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The last few days I have picked up my guitar again. Actually even learned a song or two. The problem is that I get very un-organized with my practice. End up playing some stuff I have known forever and sorta learning some new stuff, but not really and then getting bored within a few weeks and the guitar ends up back under the bed.

So, this time, I think I am going to try a different approach. I'm going to code my guitar practice. I hear songs all the time that I think I can learn pretty easily, but never remember them later. I am going to write a program to keep track of those songs. And then, in the program, link to their tablature, maybe even an MP3 of the song that I make, and then a progress meter of some sort. I figure if I can get this all organized, I can really start learning some songs, maybe even joining some of my friends when they play at bars. Should be some pretty easy coding, which I don't do a lot because I don't find many projects to work on (or think of awesome ones that are going to take tons of time to code and I end up just thinking about them rather than actually working on them). This should be a couple of hour project initially to get me up and going. I figure I will use a database backend, create a form to submit the initial song, then have a page to edit the properties of the song (tab location, MP3 location, length of song, etc) and then a page to update progress. I figure I can then say, hey, I learned 4 new songs this week and having locations of MP3s, I can actually even test myself.

This sounds like it will be fun for 2 hobbies at once!


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