorite US cities tomorrow evening. Vegas, baby! Going for BEA's Sales Meeting Partner Lounge to show off Egenera's wares. Should be a good time, I always love being in Vegas. Hopefully my gambling luck is better than last year.

Then, we have my favorite holiday. My saint's day, St Patrick's Day. Has anyone seen the Guinness commercials about treating St Patrick's Day like a real holiday? Well, that is totally me. It's a Wednesday this year, so the madness will probably not be as good as it is some years, but hopefully still fun. I'm still debating taking the day off, but it is tradition, not sure I will break it.

Next up is Bob Dylan at Avalon. This should be a total blast, as it will be seeing Bob in a small venue. Never thought I would see that.

The next day, Gnome-Girl is scheduled to arrive. The jury is still out on whether or not she will show up this time, though she keeps claiming she is coming.

Then, that Sunday, we head back to Avalon to see Liz. This time should be better than last, as I know a lot more of the music now than I did when I saw her a few months back.

Overall, lots going on. Hopefully, Vegas will be good to me and will help me afford all the fun.


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